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Sea Devils: Italian Navy Commandos in World War II (Classics of Naval Literature)
by Iunio Valerio Borghese, J. Valerio Borghese, Paolo E. Coletta
Hardcover from United States Naval Inst.

The Italian Navy in World War II
by James J. Sadkovich
Hardcover from Greenwood Publishing Group
The Italian Navy and Fascist Expansionism 1935-1940
by Robert Mallett
Hardcover from Frank Cass & Co

Special Order
Axis Submarine Successes of World War Two: German, Italian, and Japanese Submarine Successes, 1939-1945
by Jurgen Rohwer
Hardcover from United States Naval Inst.
Frogmen: First Battles
by William Schofield, P. J. Carisella
Hardcover from Branden Publishing Co
The Black Prince and the Sea Devils: The Story of Prince Valerio Borghese and the Elite Commandos of the Decima Mas
by Jack Greene, Alessandro Massignani
Hardcover from DaCapo Press
The Hunters and the Hunted: Adventures of Italian Naval Forces
by Aldo Cocchia
Hardcover from Ayer Co Pub
Special Order

Regia Marina, Italian Battleships of WWII
Erminio Bagnasco, Mark Grossman
Includes information on all Italian battleships from the Cavours to the Littorios, with details of camouflage patterns and colors.
Paperback / Published 1986
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