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A US Navy Troop Ship in the Pacific War
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by Wil Biddy
NOUMEA is a personal account of an ordinary seaman aboard a US Navy troop transport, the U. S. S. President Hayes-APA20 during the Second World War. The Hayes, along with sister ships USS President Jackson and USS President Adams, and the USS Crescent City, convoyed together in the South Pacific throughout the war. Author served 19 months on the President Hayes while the vessel transported Marines and supplies between Noumea, New Caledonia and Japanese occupied islands. Beachhead landings during that time included Empress Augusta Bay in the Solomons, Guam in the Marianas, to as far north as Leyte, Philippines. Much like a diary, NOUMEA covers the drudgery of a sailor's life, and periodic invasions--landing US Marines on remote islands occupied by fierce Japanese infantry jungle fighters. The reader is in the landing craft loaded with Marines, and lives the moments 'til the invasion troops are on the beach. 

Only twice during the nineteen months were officers and crew of the President Hayes treated to short term visits to New Zealand, there to be met with genuine friendliness by a wonderful nation of people. The book is a first hand tour of duty during the South Pacific campaign. The author penned a second book, titled Silber's Diary, being a purely fiction novel which premise is based on an actual event that occurred aboard the Hayes. Text copyright

About the Author

Enlisted US Navy mid-1943, served aboard USS President Hayes, APA20, attack troop transport.

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