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The Allgemeine-SS (Men-At-Arms, No 266)
Robin Lumsden
Listed under German Uniforms
Allgemeine-SS : The Commands, Units and Leaders of the General SS
(Schiffer Military History)
Mark C. Yerger
The commands, units and leaders of the General SS are finally compiled into a single detailed reference book for both the historian and SS memorabilia collector. This complete volume begins with an explanation of the twelve administrative and command main offices involving the SS to include the development, components and functions of each, as well as their respective office chiefs. The following section explores the most powerful posts in the SS, the Higher SS and Police Leaders, along with the subordinate SS and Police Leaders found in occupied territories - both the commands and the individual holder of these posts are examined in depth. The SS Main Districts are covered next including all their various subordinate components, title changes, development, commanders and chiefs of staff. The more than forty SS Districts follow, detailed in a similar format. Examining the more than one-hundred and twenty-five SS Foot Regiments in the General SS, the names and ranks of the hundreds of commaners, as well as details of unit location changes, popular and honor titles as well as other data for each are within a separate chapter. Finally, the elite SS Riding Districts and Regiments are covered similarly. Career biographies are included for more than two hundred senior SS commanders, many of whom served portions of their career in the Waffen-SS, Polizei, SD and other facets of Himmler's commands. The biographical data for individuals alone adds vast detail to this fascinating topic. Along with more than 120 rare photos of SS senior ranking officers and seven maps, a detailed index allows referencing of individual commands or personalities.
Hardcover, Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. January 1997
ISBN: 0764301454
Special Order
Armor Battles of the Waffen SS, 1943-45
Armor Battles of the Waffen SS, 1943-45 (Stackpole Military History Series)
by Will Fey
Book Description: Real war stories told by real soldiers for readers who want to know what it was like to be in the thick of battle. These are riveting combat narratives about the weapons and warriors of some of history's bloodiest conflicts. Each book is a gritty, action-oriented account of life and death in the heat of battle. Original titles as well as long out-of-print gems will explore conflicts ranging from the blood-soaked fields of the Civil War to the current war on terror and everything in between. The books are published as high-quality and affordable trade paperbacks, making them terrific editions for all who are interested in military history. 

The Waffen SS were considered the elite of the German armed forces in the Second World War and were involved in almost continuous combat. From the sweeping tank battle of Kursk on the Russian front to the bitter fighting among the hedgerows of Normandy and the last great offensive in the Ardennes, forever immortalized in history as the Battle of the Bulge, these men and their tanks made history. 
Paperback from Stackpole Books

The Black Angels: The Story of the Waffen-Ss (Pen  Sword Military Classics)
The Black Angels: The Story of the Waffen-SS (Pen & Sword Military Classics)
by Rupert Butler
Paperback from Pen & Sword
Black Edelweiss: A Memoir of Combat and Conscience by a Soldier of the Waffen-SS
by Johann Voss
Book Description: Originally written while the author was a prisoner of the US Army in 1945-46, Black Edelweiss is a boon to serious historians and WWII buffs alike. In a day in which most memoirs are written at half a century's distance, the former will be gratified by the author's precise recall facilitated by the chronologically short-range (a matter of one to seven years) at which the events were captured in writing. Both will appreciate and enjoy the abundantly detailed, exceptionally accurate combat episodes. 

Even more than the strictly military narrative, however, the author has crafted a searingly candid view into his own mind and soul. As such, Black Edelweiss is much more than a "ripping yarn" or a low-level military history. Black Edelweiss joins not only the growing body of German military memoirs, but the more select, more narrowly-focused group of personal memoirs by other Waffen-SS enlisted men. Beyond the microcosmic view of combat these books relate - to the extent that they are honest and candid - such books are important for what they can reveal about their authors' motivations and reflections on those impulses and their consequences. To date, these works differ significantly....
Paperback: 224 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.75 x 8.75 x 6.00 
Publisher: The Aberjona Press;
ISBN: 0966638980

Chronicle of the 7 : Panzer-Kompanie I. SS-Panzer Division : 'Leibstandarte'
by Ralf Tiemann
This chronicle of the 7.Panzerkompanie follows the unit history of a "Leibstandarte" tank company from its creation in 1942 to the end of World War II. Compiled by former company commander and German Cross in Gold holder Ralf Tiemann, the detailed text relies on both official documentation and the personal recollections of numerous unit veterans. An individual level narrative covers the intense first combats for Kharkov in early 1943 and the summer Kursk engagements later the same year. In 1944 the unit engaged the Western Allies after D-Day. Illustrated with private photos made available from Waffen-SS veteran contributions, the detailed appendices provide a complete roster of all commanders, platoon leaders, senior NCOs, award winners and those killed in action. Exacting cartographic material allows the reader to follow all engagements in this first unit history of a "Leibstandarte" tank company available in English
Hardcover Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. March 1998
ISBN: 0764304631
Special Order
Comrades to the End : The 4th SS Panzer-Grenadier Regiment 'Der Fuhrer' 1938-1945 the History of a German-Austrian Fighting Unit
by Otto Weidinger
Written by Swords to the Knight's Cross holder and last regimental commander Otto Weidinger, Comrades to the End is the complete history of SS-Regiment "Der FŸhrer." One of the original infantry regiments of the pre-war SS-VerfŸgungstruppe (Special Purpose Troops), "Der FŸhrer" was formed in 1938 and fought throughout the war as a component of Division "Das Reich." Being among the most successful and decorated regiments of the Waffen-SS, this complete history was written with the full assistance of four highly decorated regimental commanders. In addition to Otto Weidinger, portions of the text were contributed by Georg Keppler (Knight's Cross), Sylvester Stadler (Swords to the Knight's Cross) and Otto Kumm (Swords to the Knights Cross). From its creation from primarily Austrian recruits through the Western Campaign, to the bitter battles in Russia where it was almost completely destroyed, the authors explain the engagements of this famous unit in full detail. Later it fought in Normandy and finally in Austria at the end of the war as one of the last fully battle ready units of the Waffen-SS. This classic study is now available for the first time in a complete English edition. With a preface by famed Waffen-SS commander Paul Hausser, the detailed text is illustrated by more than twenty regimental maps in addition to photographs.
Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.; ISBN: 076430593X
Special Order

The Cruel Hunters : SS-Sonderkommando Dirlewanger Hitler's Most Notorious Anti-Partisan Unit
French L. MacLean
Hardcover, Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. January 1998
ISBN: 0764304836
Special Order

Das Reich : The Military Role of the 2nd SS Divison
James Lucas
The 2nd SS Division was an elite, highly trained, volunteer fighting force, the premier division of the Waffen SS and far removed from the more familiar SS Nazi Police role. Driven always by the military virtues of courage, duty and loyalty, it saw action in some of the bloodiest battles of the war, in particular on the Eastern Front. It fought a hard war, suffered terrible casualties, and set new standards of battlefield excellence. Through extensive research, James Lucas tells the story of close quarter hand-to-hand combat, of commanders who led from the front, and of camaraderie and unit pride.
Paperback: 222 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.63 x 7.74 x 5.04 
Publisher: Cassell Academic;
ISBN: 0304351997

Flags of the Third Reich : Waffen-SS (Men-At-Arms, No 274) Vol 2
Listed under German Uniforms

Galicia Division : The Waffen-SS 14th Panzergrenadier Division 1943-1945
Michael O. Logusz
Hardcover, Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. January 1997
ISBN: 0764300814
Special Order

Himmler's Bosnian Division : The Waffen-SS Handschar Division 1943-1945
George Lepre
Hardcover Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. October 1997
ISBN: 0764301349
Special Order

Himmler's Auxiliaries : The Volksdeutsche Mittelstelle and the German National Minorities of Europe, 1933-1945
Valdis O. Lumans
Hardcover, Univ of North Carolina Pr March 1993
ISBN: 0807820660
Special Order

Hitler and the Occult
by Ken Anderson
Listed under Occult Nazism

Hitler's SS
VHS Tape
Listed Under War Movies

Images of the Waffen SS : Photo Chronicle of Germans Elite Troops
Mark C. Yerger
Hardcover, Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. June 1996
ISBN: 0764300784
Special Order

Jochen Peiper : Battle Commander, SS Liebstandardte Adolf Hitler
by Charles Whiting
Hardcover - 208 pages
Leo Cooper; ISBN: 0850526957

The Mountain Troops of the Waffen-SS: 1941-1945
by Roland Kaltenegger, Edward Force (Translator)
Listed under Mountain Troops

Pure Soldiers or Sinister Legion: The Ukrainian 14th Waffen-ss Division
Pure Soldiers or Sinister Legion: The Ukrainian 14th Waffen-ss Division
by Sol Littman
Paperback from Black Rose Books
Riding East : The SS Cavalry Brigade in Poland & Russia 1939-1942
by Mark C. Yerger
Hardcover, Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. June 1996
ISBN: 0764300601
Special Order

SS Armor : A Pictorical History of the Armored Formations of the Waffem-SS
Robert C. Stern, et al
Listed under Panzers

Soldiers of Destruction : The SS Death's Head Division, 1933-1945
Charles W., Jr. Sydnor
Paperback Princeton Univ Pr March 1990
ISBN: 0691008531
SS : Hell on the Eastern Front
Christopher Ailsby
Hardcover, 192 pages
Motorbooks International April 1998
ISBN: 0760305382
The SS : Hitler's Instrument of Terror: The Full Story from Street Fighters to the Waffem-SS
Gordon Williamson
Hardcover, 256 pages
Motorbooks International March 1994
ISBN: 0879389052
SS : The Bloodsoaked Soil
Gordon Williamson
Hardcover, 192 pages
Published by Motorbooks International November 1995
ISBN: 0760301859

SS Uniforms, Insignia & Accoutrements : A Study in Photographs
A. Hayes
Listed under German Uniforms & Regalia

Steel Inferno; 1st SS Panzer Corps in Normandy
Michael Reynolds
Listed under Normandy Invasion

To Battle: The Formation and History of the 14th Galician Waffen-Ss Division
by Michael James Melnyk
Hardcover from Concordia Publishing House
Uniforms of the SS : Collected Edition Volumes 1 to 6
Andrew Mollo
Listed under German Uniforms
The Waffen SS: Hitler's Elite Guard at War, 1939-45
The Waffen SS: Hitler's Elite Guard at War, 1939-45
by George H. Stein
This unbiased account is regarded as a classic.
Reprint Edition Paperback
Published by Cornell Univ Pr, April 1984
ISBN: 0801492750
Waffen-SS (Men at Arms Series, 34)
Martin Windrow
Paperback, 48 pages
Published by Stackpole Books March 1992
ISBN: 0850454255
Men-at-Arms 401: The Waffen-SS (1) 1. to 5. Divisions
The Waffen-SS (1) 1. to 5. Divisions:  Men-at-Arms 401
by Gordon Williamson, Stephen Andrew
Paperback from Motorbooks International
Waffen-SS Soldier 1940-1945 (Warrior, No 2)
Bruce Quarrie, Jeffrey Burn
Listed under German Uniforms

The V.3 - Hitler's Elite Fighting Force
VHS Tape
Listed under War Movies

When all our Brothers are Silent (Wenn alle Bruder schweigen)
by Paul Hausser, Jochen Peiper (Translator)
A collection of original photographs collected by an association of former Waffen SS troopers. Forword by Paul Hauser, their highest ranking officer.
Hardcover: 604 pages
World War II Books Wholesale; ISBN: 3920677064; 6 edition (December 1, )
Special Order

Twelfth S S Armored Division
Herbert Walther
Published by Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.April 1989
ISBN: 088740166X
Special Order

Waffen-SS Commanders : The Army, Corps and Divisional Leaders of a Legend : Augsberger to Kreutz
Mark C. Yerger
Hardcover Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.
October 1997
Special Order
ISBN: 0764303562

Waffen-SS Commanders : The Army, Corps and Divisional Leaders of a Legend : Kruger to Zimmermann (Schiffer Military History)
by Mark C. Yerger
Special Order

Waffen SS
Herbert Walther
Hardcover; Schiffer Publishing, Ltd.June 1989
ISBN: 0887402046
Special Order

Waffen SS in Action (Weapons in Action Series)
Published by Squadron/Signal Pubns; April 1984
ISBN: 0897470532
Special Order

Rare and Out of Print Books

Men of Steel : I SS Panzer Corps: The Ardennes and Eastern Front, 1944-45
by Michael Reynolds
Hardcover - 384 pages (November )
Sarpedon Pub; ISBN: 1885119666
Out of Print - Try Used Books

The 1st SS Panzer Division
Herbert Walther
Hardcover, Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. April 1989
ISBN: 0887401651
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Weapons of the Waffen-SS
Published by Patrick Stephens, November 1991
ISBN: 9991140255
Out of Print - Try Used Books

For Fuhrer and Fatherland; SS Murder and Mayhem in Wartime Britain
Roderick De Normann
Hardcover, 192 pages Sutton July 1997
ISBN: 0750912820
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Forgotten Legions : Obscure Combat Formations of the Waffen-SS
Antonio J. Munoz
Hardcover Paladin Pr November 1991
ISBN: 0873646460
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Hitler's Gladiator : The Life and Times of Oberstgruppenfuhrer and Panzergeneral-Oberst Der Waffen-SS Sepp Dietrich
Charles Messenger
Hardcover, Brasseys Inc August 1988
ISBN: 0080312071
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Waffen SS and Other Units in World War II : The German Order of Battle
by George F. Nafziger
Hardcover - 462 pages (December 1, )
Da Capo Pr; ISBN: 1580970583
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Hitler's Elite Guards : Waffen SS, Parachutists, U-Boats
W. Victor Madej (Editor)
Paperback, Game Book Marketing Co June 1994
ISBN: 0941052559
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Kl Auschwitz Seen by the SS
Hoss Broad Kremer
Hardcover, Howard Fertig March 1984
ISBN: 0865273464
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Knight's of Steel : The Structure Development and Personalities of the 2.SS-Panzer-Division 'Das Reich' Vol 2
Mark C. Yerger
Hardcover, Published by Mark C Yerger July 1994
ISBN: 0964166100
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Waffen SS in Russia
Paperback Reprint Edition
HarperCollins (paper) November 1988
ISBN: 089404043X
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Loyalty Is My Honor
Gordon Williamson
Hardcover, 192 pages
Published by Motorbooks International July 1995
ISBN: 0760300127
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Beyond 'Monsters and Clowns' : The Combat SS. : De-Mythologizing Five Decades of German Elite Formations
Karl H. Theile
Not Recommended.
Hardcover, University Press of America December 1996
ISBN: 076180529X

SS : Roll of Infamy
Christopher Ailsby, A. D. Gooch
"The data in this book is filled with errors..."
Hardcover, 192 pages
Motorbooks International May 1997
ISBN: 0760304092
Out of Print - Try Used Books

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