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Books on the Anglo-Zulu Wars in 19th Century Africa
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The Anatomy of the Zulu Army : From Shaka to Cetshwayo, 1818-1879
by Ian Knight
(Greenhill Military Paperbacks)
British Forces in Zululand 1879 (Elite Series 32)
by Ian Knight, et al
Listed under British Army Uniforms

By the Orders of the Great White Queen : Campaigning in Zululand Through the Eyes of the British Soldier, 1879
by Ian Knight (Editor)
(Hardcover - August 1992)

Curling Diaries of the Zulu War: There Was Awful Slaughter
by Adrian Greaves, Brian Best, Henry Thomas Curling

David Rattray's Guide to the Zulu War
by David Rattray
Book Description: David Rattray is known to many thousands of enthusiasts for his emotional and evocative lectures, he also owns a top battlefield touring lodge Fugitive Drift, close to Iswandlwana and Rorke's Drift. This is David Rattray's first publication (his audio recordings and videos have sold thousands) . No one is better qualified to explain the causes of this strange colonial war when British Imperial might was initially humiliated in a ghastly slaughter. Pride was somewhat salvaged by the heroic defense of Rorke's Drift and thereafter the Zulus were doomed. Today the battlefields are frequently visited and this attractive book is the perfect companion, being both authoritative, well illustrated and highly accessible.
Paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: Pen and Sword
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0850529220
The Destruction of the Zulu Kingdom : Civil War in Zululand 1879-84
by Jeff Guy 

Fearful Hard Times : The Siege and Relief of Eshowe 1879
by Ian Castle, Ian Knight

Great Zulu Battles 1838-1906
by Ian Knight

Isandlwana (Battleground South Africa)
by Ian Knight, Ian Castle

The Ploughshare of War : The Origins of the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879
by Richard Cope

Lord Chelmsford's Zululand Campaign, 1878-1879 (Publications of the Army Records Society ; Vol. 10)
by J. P. C. Laband

Rorke's Drift 1879 : 'Pinned Like Rats in a Hole' (Campaign Series, No 41)
by Ian Knight. 
Zulu war of 1879
Rorke's Drift sums up some of the best traditions of the British self-image: steadfastness against the odds, victory in adversity and the thin red line. The British stand deserves to go down in history as one of the most heroic actions of all time. The story of a mere 150 British and Imperial soldiers defending an isolated outpost against over 3,000 Zulu warriors summed up the experience of the colonial adventure for the Victorians and remains part of our heritage even today. Ian Knight recounts the course of this famous conflict in which no less than 11 Victoria crosses were won.

Rorke's Drift (Wordsworth Collection)
by Michael Glover
NTC/Contemporary Publishing; ISBN: 1853266736

Shaka Zulu
Shaka Zulu
by E. A. Ritter
Paperback from Viking Press
Shaka, King Of Zulus
by Diane Stanley
Paperback from HarperTrophy

Terrific Majesty: The Powers of Shaka Zulu and the Limits of Historical Invention
by Carolyn Hamilton
Paperback from Harvard Univ Pr

They Fell Like Stones: Battles and Casualties of the Zulu War, 1879
by John Young
(Hardcover - April 1992)

The Washing of the Spears
The Washing of the Spears: A History of the Rise of the Zulu Nation Under Shaka and Its Fall in the Zulu War of 1879
by Donald R. Morris, Mangosuthu Chief Buthelezi
Paperback from DaCapo Press
Zulu War 1879 : Twilight of a Warrior Nation (Campaign Series, No 14)
by Ian Knight, Ian Castle
Osprey's Campaign title for the Zulu War (1879). In the late 1870s the British Imperial administration in the Cape colony in southern Africa began to view the Zulu kingdom as a challenge to their authority.To contain this perceived threat, they engineered a war. The early campaigns went terribly wrong, with the decisive Zulu victory at Isandlwana. Ultimately however, the British won the war. The Zulus, primarily reliant on their skill with the stabbing spear, had no real defence or retaliation against the massed firepower of professional British soldiers. Ian Castle examines the British-Zulu war and its two key battles, Isandlwana and Khambula, with excellent black and white photographs accompanying the clear and detailed text. 
ISBN: 1855321653

The Zulus (Elite Series, No 21)
by Ian Knight, Angus McBride (Illustrator)
"A very remarkable people, the Zulu," Benjamin Disraeli, said during the war of 1879, "They defeat our generals; they convert our bishops; they have settled the fate of a great European dynasty." Remarkable indeed, to have taken on the full might of the British Empire at its height. This book explains who the Zulus were, and how they achieved the fame as warriors they enjoy to this day.
(Paperback - June 1991)

Zulu, 1816-1906 (Warrior Series, No 14)
by Ian Knight, Angus McBride (Illustrator)
Paperback - 64 pages (December )
Osprey Pub Co; ISBN: 1855324741

Zulu Victory: The Epic of Isandlwhana and the Cover Up
by Ron Lock, Peter Quantrill
from Greenhill Books/Lionel Leventhal

The Zulu War (Men at Arms Series, 57)
by Angus McBride
By the end of the nineteenth century the fame of the Zulu was world-wide, and their army was one of the few non-European military organizations to have become the subject of serious historical study. Their very name is still synonymous with bravery, discipline and military skill. This excellent addition to Osprey's Men-at-Arms series tells the story of the Zulus at war, from their rise to unrivalled power under the fearsome Shaka to the final devastating defeat against the British at Ulundi, detailing Zulu weapons and tactics, and the famous battles in which they fought. 
(Paperback - March 1976)

Zulu Wars (Men at Arms, 388)
by Ian Castle, Raffaele Ruggeri (Illustrator)

by Thomas Mofolo and Daniel Kunene
Historical Fiction

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