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Books on Ballet Books on one of the finest ballerinas to grace the stages of the world.
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Alicia Alonso: The Story of a Ballerina
by Beatrice Siegel
Hardcover from Warne

Alicia Alonso "Prima Ballerina"
by Carmen Bernier-Grand
Hardcover from MARSH

Cuban Ballet
by Octavio Roca
Hardcover from Gibbs Smith
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Alicia Alonso: First Lady of the Ballet
by Sandra Martin Arnold
Hardcover from Walker & Co

Alicia Alonso: At Home and Abroad.
by Tana de Gamez
Hardcover from Citadel Press

Alicia and Her Ballet Nacional de Cuba: An Illustrated Biography of Alicia Alonso
by Walter Terry
Paperback from Anchor Books

Alicia Alonso, orbita de una leyenda (Autores del siglo XX) (Spanish Edition)
by Pedro Simon
Perfect Paperback from Sociedad General de Autores y Editores

Alicia Alonso, "prima ballerina assoluta": Imagen de una plenitud (Spanish Edition)
by Alicia Alonso from Salvat

Alicia Alonso: Mas alla de la tecnica (Serie Homenajes) (Spanish Edition)
by Maria del Carmen Hechavarria
Perfect Paperback from Universidad Politecnica de Valencia

Advanced Techniques in Biophysics (Springer Series in Biophysics)
Paperback from Springer
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