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Chopin : Pianist and Teacher : As Seen by His Pupils
by Jean-Jacques Eigeldinger, et al
Book Description: The accounts of Chopin's pupils, acquaintances and contemporaries, together with his own writing, provide valuable insights into the musician's pianistic and stylistic practice, his teaching methods and his aesthetic beliefs. This unique collection of documents, edited and annotated by Jean-Jacques Eigeldinger, reveals Chopin as teacher and interpreter of his own music. Included in this study is extensive appendix material that presents annotated scores, and personal accounts of Chopin's playing by pupils, writers, and critics. 
Paperback: Cambridge Univ Pr (Pap Txt)
ISBN: 0521367093; (December 1989)

Complete Preludes and Etudes for Solo Piano
Listed under Chopin Scores

Chopin (Famous Children)
by Ann Rachlin, et al 
(Paperback - May 1993)

Chopin's Funeral
by Benita Eisler
Book Description: The author of the acclaimed biography Byron: Child of Passion, Fool of Fame brings to life a closely focused portrait of another great romantic artist, Frederic Chopin. 

At twenty-one, Chopin fled Russian-occupied Poland for exile in France. He would never see his native country again. With only two public concerts in as many years, he became a star of Parisian society and a legendary performer at its salons, revered by his great contemporaries Schumann, Liszt, and the painter EugŤne Delacroix. Blessed with genius, success, and the love of Europeís most famous - and infamous - woman novelist, George Sand, Chopinís years of triumph ended with his expulsion from paradise: less than two decades after his conquest of Paris, the composer lay destitute and dying in the arms of Sandís estranged daughter, Solange. Chopinís Funeral is the story of this fatal fall from grace, of an Oedipal tragedy unfolding, and of illness and loss redeemed by the radical breakthrough of the composerís last style. 

Richly textured and artfully compressed, Chopinís Funeral is an intimate close-up of an embattled man, grappling with conflict on all sides: family violence, political passions, and, not least, his own dependency and pride. With consummate skill Benita Eisler tells the story of the artist as exile, of an explosive love affair, and of worlds - private and public - convulsed by momentous change.
Hardcover from Knopf

Frederic Chopin (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Composers)
by Mike Venezia 

Chopin at the Boundaries : Sex, History, and Musical Genre (Convergences : Inventories of the Present)
by Jeffrey Kallberg, Edward W. Said (Editor)

Chopin Through His Contemporaries: Friends, Lovers, and Rivals (Contributions to the Study of Music and Dance)
by Pierre Azoury

Chopin in Paris: The Life and Times of the Romantic Composer
by Tad Szulc
Frederic Chopin was in many ways a contradictory figure: a passionately patriotic Pole, he left his country for good at the age of 21; frail and almost sexless, he was famous for a seven-year love affair with the novelist George Sand; shy, lonely, and retiring, he was inevitably surrounded by friends and admirers. In Chopin in Paris, biographer Tad Szulc has produced a dishy account of Chopin's most creative and tempestuous period, his 18-year sojourn in France. It's also a portrait of a unique time, when musical and artistic luminaries such as Chopin, Balzac, Hugo, Liszt, Berlioz, Delacroix, and Schumann ran in the same heady Parisian circles. What it's not is a detailed study of Chopin's music. The author of critically praised books about Fidel Castro and Pope John Paul II, Szulc sets out in search of Chopin the man, "the human dimension" he finds missing in other, more musically oriented biographies. What he finds is not always attractive; tortured through much of his life by physical and psychological illness, Chopin emerges as an often fussy, distant, manipulative man, as well as something of a snob. It's a tribute to his genius as a composer, Szulc writes, that he was befriended by some of the greatest minds of his age, including the larger-than-life figure of George Sand: "Fryderyk Chopin gave the world a treasure in music. The world gave Chopin a treasure in human beings." Commendably, Szulc refrains from editorializing about the composer's life and habits, in particular Chopin's break with Sand. Instead, he allows his wealth of primary sources--including diaries, memoirs, letters, and Chopin's own brief journal--to speak for themselves.
Paperback: 448 pages
Da Capo Press; ISBN: 0306809338;

Chopin Masterpieces : For Solo Piano 46 Works
by Frederic Chopin
Listed under Chopin Scores

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