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The Complete Who : The Definitive Guitar Collection
Listed under The Who

The Complete Guide to Guitar and Amp Maintenance
by Ritchie Fliegler 
(Paperback - 80 pages

A Desktop Reference of Hip Vintage Guitar Amps
by Gerald Weber, Robert Watkins (Editor), Ken Fischer (Designer)
Paperback - 512 pages 2 edition

Digital Projects for Musicians
Craig Anderton, et al / Paperback / Published 1995

Craig Anderton's Home Recording for Musicians
Craig Anderton / Paperback

Electric Guitars: The Illustrated Encyclopedia
by Tony Bacon, et al 
Listed under Guitars

Serious Electric Bass : The Bass Player's Complete Guide to Scales & Chords (Contemporary Bass Series)
by Joel di Bartolo, Aaron Stang (Editor)
Paperback - 279 pages
Warner Brothers Publications; ISBN: 1576238830

Building Electric Guitars: How to Make Solid-Body, Hollow-Body and Semi-Acoustic Electric Guitars and Bass Guitars
by Martin Koch 

The Best of the Rolling Stones for Guitar
Listed under Rolling Stones

Make Your Own Electric Guitar
by Melvyn Hiscock, Brian May (Introduction)
Paperback 2nd edition (October 1, )
Trafalgar Square; ISBN: 0953104907

Guitar Player Repair Guide : How to Set-Up, Maintain, and Repair Electrics and Acoustics
by Dan Erlewine 

Guitar World Presents Classic Rock : Rockers' Delight : Portraits of the Hot and Heavy Guitarists Behind Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, the Greatful Dead, ...
by Jeff Kitts (Editor), et al 

The Complete Electric Bass Player : The Method
by Chuck Rainey 
(Paperback - December 1991)

The Gibson Les Paul Book : A Complete History of Les Paul Guitars
by Tony Bacon, Paul Day (Contributor)
Listed under Guitars

Play Electric Guitar : From Beginner to Band in 3 Months
by Terry Burrows, Laura Wickenden (Photographer)
That'd be Bill & Ted's Band, right?

Electric Guitar Setups
by Hideo Kamimoto

Electric Guitar Primer
by Bert Casey

How to Make Your Electric Guitar Play Great! : The Electric Guitar Owner's Manual (Guitar Player Book)
by Dan Erlewine 

Introduction to Guitar Tone and Effects : A Manual for Getting the Sounds from Electric Guitars, Amplifiers, Effects Pedals and Processors
by David M. Brewster
Paperback from Hal Leonard

Electric Guitar Basics, Steps 1 & 2 Combined (The Ultimate Beginner Series)
by Keith Wyatt

Getting Great Guitar Sounds : A Non-Technical Approach to Shaping Your Personal Sound
by Michael Ross 
Paperback - 80 pages 2nd Rev edition
Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation; ISBN: 0793591406

The Guitar F/X Cookbook
by Chris Amelar

Guitar Electronics for Musicians
by Donald Brosnac
(Paperback - June 1983)

Intro to Playing Rock Guitar - VHS
Listed under Music Instruction Videos

Hot Electric Country Guitar VHS
Listed under Music Instruction Videos

Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar: Becoming the Best You Can Be!/Book and Cd
by Troy Stetina
Book Description:
Take your playing to the stratosphere with the most advanced lead book by this proven heavy metal author. Speed Mechanics is the ultimate technique book for developing the kind of speed and precision in today's explosive playing styles. Learn the fastest ways to achieve speed and control, secrets to make your practice time really count, and how to open your ears and make your musical ideas more solid and tangible. Packed with over 200 vicious exercises including Troy's scorching version of 'Flight Of The Bumblebee.' Music and examples demonstrated on CD. 89-minute audio. 
(Paperback -- June 1992)

The Art of Mixing : A Visual Guide to Recording, Engineering, and Production (Mix Pro Audio Series)

Audiopro Home Recording Course : A Comprehensive Multimedia Audio Recording Text

The Stompbox
by Art Thompson

How to Read Electronic Circuit Diagrams, 2/e
by Robert M. Brown, Paul Lawrence, James A. Whitson
McGraw-Hill; ISBN: 0071554637
Paperback - 214 pages 2nd edition (January 1988)

Learn to Play Electric Guitar (Learn to Play Series)
by Carolyn Hooper, Caroline Hooper
Paperback from E D C Publications

Midi for Musicians
Craig Anderton 

Multieffects for Musicians
Craig Anderton / Paperback / Published 1995

Computers and Music
R.A. Penfold / Paperback / Published 1992

Tube Amp Talk for the Guitarist and Tech
Gerald Weber / Paperback

Lancaster's Active Filter Cookbook
Don Lancaster / Paperback

TTL Cookbook
Don Lancaster 
Paperback / Published 1980

The History of Marshall : The Illustrated Story of 'the Sound of Rock'
Michael Doyle, Jon Eiche (Editor)
Paperback / Published 1993

Fender Amps : The First Fifty Years
by John Teagle, John Sprung (Contributor)
Paperback - 256 pages

The Fender Amp Book
by John Morrish 
Hardcover - 96 pages

Amps! : The Other Half of Rock 'N' Roll 
by Ritchie Fliegler, Jon F. Eiche 
(Paperback - 120 pages (November 1993)

The Art of the Amplifier
Michael Doyle / Paperback

Audio Ic Projects (Maplin Series)
Keith Brindley (Editor), Staff Maplin
(Paperback / Published 1995

Audio Power Amplifier Design Handbook
Douglas Self / Paperback
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Practical Midi Handbook
R. A. Penfold / Paperback / Published 1995
Special Order

The Amp Book : A Guitarist's Introductory Guide to Tube Amplifiers
Donald Brosnac / Paperback / Published 1987
Special Order

The Electric Guitar: An Illustrated History
by Paul Trynka (Editor)
Foreword by Keith Richards
Listed under Guitars

An Introduction to Scientific Guitar Design
Donald Brosnac / Paperback / Published 1978
Out of Print - Try Used Books

The Vox Story : A Complete History of the Legend (Guitar History, No. 4)
David Petersen, Dick Denney / Paperback / Published 1993
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Electronic Projects for Musicians
Craig Anderton / Published 1975
Out of Print - Try Used Books

The Stompbox Cookbook : Build Advanced Effects for Electric Guitar & Bass
by Nicholas Boscorelli
Out of Print - Try Used Books

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