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Renaissance Dances: For Dancers Young and Old with CD (Audio)
by Isabel McNeill Carley
Paperback from Warner Brothers Publications

Music in the Renaissance (2nd Edition)
by Howard Mayer Brown, Louise K. Stein
Paperback from Prentice Hall
24 September, 1998

The Maze and the Warrior: Symbols in Architecture, Theology, and Music
by Craig M. Wright
Hardcover from Harvard Univ Pr

An Illustrated History of Music for Young Musicians - The Middle Age- Renaissance Period
by Warner Bros Publications
Paperback from Warner Brothers Publications

Renaissance Music: Music in Western Europe, 1400-1600 (Norton Introduction to Music History)
by Allan W. Atlas
Hardcover from W.W. Norton & Company

Companion to Medieval and Renaissance Music
by Tess Knighton, David Fallows
Book Description: With contributions from a range of internationally known early music scholars and performers, Tess Knighton and David Fallows provide a lively new survey of music and culture in Europe from the beginning of the Christian era to 1600. Fifty essays comment on the social, historical, theoretical, and performance contexts of the music and musicians of the period to offer fresh perspectives on musical styles, research sources, and performance practices of the medieval and Renaissance periods.
Paperback from University of California Press

Medieval and Renaissance Dances for Recorders, Dancers, and Hand Drums
by Isabel McNeill Carley
Paperback from Memphis Musicraft Publications

An English Medieval and Renaissance Song Book : Part Songs and Sacred Music for One to Six Voices
by Noah Greenberg
Paperback from Dover Pubns

Courtly Dance of the Renaissance : A New Translation and Edition of the Nobiltà Di Dame (1600)
by Fabritio Caroso
Paperback from Dover Pubns

Recorder Book of Medieval & Renaissance Music
by Franz Zeidler
Paperback from Mel Bay Publications

Composition, Printing and Performance: Studies in Renaissance Music (Variorum Collected Studies Series)
by Bonnie J. Blackburn
Hardcover from Ashgate Publishing Company

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Monteverdi and the End of the Renaissance
by Gary Tomlinson
Paperback from University of California Press

Machaut's Music: New Interpretations (Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Music)
by Elizabeth Eva Leach, Tess Knighton
Hardcover from Boydell & Brewer

The Renaissance Guitar
by Federick Noad, Frederick M. Noad
Paperback from Amsco Music

Music Theory and Natural Order from the Renaissance to the Early Twentieth Century
by Suzannah Clark, Alexander Rehding
Hardcover from Cambridge University Press

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After the Heavenly Tune: English Poetry and the Aspiration to Song (Medieval and Renaissance Literary Studies)
by Marc Berley
Hardcover from Duquesne Univ Pr

Anthology of Renaissance Music
by Allan W. Atlas
Paperback from W.W. Norton & Company

Renaissance Music For Flute and Guitar
by Allan Alexander, Jessica Walsh
Plastic Comb from A.D.G. Productions

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Renaissance and Baroque Music: A Comprehensive Survey
by Friedrich Blume, M. Herter Norton
Paperback from W.W. Norton & Company

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