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A-Z of Tropical Fish Diseases and Health Problems
by Peter Burgess, et al

Aquarium Atlas (Vol. 1, 6th Edition)
by Hans A. Baensch, et al
Hardcover - 992 pages 6th edition Vol 1 (November 1, )
Microcosm Limited; ISBN: 1890087122

Aquarium Plants: The Practical Guide (Euro Ed.)
by Pablo Tepoot (Photographer), et al
Hardcover - 216 pages (May 1, )
New Life Publications; ISBN: 0964505843 

Aquarium Sharks & Rays : An Essential Guide to Their Selection, Keeping, and Natural History
by Scott W. Michael, et al
Listed under Marine Aquariums

Aquariums For Dummies®
by Maddy Hargrove, et al

The Coral Reef Aquarium : An Owner's Guide to a Happy Healthy Fish
by Ron L. Shimek
Listed under Marine Aquariums

Book of Coral Propagation, Volume 1: Reef Gardening for Aquarists
by Anthony Rosario Calfo
Listed under Corals

The Cichlid Aquarium
by Paul V., Dr. Loiselle 
Listed under Chiclids

Cephalopods - A World Guide
by Mark Norman, Helmut Debelius (Illustrator)
Listed under Marine Life

by Joyce D. Wilkerson, Thomas A. Frakes
Book Description: Perhaps the most endearing of all reef creatures, the droll and exotically pigmented clownfish is a favorite of marine aquarists, divers, and amateur naturalists the world over. Now, one of the pioneers in the captive breeding of clownfishes in home aquariums has written the first in-depth hobbyists handbook on the husbandry of these fascinating marine species. Chapters include: Clownfishes in the Wild, Fish and Anemone Species with Photographic Identification Guides, Anemone Preservation, Selecting Breeding Stock, Orchestrating the Spawn, Larval Rearing, Propagation as a Cottage Industry. 
Paperback from Microcosm Limited
Conditioning, Spawning and Rearing of Fish With Emphasis on Marine Clownfish
by Frank H. Hoff
Paperback from Florida Aqua Farms Inc
Clownfishes and Sea Anemones: Everything About Purchase, Care, Nutrition, Maintenance, and Setting Up an Aquarium (Barron's Complete Pet Owner's Manuals)
by John H. Tullock
Paperback from Barrons Educational Series
Clownfishes in the Aquarium
by Gregory Skomal
Hardcover from TFH Publications

Clownfishes Anemonefishes: A Complete Authoritative Guide
by Richard F. Stratton
Hardcover from TFH Publications
Complete Aquarium
by Peter W. Scott 

The Super Simple Guide to Clownfishes: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started With Clownfishes in Your Aquarium
by Gregory Skomal
Paperback from TFH Publications


Dr. Axelrod's Mini-Atlas of Freshwater Aquarium Fishes
by Herbert, Dr. Axelrod, Herbert R. Axelrod, Cliff W. Emmens, Warren E. Burgess
Hardcover from TFH Publications
Dynamic Aquaria: Building Living Ecosystems
by Walter H. Adey, Karen Loveland

Dr. Axelrod's Atlas of Freshwater Aquarium Fishes
by Harbert R., Dr. Axelrod, Warren E. Burgess

Piranhas: Keeping & Breeding Them in Captivity
by Manolito Pinkguni
Paperback: 64 pages
TFH Publications; ISBN: 0793803632; (November )

Nature Aquarium World
by Takashi Amano, Talsashi Amano

Plants for Water Gardens: The Complete Guide to Aquatic Plants
by Helen Nash
Listed under Water Gardens

Simon and Schuster's Guide to Freshwater and Marine Aquarium Fishes (Nature Guide Series)
by Francesco Bianchini (Editor), et al
(Paperback - July 1977)

Koi and Garden Pools: A Complete Introduction
by Herbert R. Axelrod
Listed under Koi

Live Sand Secrets - A Dialog on Living Sand Filtration 
by Bob Goemans (Paperback) 

Sand Bed Secrets: The Common-Sense Way to Biological Filtration
by Ron, Dr. Shimek, Dr. Ron Shimek (Paperback)
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