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The Cichlid Aquarium
by Paul V., Dr. Loiselle 

Lake Malawi Cichlids: Everything About History, Setting Up an Aquarium, Health Concerns, and Spawning (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)
by Mark Phillip Smith
(Paperback -- October )

Malawi Cichlids : Keeping & Breeding Them in Captivity
by David Boruchowitz

Success with Cichlids from Lake Malawi & Tanganyika
by Sabine Melke, U. Erich Friese (Translator)

Lake Malawi Cichlids from Tanzania
by Andreas Spreinat 
Special order

Offshore Cichlids of Lake Malawi
by George F. Turner 
Book Description: This book, the first ever guide to the cichlid fishes of the off-shore waters of lake malawi, shows that this habitat harbours a great diversity of little known cichlid species, which dominate the catches of the commercial and artisanal food fisheries. How they evolved, how they continue to coexist, and how to manage their exploitation for food while conserving these unique species will be major challenges to scientists and policymakers. Aquarists will be fascinated by the wealth of previously unknown brilliantly-colored and bizarrely-shaped species. Information on distinguishing features, color, size, distribution and abundance, commercial importance, diet, reproduction, and taxonomy are given for 199 species, 79 of which are presently undescribed. 186 color and 44 black and white photographs illustrate all species. Also included are figures showing the main distinguishing features of the fish, maps, a glossary of technical terms, a full bibliography and brief discussion of the evolution, ecology, and conservation of these fishes.
Hardcover: 240 pages 
Publisher: Hollywood Import & Export Inc.; 1 edition (June 30, )
ISBN: 3928457330 

Tetra's Popular Guide to Tropical Cichlids
by Paul V., Dr. Loiselle, et al (Hardcover)

Freshwater Coral Fish: Cichlids from Lake Malawi (AQUALOG Special)
by Erwin Schraml 
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The Proper Care of Malawi Cichlids
by Mary E. Sweeney 
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African Cichlids I Malawi-Mbuna (AQUALOG-Reference Books)
by Erwin Schraml 
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Guide to Malawi Cichlids (Back to Nature)
by Ad Konings
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Konings' Book of Cichlids and All the Other Fishes of Lake Malawi
by Ad Konings 
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African Cichlids of Lake Malawi
by Warren E. Burgess, Herbert R. Axelrod 
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