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Big Cat Conservation
by Peggy Thomas
(Library Binding)

Big Cats: Kingdom of Might
by Tom Brakefield, Alan Shoemaker 

Big Cats: An Artistic Approach: Carving Lions, Tigers and Jaguars
by Desiree Hajny
Listed under Woodcarving

Cats Of Africa
by Paul Bosman (Illustrator), Anthony Hall-Martin (Editor)
Hardcover: 152 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.05 x 11.14 x 11.32 
Publisher: Smithsonian Institution Press;
ISBN: 156098760X 

Chasing the Dragon's Tail: The Struggle to Save Thailand's Wild Cats
by Alan Rabinowitz
Listed under Tigers

Forest Cats of North America: Cougars, Bobcats, Lynx
by Jerry Kobalenko, Thomas Kitchin, Victoria Hurst
Paperback from Firefly Books
Ghosts of Tsavo
by Phillip Caputo
Rare maneless lions of East Africa with an appetite for humans.
Hardcover: 320 pages
National Geographic Society; ISBN: 0792263626; (June )

The Natural History of the Wild Cats
by Andrew Kitchener
Book Description:
Everyone is familiar with the big cats--the lion, tiger, leopard, and jaguar--members of the genus Panthera. The smaller cats--members of the genus Felis--are less familiar. This absorbing book, considered "a comprehensive survey" by David Quammen, writing in the New York Times Book Review, presents what is known about the thirty-seven or so species of the world's cats, including abundant information on the much-neglected smaller members of the cat family. 
"Dr. Kitchener . . . has made a readable, up-to-date synthesis of what we know about cats, his account always strengthened by the comparative point of view."--Scientific American "The numerous tables and comprehensive bibliography will appeal to the scientist, while the breadth of topics discussed, summary of numerous studies published in hard-to-find journals, numerous graphs and line drawings, and emphasis on the smaller cats and their behaviour, will make it of wider interest."--John Deag, Times Higher Education Supplement

Hunting for Sustainability in Tropical Forests
by John G. Robinson (Editor), Elizabeth Bennett (Editor)

Continental Conservation: Scientific Foundations of Regional Reserve Networks
by Michael E. Soule (Editor), John Terborgh (Editor), Wildlands Project 

A Guide to the Carnivores of Central America: Natural History, Ecology, and Conservation
by Carlos Luis de la Rosa, Claudia C. Nocke

Cat Attacks: True Stories and Hard Lessons from Cougar Country
by Jo Deurbrouck, Dean Miller

Cheetahs of the Serengeti Plains: Group Living in an A Social Species
by Timothy M. Caro 

Cheetahs (WLL)
by Luke Hunter
Paperback from Voyager Press

by Don Middleton 
Reading level: Ages 4-8

by Harold P. Danz 
Paperback: 310 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.99 x 9.24 x 6.21 
Publisher: Swallow Pr;  
ISBN: 0804010153

Jaguar: One Man's Struggle to Establish the World's First Jaguar Preserve
by Alan Rabinowitz 

Jaguars (Eye to Eye With Big Cats)
by Jason Cooper
Library Binding from The Rourke Book Company, Inc.

Jaguar: Spirit of the Cat
by Paul W. Cockerham
Hardcover from Todtri Productions Ltd

Jaguars (The Untamed World)
by Melanie Watt, E. Melanie Watt
Library Binding from Raintree/Steck Vaughn

The Man-Eating Tigers of Sundarbans
by Sy Montgomery
Listed under Tigers

Mountain Lion Alert

Soul Among Lions: The Cougar As Peaceful Adversary

The Mountain Lion
The Mountain Lion
by Jean Stafford
Paperback from Univ of Texas Press
Shadow Cat: Encountering the American Mountain Lion
Shadow Cat: Encountering the American Mountain Lion
by Susan Ewing, Elizabeth Grossman
Paperback from Sasquatch Books
Tiger-Wallahs: Saving the Greatest of the Great Cats
by Geoffrey C. Ward, Diane Raines Ward
Listed under Tigers

Tigres/Tigers 2012 Calendar
by Brian Kenney
Listed under Animal Calendars

Tiger Tales : Stories of the Tasmanian Tiger
by Col Bailey
Listed under Australian Wildlife

The Natural History of the Wild Cats
by Andrew Kitchener
Paperback from Cornell Univ Pr

The Nature of Lions: Social Cats of the Savannas
by Eric S. Grace, Art Wolfe
Listed under Lions

Land Of The Tiger: A Natural History of the Indian Subcontinent
by Valmik Thapar 
In this companion volume to the BBC/PBS television series, Indian biologist Valmik Thapar, a specialist on tigers, takes a leisurely look at the extraordinary animals that inhabit the subcontinent, among them serpent eagles and kiangs, water monitors and one-horned rhinoceroses, cobras and bustards. Although India and the adjoining countries are crowded with humans, and although wildlife-protection laws are a recent development there, animal life continues to thrive; the diversity of flora and fauna, Thapar writes, are the richest in the world. He attributes this uncommon variety of species to religious beliefs that accord the living world an uncommon respect and reverence. Anyone planning a visit to India will benefit from this lively book, as will those who are merely curious.
Hardcover: 285 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.91 x 11.06 x 8.68 
Publisher: University of California Press;
ISBN: 0520214706 

Serengeti Lion a Study of Predator-Prey Relations
by George B. Schaller
Listed under Lions

The Snow Leopard
by Peter Matthiessen, Edward Hoagland (Editor)
In the autumn of 1973, the writer Peter Matthiessen set out in the company of zoologist George Schaller on a hike that would take them 250 miles into the heart of the Himalayan region of Dolpo, "the last enclave of pure Tibetan culture on earth." Their voyage was in quest of one of the world's most elusive big cats, the snow leopard of high Asia, a creature so rarely spotted as to be nearly mythical; Schaller was one of only two Westerners known to have seen a snow leopard in the wild since 1950. 

Published in 1978, The Snow Leopard is rightly regarded as a classic of modern nature writing. Guiding his readers through steep-walled canyons and over tall mountains, Matthiessen offers a narrative that is shot through with metaphor and mysticism, and his arduous search for the snow leopard becomes a vehicle for reflections on all manner of matters of life and death. In the process, The Snow Leopard evolves from an already exquisite book of natural history and travel into a grand, Buddhist-tinged parable of our search for meaning. By the end of their expedition, having seen wolves, foxes, rare mountain sheep, and other denizens of the Himalayas, and having seen many signs of the snow leopard but not the cat itself, Schaller muses, "We've seen so much, maybe it's better if there are some things that we don't see." 

That sentiment, as well as the sense of wonder at the world's beauty that pervades Matthiessen's book, ought to inform any journey into the wild. --Gregory McNamee -
Paperback: ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.66 x 7.71 x 5.05 
Publisher: Penguin USA (Paper); Reprint edition (June )
ISBN: 0140255087

Wild Cats of the World

Hunting With the Moon: The Lions of Savuti
by Beverly Jourbet (Author), Dereck Jourbet
Listed under Lions

Snow Leopard
by Tua Forsstrom, David McDuff (Translator)

Where Lions Roar: Ten More Years of African Hunting
Where Lions Roar: Ten More Years of African Hunting
by Craig T. Boddington
Hardcover from National Book Network
World Above the Clouds : A Story of a Himalayan Ecosystem
by Ann Whitehead Nagda, Paul Kratter (Illustrator)
Reading level: Ages 4-8

What Cats Are: Photographs
by Sharon Beals (Photographer)

Wild Cats : Cougars, Bobcats and Lynx (Kids Can Press Wildlife Series)
by Deborah Hodge, Nancy Gray Ogle, Pat Stephens
Paperback from Kids Can Press

Wild Cats & Their Fossil Relatives

The African Leopard: Ecology and Behavior
by Theodore N. Bailey 
Publisher: Columbia University Press; (December 1993)
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The Cougar Almanac: A Complete Natural History of the Mountain Lion
Out of Print - Try Used Books

How The Tiger Lost Its Stripes
by Cory J Meacham 
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Tigers in the Snow
by Peter Matthiessen, Maurice Hornocker
Hardcover from North Point Press

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Track Of The Tiger: Legend & Lore
by Maurice Hornocker
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Vanishing Tracks : Four Years Among the Snow Leopards of Nepal
by Darla Hillard 
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Wild Cats: Status Survey and Conservation Action Plan
by Kristin Nowell (Editor), Peter Jackson (Editor), Iucn, Ssc Cat Specialist Group 
Publisher: IUCN; (June 1993)
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