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American Photographer (1886-1958)
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Edward Weston : Forms of Passion
by Gilles Mora (Editor), et al
Edward Weston's (1886-1958) large body of straightforward, elegant black-and-white photographs concentrate on natural forms--the human figure, seashells, plants and vegetables, and landscapes--eschewing romantic subjects and manipulated imagery. This volume features more than 300 duotone reproductions of Weston's work. 
Hardcover - 367 pages
Harry N Abrams; ISBN: 0810939797

Edward Weston : 1886-1958 (Photo Book Series)
by Edward Weston, et al

Edward Weston: The Last Years in Carmel
by David Travis, et al
Explores the last decade of Weston's life through the war years and his work at Point Lobos and Carmel.
Hardcover: 144 pages
Art Institute of Chicago Museum; ISBN: 086559192X; (June 15, )

Margrethe Mather and Edward Weston: A Passionate Collaboration
by Beth Gates Warren
An examination of the personal and professional relationship between two important American photographers. Margrethe Mather has been remembered mostly through the commentary of fellow photographer Edward Weston, who referred to her as "the first important person" in his life. In fact, Mather was probably the greatest influence on the development of Weston's early career. They first met in 1913 and soon developed a close relationship, eventually working together as full-fledged artistic partners and even co-signing the photographs they produced. Weston was also madly in love with Mather, and the two engaged in a brief affair during his first marriage. This book, which features work by both artists, chronicles their twelve-year association and sheds light on Mather, whose artistry, sexual identity, and mysterious past were overshadowed by the massive reputation of Edward Weston and his subsequent association with Tina Modotti. 94 duotone photographs.
Hardcover - 160 pages
W.W. Norton & Company; ISBN: 0393041573

Edward Weston (Masters of Photography Series)
by Edward Weston (Photographer), Richard H. Cravens

Edward Weston : His Life
by Ben Maddow

Edward Weston - Portraits
by Edward Weston (Photographer), et al
Includes portraits of D.H. Lawrence, Diego Rivera, Robinson Jeffers, Jo Davidson, Henry Fonda and Ansel Adams and nude studies of his second wife, Charis Wilson, and his model and lover, Tina Modotti.
Hardcover - 95 pages
Aperture; ISBN: 0893816051

Edward Weston: fifty years; the definitive volume of his photographic work
by Edward Weston
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Daybooks of Edward Weston Volume California
by Edward Weston (Author)
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Edward Weston : Seventy Photographs
by Ben Maddow
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Edward Weston : Photographs from the Collection of the Center for Creative Photography
by Amy Conger
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Supreme Instants : The Photography of Edward Weston
by Beaumont Newhall
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Edward Weston : Photography and Modernism
by Theodore Stebbins, et al
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