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Children of the Dreamtime: Traditional Family Life in Aboriginal Australia
by Donald Thomson
Paperback from Penguin Books Australia
Media Published: 1989-
ISBN: 067090158X
Donald Thomson in Arnhem Land
Donald Thomson in Arnhem Land
by Donald Thomson
Hardcover from Melbourne University Publishing
ISBN: 0522850634

This collection presents the personal writings of Donald Thomson, an Australian who became embroiled in a bitter legal battle that erupted in 1932 when a group of Japanese pearl fishermen raped a number of Aboriginal women. Arnhem Land Aboriginals retaliated by killing five of the Japanese and were subsequently sentenced to death. Thomson accepted a federal commission to investigate the case, and, by communicating with the Aboriginals, managed to defuse the situation and secure their liberation. The account of Thomson's first meeting with the Aboriginal leader Wongo tells of the electric exchange and eventual friendship that Thomson developed with Wongo, a partnership that enabled him to study local customs and language. Thomson's writing is unique in that it offers a full picture of Aboriginal peoples, presenting them as individuals and active agents in local history.


A partial list of works by and about Donald Thompson

Thomson, D.F. (1930), Report on fauna noted on expedition to Cape York Peninsula, north Queensland, 1938-9, to Department of Queensland Agriculture and Stock, Brisbane, 1930.

Thomson, D.F. (1934a), 'Across Cape York Peninsula with a pack team: a thousand mile trek in search of unknown native tribes', Walkabout, 1(2):21-31.

Thomson, D.F. (1934b), 'The Dugong hunters of Cape York', Jl. R. Anthrop. Inst. 64: 237-62.

Thomson, D.F. (1935), Birds of Cape York Peninsula, Government Printer, Melbourne.

Birds of Cape York Peninsula: Ecological Notes, Field Observations, and Catalogue of Specimens Collected on Three Expeditions to...
by Thomson, Donald F
Paperback. H. J. Green, Gov't Printer, Melbourne (1935)
82 pages; 2 full-page maps, 15 plates, indices of zoological & vernacular names.
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Thomson D.F. (1946), 'The story of Arnhem Land', Walkabout 12(10):4-22.

Thomson, D.F. (1949), 'Arnhem Land: Explorations among an unknown people. Part III. On foot across Arnhem Land', Geogrl. J. CXIV (1-3): 53-67.

Thomson, D.F. (1956), 'The fishermen and dugong hunters of Princess Charlotte Bay', Walkabout, 22(11): 33-6.

Thomson, D.F. (1975), Bindibu country, Thomas Nelson (Australia), West Melbourne.

Donald Thomson in Arnhem Land
Compiled and introduced by Nicolas Peterson, Currey O'Neill, South Yarra, Victoria. Thomson, D.F. (1983)
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Donald Thomson's Mammals and Fishes of Northern Australia, Thomas Nelson Australia.
Dixon, Joan M. and Huxley, Linda (1985)
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Children of The Dreamtime: Traditional Family Life in Aboriginal Australia
Thomson, Donald F. , Penguin 1989.
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