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Mathematics for 3D Game Programming & Computer Graphics
by Eric Lengyel
Listed under Game Programming

Applied Cryptography: Protocols, Algorithms, and Source Code in C, 2nd Edition
by Bruce Schneier

The Curves of Life
by Theodore A. Cook
Paperback from Dover Pubns
The Divine Proportion
by H. E. Huntley
Book Description: Engaging introduction to that curious feature of mathematics which provides framework for so many structures in biology, chemistry, and the arts. Discussion ranges from theories of biological growth to intervals and tones in music, Pythagorean numerology, conic sections, Pascalâ€ôs triangle, the Fibonnacci series and much more.
Paperback from Dover Pubns
Mathematical Statistics with MATHEMATICA
by Colin Rose, Murray D. Smith

The Visual Display of Quantitative Information
by Edward R. Tufte

Nexus : The Groundbreaking Science of Networks
by Mark Buchanan

Euler: The Master of Us All (Dolciani Mathematical Expositions, No 22)
by William Dunham 

Symbolic Logic: Mathematical Recreations of Lewis Carroll
by Lewis Carroll
Listed under Lewis Carroll

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