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Animating Real-Time Game Characters
Animating Real-Time Game Characters (Game Development Series)
by Paul Steed
Book Description:
Learn the basics of what makes a great character model and gain new insights to the many issues facing the character animator. Using the tried and proven methods found in Animating Real-Time Game Characters, youíll quickly bring your character animation to the next level. Find detailed coverage on modeling, rigging, and weighting real-time game characters using 3ds max and character studio. Explore effective keyframing techniques that focus on dramatic poses and proper timing. Discover how to work with and adjust motion capture data as well as what to look for when working with mocap studios. Get an inside glimpse at the process of taking a real-time game character from concept to export into a game technology. 
With the popularity of games like Quake III: Arena, Unreal Tournament, and Warcraft III, real-time gaming is here to stay. Whether youíre a working professional or an eager novice, Animating Real-Time Game Characters will absolutely help you improve your character animation skills using 3ds max and character studio. 

* Step-by-step instruction with hundreds of clear illustrations 
* Complete game character models and animation sets 
* Detailed info on keyframing and using motion capture data 
* Find dozens of ideas and notes on using the most popular game character creation and animation tools, including 3ds max and character studio 
* Thousands of frames of animation ready to be plugged into your own game character 

* All models, images, and motion capture files are included for use with the tutorials, as well as a fun-filled game demo for the new online-only action game sensation, Betty Bad! 
Paperback from Charles River Media

Black Art of 3d Game Programming : Writing Your Own High-Speed 3-D Polygon Video Games
by Andre Lamothe 

The Complete Guide to Game Audio: For Composers, Musicians, Sound Designers, and Game Developers
by Aaron Marks

Developing Games in Java
Developing Games in Java
by David Brackeen, Laurence Vanhelswue
Paperback from New Riders
Game Architecture and Design: Learn the Best Practices for Game Design and Programming
by Andrew Rollings, Dave Morris 

Game Design: Theory and Practice (With CD-ROM)
by Richard Rouse, et al

Game Plan: The Insider's Guide to Breaking In and Succeeding in the Computer and Video Game Business
by Alan Gershenfeld, Mark Loparco, Cecilia Barajas
Book Description: The $20 billion computer and video gaming business is the fastest-growing entertainment medium in the worldæon track to surpass both the movie and record businesses. More than 200 million computer and video games are sold to the 140 million gamers in America every year. 
Game Plan: The Insiders Guide to Breaking In and Succeeding in the Computer and Video Game Business is the first book that clearly explains how to get a foot in the door to this incredibly dynamic and exciting field.

This essential guide includes everything job seekers need to know about:

· How the computer and video game business really works
· How to break into the industry
· How to get your dream game made
· The many different jobs in the field
· Surviving and thriving in the marketplace

Three top game veterans provide all the information readers need to begin their search: Alan Gershenfeld, former senior vice-president of Activison Studios, Mark Loparco, one of the industry’s top edutainment producers, and Cecilia Barajas, an acclaimed game producer/ director and a design consultant on hundreds of games. 

Game Plan also features expert advice by top gamemakers from such leading game publishers and developers as Electronic Arts, Activision, Microsoft, Midway, LucasArts, and THQ. No matter what your background or job qualifications are, Game Plan will help you to decide which area of the video and computer game business appeals to you the most, and how to attain your goals of working in the industry.

For anyone who’s ever dreamed of one day making a game, or is simply curious if this is the field to go intoæthis book is a must-read.
Paperback from Griffin Trade Paperback

Game Programming All in One (With CD-ROM)
by Bruno Desousa, Bruno M. de Sousa

Game Programming Gems
by Mark DeLoura (Editor)
(Hardcover - August )

Game Programming Gems 2
by Mark DeLoura (Editor)

Game Programming Gems 3
Game Programming Gems 3
by Dante Treglia, Mark Deloura
Hardcover from Charles River Media
Get in the Game: Careers in the Game Industry
by Marc Mencher
Book Description: Have you dreamed of obtaining a game industry job? Get in the Game will help you achieve this! This friendly guide shows you step-by-step how to prepare yourself for a game industry career. With insights from over a dozen industry experts, it's the only guide you will need for training yourself then finding a game industry job. Discover how to research, meet the right industry people, access the unadvertised job market, sell yourself, create the perfect demo, beat the competition, handle interviews, and negotiate a salary package. This book will show you how to tailor your job search, answer tough interview questions, transition into the game industry from other careers, hone essential resume writing skills and networking skills. 

It's a crash course on everything you need to know about the game industry! You will learn about the following careers:

  • Game Designer 
  • Game Programming
  • Game Artist 
  • Game Production 

  • Paperback from New Riders
    Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 9.0
    Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 9.0
    by Frank D. Luna
    Book Description:
    Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 9.0 provides an introduction to programming interactive 3D computer graphics using DirectX 9.0, with an emphasis on game development. The book begins with an explanation of mathematical tools and moves on to general 3D concepts. Other topics include performing basic operations in Direct3D such as primitive drawing, lighting, texturing, alpha blending, and stenciling, and using Direct3D to implement techniques that could be required in a game. Chapters on vertex and pixel shaders, including the effects framework and the new High-Level Shading Language, wraps up the discussion. 
    Paperback from Wordware Publishing
    OpenGL Game Programming (With CD-ROM)
    by Dave Astle, et al
    Book Description:
    OpenGL is an application programming interface (API) that exposes hardware features needed to create computer graphics. Unlike Microsoft's Direct3D, which only works on Windows, OpenGL works across all platforms. OpenGL Game Programming is a complete guide to game development using the OpenGL graphics API. Myriad examples are included to demonstrate various concepts such as coloring, texture mapping, blending, lighting, coordinate transforms, 3D modeling, collision detection, and several other key concepts involved in game development. It also covers how to integrate the non-graphical elements of Microsoft's DirectX into OpenGL games so that users can incorporate sound, music, and networking functions. Teaching users how to use OpenGL to create dynamic 3D environments and effects for use in game development, this book covers all the fundamentals so that users can program OpenGL API to its fullest potential. Anyone interested in game development will find the information in this book invaluable as they begin to create dynamic game graphics. Series editor André LaMothe has published numerous magazine articles and is an international best-selling author with over six game programming and 3D graphics titles to his credit. He has been active in the computing industry for more than twenty years, during which he created one of the world's first commercially available virtual reality games, CyberGate. André is also the founder and CEO of Xtreme Games LLC. 
    Paperback - 750 pages 1st edition (May 10, )
    Premier Press, Inc.; ISBN: 0761533303
    Real-Time 3D Terrain Engines Using C++ and DirectX 9
    Real-Time 3D Terrain Engines Using C++ and DirectX 9 (Game Development Series)
    by Gregory Snook, Greg Snook
    Paperback from Charles River Media
    Sams Teach Yourself Game Programming in 24 Hours
    by Michael Morrison
    Paperback from SAMS
    24 December, 2002

    Sams Teach Yourself Game Programming with DirectX in 21 Days
    by Clayton Walnum
    Paperback from SAMS

    Sams Teach Yourself Game Programming with Visual Basic in 21 Days
    by Clayton Walnum
    Paperback from SAMS

    Special Effects Game Programming with DirectX 8.0 (With CD-ROM)
    by Mason McCuskey, Andre LaMothe (Editor)
    Paperback - 800 pages Bk&Cd-Rom edition (December 15, )
    Premier Pr; ISBN: 1931841063

    Mathematics for 3D Game Programming & Computer Graphics
    by Eric Lengyel 
    Hardcover - 400 pages (December 18, )
    Charles River Media; ISBN: 1584500379
    Visual Basic Game Programming With DirectX
    by Jonathan S. Harbour 
    (Paperback - February )

    AI Game Programming Wisdom (with CD-ROM)
    by Steve Rabin (Editor) 

    Isometric Game Programming With Directx 7.0
    by Ernest Pazera, Andre Lamothe (Editor)

    Strategy Game Programming With Directx 9.0 2003
    Strategy Game Programming With Directx 9.0 2003
    by Todd Barron
    Paperback from Wordware Publishing
    Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus
    by Andre Lamothe

    Game Design: The Art & Business of Creating Games
    by Bob Bates

    Windows® Game Programming For Dummies®
    by Andre Lamothe

    Physics for Game Developers
    by David M. Bourg

    Macromedia Director Game Development: From Concept to Creation
    by Kris Jamsa, Epic Software 

    MultiPlayer Game Programming
    by Todd Barron, Andre Lamothe

    The Zen of Direct3D Game Programming
    by Peter Walsh

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