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Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Classroom in a Book
by Adobe Creative Team
Listed under Photoshop
Adobe Premiere Pro Classroom in a Book
by Adobe Creative Team
Paperback from Adobe Press
Adobe Premiere Pro Bible
Adobe Premiere Pro Bible 
by Adele Droblas, Seth Greenberg
Paperback from Hungry Minds, Inc
Adobe Premiere Pro For Dummies
Adobe Premiere Pro For Dummies
by Keith Underdahl
Paperback from John Wiley & Sons
Adobe® Premiere® Pro : Complete Course
by Donna L. Baker
Paperback from Hungry Minds, Inc
Advanced 3D Photorealism Techniques
by Bill Fleming
A leaf is a leaf is a leaf... but not in the photorealism world: "A leaf isn't photorealistic unless the edges show some signs of having been eaten by insects, of the dryness of aging. And, of course, nothing is photorealistic if it's perfect," explains Bill Fleming, the respected and praised photorealism 3-D graphics expert. In his "Advanced 3D Photorealism Techniques," Fleming has bundled together a collection of workable and rich tutorials; excellent techniques for surfacing, modeling, and image creation; and a host of tricks for enhancing budding or experienced 3-D graphics artists' creations.
Paperback: 400 pages
John Wiley & Sons; ISBN: 0471344036; Bk&Cd Rom edition (June 14, )

The Art and Science of Digital Compositing
by Ron Brinkmann, Ron Brinkman
from Morgan Kaufmann

3-D Human Modeling and Animation
by Peter Ratner
Never forgetting that "the human form is the most valuable and challenging resource in fine art," 3-D Human Modeling and Animation helps make the transition from 2-D to 3-D--working with height, width, and now depth--easier. Student artists and animators learning or expanding their skills for modeling and animating digital humans will find this book a great resource. Lessons and instruction begin by modeling the feet, progressing upward through the body, and then ending with the head (the head being the most complicated to create). The modeling approach you'll use involves skinning cross-sectional splines and contours, a system that uses a series of curved or straight outlines and then connects them. Students will find the various procedures used here helpful, no matter what software or hardware setup they're using. In an example on human motion, you consider the movement of clothes on the human body, which tend to move separately--the swing of a skirt as it twirls opposite the human figure, for example. Animate your characters with secondary actions, the book suggests, so that their movements look more realistic and dramatic. While there is no companion CD-ROM, this book offers plenty of illustrations, step-by-step instructions, and student exercises. Whether you're just learning to model or want to expand beyond your 2-D skills and make the leap into the 3-D arena, you'll find 3-D Human Modeling and Animation a good place to start. --Brooke Gilbert -
Paperback: 320 pages
John Wiley & Sons; ISBN: 047129229X; (May 11, )

Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice in C (2nd Edition)
by James D. Foley, et al

Dreamweaver(R) 4 Fireworks(R) 4 Studio: A Beginner's Guide
by Kim Cavanaugh
Paperback: 550 pages
Osborne McGraw-Hill; ISBN: 0072192607; (September 10, )

Dreamweaver 4 for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide
by J. Tarin Towers
(Paperback -- April 4, )

Dreamweaver 4 Hands-On Training
by Garo Green, Lynda Weinman

Macromedia Flash MX Advanced for Windows and Macintosh Visual QuickPro Guide
by Russell Chun
(Paperback -- May 15, )

Macromedia Flash MX ActionScripting: Advanced Training from the Source
by Derek Franklin, Jobe Makar
Paperback: 606 pages
Macromedia Press; ISBN: 0201770229; 1st edition (April 24, )

Macromedia Flash MX: Training from the Source
by Chrissy Rey
(Paperback -- June 18, )

Foundation Macromedia Flash MX
by Kris Besley, et al
Paperback: 600 pages
Friends of Ed; ISBN: 1903450101; 1st edition (April )
Flash MX: Graphics, Animation & Interactivity
by James L. Mohler
(Paperback -- May 3, )

Flash MX Savvy (With CD-ROM)
by Ethan Watrall, Norbert Herber
(Paperback -- May 15, )

Final Cut Pro 4 and the Art of Filmmaking
by Jason Cranford Teague, David Teague
Listed under Final Cut Pro

How to do Everything with Adobe(R) Acrobat(R) 5.0
by Doug Sahlin

Adobe(R) Acrobat(R) 5.0 Classroom in a Book

Maya 4 Fundamentals
by Jim Lammers, Lee Gooding

Sams Teach Yourself Macromedia Flash MX in 24 Hours
by Phillip Kerman, Philip Kerman

The Non-Designer's Design Book: Design and Typographic Principles for the Visual Novice
by Robin Williams
"The Non-Designer's Design Book" gives users at all levels the essentials of page layout, emphasizing the four concrete principles of design--proximity, alignment, repetition, and contrast.

3D Studio Max 3 Fundamentals
Michael Todd Peterson
The tutorials in this book offer a different perspective on how to use Max than the tutorials in Kinetix's own manuals, yet they drive home the same methodologies and procedures. Not only does this reinforce what an experienced user may already know, it helps new users climb the learning curve quickly, making "3D Studio Max 3 Fundamentals" an excellent supplemental book for any new user of the software. --Mike Caputo -
Textbook Binding: 574 pages
New Riders Publishing; ISBN: 0735700494; 1st edition

Type In Motion: Innovations in Digital Graphics
by Jeff Bellantoni and Matt Woolman
Type in Motion: Innovations in Digital Graphics is a high-energy, brilliantly colored coffee-table book--and a serious exploration of the latest trends in type design in commercial and fine art as well. 

The book is an intensely visual guide to the variety of type designs in today's media. It examines movies such as Prospero's Books and The Pillow Book, where beautiful calligraphy plays a large role, and movies such as Mission Impossible and Good Will Hunting, where the titles are produced with careful attention to typography. The writers also explore type design in commercials and documentaries. A variety of pieces they present were originally delivered on CD-ROM, Web site, video, book, or other medium--there's even a sculptural toy--and include interactive press kits, experimental design showcases, digital opera, interactive calendars, and scientific research on type.  --Kathleen Caster -
Hardcover: 176 pages
Rizzoli International Publications; ISBN: 0847821846;

Real World Bryce 4
by Susan A. Kitchens and Victor Gavenda
Bryce, thanks mostly to its unique user interface, always elicits a powerful reaction from users--sometimes positive, sometimes negative, but rarely indifferent. What can't be denied, though, is the amazing quality and variety of images that Bryce can produce in the hands of an experienced user. The problem, then, is acquiring that experience. Real World Bryce 4 is a massive and insightful tome that manages to pierce through that obscure and uncommon interface and reveal the power of the underlying tool. Written by a pair of veteran Bryce users and seasoned writers, this book is the source of that sought-after experience--a virtual fountain of information from which to drink deeply. --Mike Caputo -
Paperback: 1072 pages
Peachpit Press; ISBN: 0201354381; 1st edition (January 15, )

The Art and Science of Digital Compositing
by Ron Brinkmann
Author Ron Brinkman, who has contributed his computer-generated visual effects to feature films like "Die Hard" and "James and the Giant Peach," expounds upon the art of digitally manipulating images in "The Art and Science of Digital Compositing." Brinkman homes in on a specific area - visual effects in film, multimedia, and commercials - and expands on it in a highly precise and technical fashion.

Adobe InDesign Classroom in a Book
by Adobe Development Team
September 30, 1999
To coincide with the imminent launch of Adobe's page-layout app, InDesign 1.0, "Adobe InDesign Classroom in a Book" provides explanations coupled with short lessons to introduce users to InDesign's features (page layout tools, palette-based interface, integration with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and support for PDF files). Experienced users of Quark XPress and Adobe Illustrator as well as page-layout novices will benefit from this guide's instruction.

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