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AFCA's Defensive Football Drills
by American Football Coaches Association, Grant Teaff
Arnsparger's Coaching Defensive Football
Arnsparger's Coaching Defensive Football
by Bill Arnsparger
from Saint Lucie Press
ISBN: 1574441620
Blitz-Proof Pass Protection with Game Proven Pass Routes
by Bill Powers
Is your QB getting pressured? Blitzes giving you nightmares? This simple, easy-to-teach pass protection scheme is reliable versus all blitzes. It also explains a fundamentally and philosophically sound passing offense from multiple sets that is effective versus all coverages. 
Paperback: 116 pages 
Publisher: Bishdra Marketing (December 5, ) 
ISBN-10: 0970728603 

Coaching Football Successfully
Coaching Football Successfully
by Bob Reade, Joe Paterno
from Human Kinetics (T)
ISBN: 087322518X
Coaching Football's 46 Defense (The Art & Science of Coaching Series)
by Rex Ryan, Jeff Walker
Book Description: A comprehensive overview of the skills and techniques needed to coach this successful defensive scheme.
Paperback: ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.52 x 10.00 x 7.04
Publisher: Coaches Choice;
ISBN: 1585182346

Coaching Footballs 40 Nickel Defense (The Art & Science of Coaching Series)
by Jeff Walker
Paperback: ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.75 x 10.00 x 7.00
Publisher: Coaches Choice;
ISBN: 1585182079

Coaching Football's Zone Offense
Coaching Football's Zone Offense
by Stan Zweifel, Brian Borland, Bob Berezowitz
Paperback from Coaches Choice
Coaching Matters: Leadership and Tactics of the Nfl's Ten Greatest Coaches
Coaching Matters: Leadership and Tactics of the NFL's Ten Greatest Coaches
by Brad Adler
Book Description: How much influence does an NFL head coach really have on a team's win-loss record? Is the head coach the most important member of a professional football team? What separates a great coach from an average coach? Author Brad Adler answers these questions and many others in the first book ever to examine the magnitude of a head coach's impact on an NFL franchise.

Coaching Matters contends that great coaches will win regardless of the talent or conditions that surround them. Superior coaches will be successful despite the incompetence of the players or the losing atmosphere they inherit. Adler shows that the elite head coach, in and of himself, is capable of producing and sustaining victory.

The title has a dual meaning. First, that coaching does indeed matter†much more than people believe. And second, Adler investigates how "coaching matters" are handled. He documents the careers of ten of the greatest modern-day NFL coaches and clearly establishes each man's significance relative to his team's success. The book examines the philosophies and tactics that helped distinguish each coach as a preeminent leader and innovator. It also analyzes how they conveyed their strategies and tech-niques, and discusses the problems with filling the dual roles of coach and general manager.

Finally, Adler identifies and evaluates the personality traits and characteristics most often associated with outstanding coaches in an effort to establish a reliable basis for implementing the systematic "coach-predictor," a method for gauging the effectiveness of potential NFL head coaches. Coaching Matters: Leadership and Tactics of the NFL's Ten Greatest Coaches is the definitive book on NFL coaching and a must read for any football fan.
Hardcover from Brasseys, Inc.

Complete Linebacking
by Lou Tepper, Louis A. Tepper

Defensive Football Strategies
by American Football Coaches Association (Editor)
Book Description:
Now you can build the kind of defense that wins championships with Defensive Football Strategies. This complete collection of tactics, teachings, and insights comes from many of the games best defensive minds from over the past 40 years.

Inside you'll find winning strategies from 90 top coaches, including Jerry Sandusky of Penn State, Charlie McBride of the University of Nebraska, R.C. Slocum of Texas A & M., and Bo Schembechler of the University of Michigan. With the help of more than 600 X-and-O diagrams, they show you how to counter common offensive formations and attacks, stop the running game and passing game, make down-and-distance decisions, and defend the goal line.

Defensive Football Strategies was developed in cooperation with the American Football Coaches Association. It's a one-of-a-kind resource for building a defense that can win it all.
Paperback: 307 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.80 x 10.99 x 8.54
Publisher: Human Kinetics (T);
ISBN: 0736001425

Ditka: An Autobiography
by Mike Ditka, et al
(Hardcover - June 1987)

The Delaware Wing-T: The Option Game (The Art & Science of Coaching Series)
by Ted Kempski, Harold R. Raymond

Everyone's a Coach
by Ken Blanchard, Don Shula

The Football Coaching Bible
The Football Coaching Bible
by American Football Coaches Association
from Human Kinetics (T)
ISBN: 0736044116
Football Drill Book
Football Drill Book
by Doug Mallory
from McGraw-Hill/Contemporary Books
ISBN: 094027972X
Football's Modular Defense: A Simplified Multiple System
by John W. Durham
(Hardcover - January 1986)

The Junction Boys: How Ten Days in Hell With Bear Bryant Forged a Championship Team
by Jim Dent, Gene Stallings

Make the Most of Available Personnel with Football's Modern Flexing Offense
by Ken Lyons

The Right Kind of Heroes: Coach Bob Shannon and the East St. Louis Flyers
The Right Kind of Heroes: Coach Bob Shannon and the East St. Louis Flyers
by Kevin Horrigan
from Algonquin Books
ISBN: 094557570X

Offensive Football Strategies

Play Football the NFL Way: Position-By-Position Techniques and Drills for Offense, Defense, and Special Teams
Play Football the NFL Way: Position-By-Position Techniques and Drills for Offense, Defense, and Special Teams
by Tom Bass
from St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 0312059477
They Call Me Coach
by John R. Wooden (Preface), et al
Listed under Basketball Coaching

101 Delaware Wing -T Drills
by Ted Kempski, Harold R. Raymond
Book Description: 101 drills, organized by position, for developing the skills and techniques essential to the Wing-T offense. Thorough explanations, diagrams and coaching pointers accompany each drill. Covers quarterback, running back, offensive line, and end drills, as well as agility and speed drills.
Paperback from Coaches Choice

101 Delaware Wing-T Plays
by Harold R. Raymond, Ted Kempski
Paperback from Coaches Choice

When Pride Still Mattered: A Life of Vince Lombardi
by David Maraniss
Listed under Vince Lombardi

The Wing-T from A-Z: The Base Plan (The Art & Science of Coaching)
by Dennis Creehan
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The 4-3 Defense: By the Experts (Coaching by the Experts Series)
by Earl Browning (Editor)
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Bill Walsh: Finding the Winning Edge
by Bill Walsh, et al
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