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Life and Times of a Boxing Legend
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Bad Intentions: The Mike Tyson Story
by Peter Niels Heller
Paperback from DaCapo Press

Blood Season: Mike Tyson and the World of Boxing
by Phil Berger
Paperback from Four Walls Eight Windows

Iron Mike: A Mike Tyson Reader
by Daniel O'Connor, Introduction George Plimpton
Book Description: Iron Mike collects the best writing on the tumultuous fifteen-year career of the most reviled and idolized athlete in the world, Michael Gerard Tyson. Since becoming, at age nineteen, the youngest heavyweight champion in history, Tyson's dramatic rise, fall, and continuing struggle has provoked more passionate writing, both in and out of the sports pages, than that of any other boxer since Muhammad Ali. Iron Mike is about more than boxing. Like no other athlete, Mike Tyson is at the nexus of America's cultural anxieties about race, class, masculinity, violence, and celebrity; like no other athlete his story of high drama and low comedy inspires writers to wrestle with these themes, with Tyson often no more than the occasion for the writer's own preoccupations. And Tyson has provided many such occasions: his rise to the Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship at age twenty-one; his rocky marriage to Robin Givens; his controversial conviction for the rape of Desiree Washington; his return to boxing and reclamation of the WBC and WBA belts; his biting of Evander Holyfield. Iron Mike is a kaleidoscopic portrait of a man who, for better and worse, is one of the most recognizable, popular, and defining icons of our time. The book includes selections from Joyce Carol Oates, Pete Hamill, Jose Torres, Pete Dexter, Phil Berger, Christopher Hitchens, Robert Lipsyte, Dave Anderson, Jonathan Yardley, Richard Rodriguez, Katherine Dunn, Budd Schulberg, William Plummer, David Remnick, Keith Botsworth, and others.
Paperback from Thunder's Mouth Press

Heavy Justice: The Trial of Mike Tyson (Sweet Science:Boxing in Literature and History)
by Randy Roberts, J. Gregory Garrison
Paperback from Univ of Arkansas Pr

Mike Tyson: Money, Myth and Betrayal
by Montieth M. Illingworth, Monteil Illingiworth
Hardcover from Birch Lane Pr
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Fire & Fear: The Inside Story of Mike Tyson
by Jose Torres
Paperback from Warner Books
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Down for the Count: The Shocking Truth Behind the Mike Tyson Rape Trial
by Mark Shaw, Mark Swaw, Bill Evans
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Blood Season: Tyson and the World of Boxing
by Phil Berger
Hardcover from William Morrow
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Fire and Fear: The Inside Story of Mike Tyson
by Jose Torres
Hardcover from Warner Books
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A Savage Business: The Comeback and Comedown of Mike Tyson
by Richard Hoffer
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Heavy Justice: The State of Indiana V. Michael G. Tyson
by J. Gregory Garrison, Randy Roberts, Gregory Garrison
Hardcover from Pearson Addison Wesley
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