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The Art of Coarse Rugby
by Michael Green, John Jensen (Illustrator)
Paperback: 160 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.75 x 8.50 x 5.50
Publisher: Parkwest Pubns;
ISBN: 1861050011

The Crazy World of Rugby
by Bill Scott, Bill Stott
Paperback - October 1997

The Complete Book of the Rugby World Cup 1995
by Ian Robertson (Editor), et al
Hardcover - September 1995
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French Rugby Football: A Cultural History
by Philip Dine
As France's oldest team sport, rugby football has throughout its 125-year history reflected major changes in French society. This book analyzes for the first time the complex variety of motives which have led the French to adopt and remake this rather unlikely British sport in their own image. A major site for the construction of masculine, ...
Hardcover - August 2001

Fields of Glory
by Gavin Mortimer
Hardcover - December 2001

Think Rugby: A Guide to Purposeful Team Play
by Jim Greenwood
Paperback - November 2000

Rugby Coaching: The New Zealand Way
by Rodney Butt
Book Description:
Rugby Coaching the New Zealand Way is a complete rugby coaching guide. It combines modern techniques with traditional values and ethics. It will help you understand this great game and share its spirit. From young players to professional coaches, there is something in this book for everyone.
Paperback from Iceni Books
Rugby: Steps to Success (Steps to Success Activity Series)
by Tony Biscombe, et al
This book provides all the fundamentals, position-specific techniques, and key tactics needed to be a winner in rugby union competition. Authors from England's Rugby Football Union provide the expert instruction and special insights to get an edge on the opponent. Loaded with 73 drills and 176...
Paperback - October 1997

Rugby Training: Includes 100 Practice Drills
by Stuart Biddle (Editor), Barrie Corless
Hardcover - January 1996

Total Rugby
by Jim Greenwood
Paperback - June 1998

Rugby Skills, Tactics & Rules
by Tony Williams, Gordon Hunter

Rugby (Know the Sport)
by Carolyn B. Mitchell
Paperback - November 1997

Rugby: A Player's Guide to the Laws
by Derek Robinson
Paperback - May 2002

The Rfu Guide to Fitness for Rugby
by Rex Hazeldine, Tom McNab
Paperback - July 1998

Rugby & Rosie
by Nan Parson Rossiter
Hardcover - March 1997

My Dad The Rugby Player
by Cynthia Rodier McBride
Paperback - November 2000

My Dad The Rugby Player is a picture book that introduces basic rugby rules to children. The book is colorfully illustrated with both drawings and photographs. ...

The Principles of Rugby Football: A Manual for Coaches and Referees
by Welch Rugby Union Coaching Staff
Hardcover - March 1983

Rugby : A Three-Dimensional Tribute to the Sport
by Sean Diffley

Rugby Lesson Plans for Three-Quarters: With Jonathan Webb
by Peter Johnson
Paperback - February 1995

Rugby Disunion
by Derek Wyatt
Paperback - May 1997

The RFU Handbook of Safe Rugby
by Rugby Football Union
Paperback - July 1998

Rugby Clubs and Finance [DOWNLOAD: PDF]
by Key Note Publications Ltd (Author)(Digital)

The RFU Rugby Union Referee's Manual
by The Rugby Football Union
Paperback - June 1998

Rugby and the South African Nation: Sport, Cultures, Politics and Power in the Old and New South Africas (International Studies in the History of spo
by John Nauright, David R. Black
Paperback - October 1998

Rugby Tough
by Bruce Hale (Editor), et al

by Stephen Jones, Alan Green
Hardcover - October 2000

Black Tom: Arnold of Rugby: The Myth and the Man
by Terence Copley
Hardcover - April 2002

by Robert Shuster

Hooked on Scotland
by Paul Young (Editor)
Hardcover - September 1993

Seeing England from the Fifty Yard Line: A Rewarding Year Coaching American Football and Touring the Land of Cricket and Rugby
by George H. Baldwin, Bill Parcells
Hardcover - September 1996

The Barry John story
by Barry John

by Gareth Edwards

Thanks to rugby
by Bill Beaumont

Rugby from the front
by Peter Wheeler

Rugby for coach and player
by Don Rutherford

Skilful Rugby
by Ray Williams
Paperback - April 1990

by John Hopkins

The Encyclopedia of Rugby Union
by Donald Sommerville, Donald Summerville
Hardcover - October 1997

Dallaglio on Rugby
by Dallaglio
Hardcover - June 1999

The Official History of the Melrose Sevens
by Walter Allan
Hardcover - October 1995
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Rugby (Collins Gem)
by Chris Ewers
Paperback - February 2000

Collins Gem Rugby starts by examining the history of the game upto the present day, complete with detail of the main national and international competitions and a selection of the greatest players and teams. ...
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Carling's Men
by Mick Cleary
Hardcover - April 1996
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Rugby's Great Split: Class, Culture and the Origins of Rugby League Football (Sport in the Global Society)
by Tony Collins
Paperback - May 1998
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Strength Training for Rugby
by Bruce Walsh
Paperback - December 1992
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Visions of Utopia: Nashoba, Rugby, Ruskin, and the 'New Communities' in Tennessee's Past
by John. Egerton
Paperback - December 1977

Australian Football: Steps to Success
by Trevor D. Jaques
You have taken your first step to success in Australian football with the purchase of this book. Australian Football: Steps to Success combines the knowledge and experience of master teacher and coach Trevor Jaques with the latest methods for learning sport skills and strategies. Part of the highly popular Steps to Success Activity Series, ... The Publisher
Paperback - May 1994
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Rugby Shorts: The World's Best Rugby Trivia
by Graham Hutchins
Rugby Shorts: The World's Best Rugby Trivia is an entertaining and often humorous collection of trivia, oddities, remarkable events and quotations that are truly global and historically wide-ranging. Its "off-the-shelf" life will be guaranteed by its status as back-pocket ready reckoner, beach holiday companion and jet flight boredom killer. ...
Paperback - December 2001
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Making the Rugby World: Race, Gender, Commerce (Cass Series--Sport in the Global Society.)
by Timothy J.L. Chandler (Editor), John Nauright (Editor)
Hardcover - November 1999
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Rugby Union: The Skills of the Game
by Barrie Corless
Hardcover - October 1985
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The Giants of Irish Rugby
by John Scally
Hardcover - March 1996
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English Rugby: A Celebration
by Ted Barrett (Editor)
Hardcover - October 1992
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The History of the British Lions
by Clem Thomas
Hardcover - March 1996
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Fred Allen on rugby
by Fred Allen
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Think and Play Winning Rugby
by Hugh de Lacy, Grant Fox
In the old days, brute force and swift running won rugby matches - now players need to be alert, multi-skilled and able to adapt as a game unfolds. Grant Fox, one of rugby's finest exponents of the thinking game, and Hugh de Lacy have written Think and Play Winning Rugby for players who want to play with skill, ...
Paperback - May 2000
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