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Anchorage: Early Photographs of the Great Land
by Ann Chandonnet
Paperback: 128 pages (March )
Graphic Arts Center Publishing Co.; ISBN: 0968195563

by Art Wolfe, Nick Jans
Hardcover: 159 pages
Sasquatch Books; ISBN: 157061217X;

Mount McKinley : The Conquest of Denali
by Bradford Washburn (Photographer), et al
North America's highest peak, Alaska's Mount McKinley-also known as Denali-rises majestically to a height of 20,320 feet. The book recounts the eventful history of the mountain, which since 1902 has been the site of some of mountaineering's supreme achievements. Coupled with these tales of adventure from two expert climbers are the stunning photographs of Bradford Washburn, who has conquered McKinley three times.
Alaska: Images of the Country
by Galen Rowell (Photographer), John McPhee
Galen Rowell (1940-) was one of the world's most celebrated nature photographers. His many books include Bay Area Wild, Mountain Light, My Tibet (with H.H. The Dalai Lama), and Galen Rowell's Vision. John McPhee is the best-selling author of more than twenty books, including Basin and Range and Giving Good Weight. He lives in Princeton, New Jersey. 
Hardcover: 145 pages
University of California Press; ISBN: 0871562901; Rei edition

Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska
by Mark Kelley

Northern Lights: The Science, Myth, and Wonder of Aurora Borealis
by Calvin Hall (Photographer), Daryl Pederson (Photographer)
Electric green pierced by neon blue, shocking pink spinning into violent red, and shimmering purple sidled up against deep indigo: never before have you seen such high-octane colors in the sky, and never before has a book shown the northern lights—aurora borealis—in such vivid color. In Northern Lights, photographers Calvin Hall and Daryl Pederson bring to print nearly a hundred photographs of this amazing natural phenomenon, shot from remote locations all over Alaska ...
Paperback: 128 pages
Sasquatch Books; ISBN: 1570612900; (November 10, )
Rivers of Life : Southwest Alaska, the Last Great Salmon Fishery
by Robert Glenn Ketchum (Photographer), Jan Konigsberg (Introduction)
Covering an area larger than the state of Washington, southwest Alaska is a vast watershed that drains from the summits and uplands of the Alaska and Aleutian mountain ranges, west to Bristol Bay and the Bering Sea. Working with the support of numerous national foundations, Native corporations and villages, and all the state and federal offices that manage these lands, Robert Glenn Ketchum has brought his rich vision of the landscape and his history of pro-active work to bear on behalf of conservation of the freshwater habitat in the Bristol Bay watershed. His vibrant, encompassing photographs reveal a destination with which few of us are familiar, but one that has a stunning beauty and scale. The centennial edition of Audubon named Ketchum one of the one hundred champions of conservation "who shaped the environmental movement of the twentieth century." His prints can be found in most of the major museum collections in the United States, and he is exhibited internationally.
Hardcover: 119 pages
Aperture; ISBN: 0893819670;
Untamed Alaska
by Steve Kaufman (Photographer), et al
Whether it's a grizzly bear fishing for salmon on the banks of an icy river or a moonrise over Mount Brooks, the images in Untamed Alaska embody the essence of the U.S.'s wildest state. Loosely organized into nine sections, this photographic odyssey takes the reader from Denali National Park into the islands, forests, and mountains of Alaska, and even beyond the Arctic Circle, to the very edge of the northern ice fields. Spectacular images of erupting volcanoes and forbidding glaciers alternate with intimate portraits of Alaska's flora and fauna: a field of lupines, a napping arctic fox, a Dall sheep soaking in the sun. The forward by Margaret E. Murie reveals the character and humor of the people who have made Alaska their home, while the short essays prefacing every chapter provide additional information about the land, the animals, and the environment that is Untamed Alaska.
Rowing to Latitude : Journeys Along the Arctic's Edge
by Jill A. Fredston
Listed under Canoeing

Fishing Alaska
by Evan Swensen, Margaret Swensen
Listed under Fishing Alaska

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