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Sudan, 2nd (Bradt Travel Guide)
by Paul Clammer
Paperback from Bradt Travel Guides

Sudan: The Bradt Travel Guide
by Paul Clammer
Paperback from Bradt Travel Guides

The Journey of the Lost Boys: A Story of Courage, Faith and the Sheer Determination to Survive by a Group of Young Boys Called "The Lost Boys of Sudan"
by Joan Hecht
Paperback from Allswell Press

Surrender or Starve: Travels in Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia, and Eritrea
by Robert D. Kaplan
Paperback from Vintage

The Other Nile: Journeys in Egypt, The Sudan and Ethiopia (Penguin Travel Library)
by Charlie Pye-Smith
Paperback from Penguin (Non-Classics)

Travel Journal Sudan
by E Locken
Paperback from

Darfur: Twenty Years of War and Genocide in Sudan
by Leora Kahn
Paperback from powerHouse Books

Voices of Sudan
by David Johnson
Paperback from Elevate

Fire and Sword in the Sudan
by Rudolph Slatin
Paperback from The Long Riders' Guild Press


In Search of the Forty Days Road
by Michael Asher
Hardcover from Longman Group United Kingdom
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Sudan Country Study Guide (World Country Study Guide
Sudan Country Study Guide (World Country Study Guide
by USA International Business Publications
Paperback from International Business Publications, USA
A Woman's Odyssey into Africa: Tracks Across a Life (Haworth Women's Studies)
by Hanny Lightfoot-Klein
Hardcover from Haworth Press
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