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The Classic Motor Cycle    
Year Month Date Vol No. Front Page Highlights Condition Comments
1982 Aug/Sept IoM Vintage '82; Sidecars at War; NSU 500 1953 VGC
1986 November Norton vs Motosachoche; Post-War Sunbeam VGC
1987 January Brough-Superior's Smallest Twin, Ken Bills memories Excellent
February Testing…(1) AJS350, (2) Norton, (3) Triumph Trident Excellent
November The Home-Built Wilikinson, Motorcycling yesteryear Excellent
1988 October A Beautiful Benelli, Bantam Restoration, Sidecars Excellent
1989 February Messing about with a Velo, The Darrieulat Excellent Sold
March Sams' Silver Comet, Walter Handley, Sidecars Excellent
May On the Prowl with a Tiger 80, Cadwell Park Excellent
June Norton's Mundane Model 50, Pre-65 Scottish colour Excellent
July Black Beauty: Velocette Venom, Gordon Jackson Excellent
August BSA superstar, Works Outing to the TT, John Hartle Excellent
September A Sidcar Extravaganza, Turner's Prototype Twin Excellent
October H.C. Lones' Brooklands Morgan, Cyril Quantrill Excellent
November Noton's Secret Weapon, The Last Amateur TT Excellent
December The Enfield Enigma, Super Slogga Beesa, CTS Rudge Excellent
1990 January Superior Restoration, Tommy Bullus Interview Excellent
February Panther on the Prowl, Willoughby's MK111 Velo Excellent
March The First Black Shadow, Triumph Tiger 80 restoration Excellent
April Touring Triumph, Mike Hailwood's Mondial Excellent
May Best Swedish steel, Do it yourself Velocette Excellent Sold
June Rotary Douglas, Bubble Cars and Pipsqueaks Excellent
August TT Rex-Acme, Norton Dommi De Luxe, Banbury Excellent
September Excelsior Manxman then & now, Ariel square 4 Excellent
November Teutonic Tiddler, Ariel, Enfield, Phelon & more Excellent 1938 Show 
December We ride the Dragonfour, Triumph, Enfield & Sunbeam Excellent Report taken
December We ride the Dragonfour, Triumph, Enfield & Sunbeam Excellent Sold
1991 January Overland From Latvia, Dutch Autocycle, Isle of Man Excellent
February BSA Vee-Twin Outfit, Triumph Trialler,School for Racers Excellent
March We Ride 6 Authentic & Unrestored Motor Cycles Excellent
April Biggest & Best, Racing Indians, BSA Round Tanks Excellent
May Thunderbirds are Go, Show Panther, Easy Ariel Excellent Prints Taken
June Dutch Dominator, Sunbeam Supreme, Sammy Miller Excellent
July Scott 3 on Test, Doug Hele, Unrestored Matchless Excellent
August Star Twin, Franta Stastny, Enfield/Watsonian, Vincent Excellent
October Spark Plug Wall Chart, The Magnificent Seven Excellent
December AJS Springtwin, Matchless 650, BSA Empire Star Excellent
December AJS Springtwin, Matchless 650, BSA Empire Star Excellent Sold
1992 January Ariel KHA Twin, Taming Hailwood's Camel, Honda 500 Excellent
February Velocette, Vee-Twin Triumph, Norton International Excellent $20
March Peter Williams, Dirt Track Demons, BSA B31, Steels Excellent
April Meaty Meteor, Royal Enfield 700, Speedometers Excellent 1960 Show 
May BSA Firebirds, Welding Sense, Sunbeam S7 Excellent Report taken
June Muzzled Tiger, BSA C11, Slippery Sam, Springs Excellent
July Heavyweight Slugger, BSA M33, Tiger Cub Pack,  Excellent
August Golden Flash, Big Port AJS, MAC Velocette Excellent
September Restoration Special, Rudge Sidecar, Villiers Carb's Excellent
October Commando, Manxman, Excelsior 250, Rubber Sol'n Excellent
Road Tests of the 50's & 60's (insert in above!) Excellent Sold
November Trye Changing, BSA Gold Star, HT5 Ariel,  Excellent
December Triumph, Panther, Douglass, Greeves…restored Excellent
1993 February Matchless G9, BSA M20, Red Hunters all featured Excellent
March R50 BMW, Indian Racer, Bob McIntyre, 197cc James Excellent
April Ariel Square 4 and Steib 1000cc sidecar challenge Excellent
Sports Road Tests reprinted insert Excellent Taken out
May Matchless 750 Export, Velocette Track Star, Surtees Excellent
From Our Archives insert Excellent Sold
June Vee-Twin Special Issue, Brough Superior Excellent
July Cammy Norton, AJS Silver Streak, Ariel Red Hunter Excellent
August 650 SS Norton Dominator, Racing Down Under Excellent
September Greased Lightning, BSA A65L on test, Levis 2 strokes Excellent
October Bouncing bomb, Riding Triumphs Sprung Hub, BSA Excellent $20
November Ulimate Tourer, Norton Specials, How to rewire Excellent
December Norton Log Hauler, Matchless Shepherd, Sidecar Taxi Excellent
1994 January Golden Arrow, Teen Dream, Brian Martin & Triumph Excellent
February Venom Clubman, Production Racer on the Road Excellent
March Is size Important?, Panther, Norton, Sunbeam, Triumph Excellent
April Red alert, Moto Guzzi racer, Plain Bearings, Enfield Cycar Excellent
May Triumph 650 Bonnie, MV Racer, Vee-Twin Zenith Excellent
June Telegram! Post Office Bantam, Sunbeam S7 outfit Excellent
July Back to the Beaches, D-Day bikes on Test, Joe Craig Excellent
August Silver Bullet, Classic Insurance, Autojumble Hunter Excellent
September Thruxton Velo, Norton's 500 Dominator, Electrics Excellent
October Vincent & BSA outfits, Royal Enfield Vee-Twin Excellent
November Gold Blend BSA Rocket Twin, Jampot AJS,  Excellent
December Tally Ho!, Ariel Huntmaster, Wild & Weird US Mustangs Excellent

Classic Motorcycle 1995-2000

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