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Ducati 900SS 1993
Ducati 900SS 1993
These Veglia instruments are common to many Ducatis from the F1 750 of 1986 through until at least 1995. They are relatively trouble free, and can usually be repaired without major expense.

SL500 Pantah 1981
Nippon Denso instruments were first used on the Ducati SD900 of 1978. They are identical in construction to the Honda CB750 instruments of 1973 - 1977, but have "Ducati" on the fascia. Laverda used the same instruments, with "Laverda" printed on the fascia. 
Ducati SL500 Pantah 1981
Ducati SL500 Pantah 1981

Ducati SD900 Darmah 1978
Ducati SD900 Darmah 1978
Very similar to the SL500 instruments, and many components will interchange. Main difference is the dash panel.

Ducati 750 Paso
The clock, in particular, is frequently troublesome. These instruments can be very difficult to repair.
Ducati 750 Paso
Ducati 750 Paso

Ducati 450 instruments
Ducati 450 instruments (late model)
Ducati GT860 c1974

Ducati MHR 900
Ducati S2 900

M600 Dark 2000 (KPH)

Ducati MH900 2000
Ducati 996

250/350/450 Mk3 & Mk3D


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