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privacycenter, privacy center (August 2009) 

This program has many versions. Many of the repairs on the net will not work. This one may not work for you.
The version I encountered had disabled taskmanager (perhaps even deleted it) and disallowed most exe files from executing so it was not possible to install any AV programs in the usual manner. 

Download mbam at http://www.malwarebytes.org/, rename exe file to com file. Install. It may hang, or not install at all.
Download the following file and save to your desktop.
Again, rename this to a .com and install. 
Follow instructions found at 

Antivirus and Anti-Spyware Software

Anti Spyware
or go to this address:
Download and install.

AVG antivirus software:
go to bottom of page and download from the yellow box the file: avg70free_338a597.exe <http://free.grisoft.com/softw/70free/setup/avg70free_338a597.exe

Avast Antivirus works well, and has a free version

Nod32 is great, but not free

Malwearbytes is really good for all sorts of Malwear removal. Free.

A note on Macafee Antivirus: Be Warned! If you subscribe to Macafee using a credit card, you may find it very difficult to unsubscribe. Macafee may continue to renew your subscription until the card is no longer valid or is devoid of funds. That, anyway, was my experience. Macafee and Symantic Fined for Unauthorised Renewals

The third step you you should consider is a personal firewall.
There are many available, can't say which is best but the one I currently use is Kerio Personal Firewall

illivid searchqu 
searchcore for browsers 
Almost certainly spyware related to illivid (ilivid?), bandoo and searchqu 
More information here:  Searchqu.com Malware Infestation

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