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I recently signed up for an account with clearmymail.com. It copes very well indeed with the wading through the masses of spam that one of my very old addresses receives.


Spam detection is now a necessary component of your online security and privacy protection. With email communication quickly becoming filled with more spam than legitimate communication, you cannot afford not to protect your mailbox with the SPAM DESTROYER. If you are tired of the frustration of receiving more spam than real email, download the trial, and find out why the Spam Destroyer is one of the most downloaded and used anti-spam software available.
So reads (more or less) the blurb for just one of the many products on the market claiming to be the solution to unwanted email.

However, if you want something that really works, is inexpensive, easy to set up and very effective, try Mailwasher by Firetrust.

I have also used SpamDetective (the predecessor of Mailshield) for several years and found it just excellent. Every time the cretins who send junkmail find a new way to bypass filtering software, it takes just a few seconds to feed the data in to SpamDetective and presto! - no more spam from that particular lowlife. Same goes for virus detection - once the program is set up to recognise typical virus signatures, all the worms and trojans are despatched to the sin bin for deletion.

And no worries about accidental deletions or false detection - the sin bin stores all suspect emails for final verification - a glance at the list, click any that you need to retrieve - then another click and all the spam is gone.

Believe it or not, with this program, foiling the spammers is fun!

And the best part - none of the rubbish ever makes it to your email inbox - all the work is done externally - and much of it is done automatically!

Alan 'Toad' Casey
Got Spam?


However, MailWasher, has the advantages of being both faster and free! (There is also, of course, the "pro" version. You'll need this if you have more than one email address.) It's what I now use, in conjunction with Spamarrest server based filtering. Spamarrest is a paid solution used by many hosting companies and ISPs. If your ISP is not using something like this, perhaps ask them why not!

There are other programs like Mailwasher - one is MailChecker from Metaproducts. I've not used it, but some of their other software that I have used is just brilliant so it would be definitely worth a look. And I think it's free...

AOL Wins $7 Million from Spammers

Spam laws around the world

Paid Anti-spam services
"ClearMyMail's Spam Blocker offers 100% protection against all spam, phishing, virus and all other junk e-mails. "

Disclaimer. The owner of this site is not affiliated with EmTec, Lyris, Metaproducts or Mailwasher* and derives no profit from the traffic sent to them other than the satisfaction of knowing that propagators of spam are suffering. I have as much sympathy for spammers as I have for cane toads. Both are a curse on the environment and should be put down as humanely as possible. 

Spam University
Spamhaus.org These guys are serious about dismembering spammers!
Combatting Spam - Excellent article at linuxworld.com
Howard Carmack, Buffalo spammer jailed | The Register
Spammer jailed for eight years - silicon.com (2004)
'Spam King' murders family
Spammer in Australia Fined $16m
Australian spammer Lance Thomas Atkinson convicted
Russian Spammer Bludgeoned to Death

A note on McAfee Antivirus: Be Warned! I don't like them. I did have a link to a page explaining why their practices raised my hackles but has vanished and rather than risk being sued I'll just suggest that you choose another solution.

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* Actually, for a period this site was affilliated with Firetrust. 

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