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The Anti-Marcos Struggle: Personalistic Rule and Democratic Transition in the Philippines
by Mark R. Thompson

Barons, Brokers, and Buyers: The Institutions and Cultures of Philippine Sugar
by Michael S. Billig
Hardcover from University of Hawaii Press

Behind Japanese Lines : An American Guerrilla in the Philippines
by Ray C. Hunt, Bernard Norling

Burning Heart : A Portrait of the Philippines
by Marissa Roth (Photographer), Jessica Hagedorn, Hagedorn Roth
Publisher: Rizzoli International Publications;

Benevolent Assimilation: The American Conquest of the Philippines, 1899-1903
by Stuart Creighton Miller
Paperback from Yale Univ Pr
The Contested State: American Foreign Policy and Regime Change in the Philippines
Amy Blitz
Book Description: From a scholar's first-hand account of the fall of Marcos comes "The Contested State," an inquiry into the international causes and consequences of civil war, the different types of regimes that emerge from such conflict, and the implications for American foreign policy. Tracing the battle for control of the Philippines back to the Spanish era, "The Contested State" presents a historical, transnational picture of regime change, offering insights into the broader transnational issues that are increasingly important in an ever more globalized world.
Paperback: 256 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.60 x 8.97 x 5.83
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishing; (August 28, )
ISBN: 0847699358

Contracting Colonialism: Translation and Christian Conversion in Tagalog Society Under Early Spanish Rule
Vicente L. Rafael
Paperback: 230 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.75 x 9.03 x 6.04
Publisher: Duke Univ Pr (Txt); Reprint edition (January 1993)
ISBN: 0822313413

Culture and Customs of Philippines
by Paul A. Rodell
Book Description: Culture and Customs of the Philippines provides the best general overview to the Asian archipelago and to a people with close ties to the United States and a long history of emigration and contributions to this country. The volume emphasizes how the strong indigenous Philippine culture meshes with constant influences from the West. Rodell, a specialist in Philippine history and society, superbly evokes the breadth of the Philippines for students and the general public. The wide variety of Philippine traditions is seen in each topic covered: the land, people, and history; religion and thought; literature and art; architecture; cuisine and fashion; gender, marriage, and family; festivals, media, film, and leisure activities; music and dance; and social customs and lifestyle.
Hardcover from Greenwood Publishing Group


December 8, 1941: MacArthur's Pearl Harbor
December 8, 1941: MacArthur's Pearl Harbor (Texas A&M University Military History Series, 87.)
by William H. Bartsch
Hardcover from Texas A&M University Press
Dead Season: A Story of Murder and Revenge on the Philippine Island of Negros
Alan Berlow
Book Description: This moody, brilliantly atmospheric work of reportage is the story of three murders that took place on the Philppine island of Negros. The first victim was a wealthy landowner. The second was an impoverished farmer who was massacred, along with his wife and three children, in a barrio whose name means "the place of the ghosts." The third was a young soldier, who may have been killed by communist guerrillas or on the orders of his commanding officer. On Negros, every death has many stories. 

In tracing the shadowy connections among these events, Alan Berlow, a correspondent for National Public Radio, portrays a society in which democracy is at best a hopeful fiction and everyone is a collaborator by necessity. Beautifully written, rich in ambiguity, and as riveting as any crime thriller, Dead Season is a work of tragic depth and complexity.
(Vintage Books, )

Discrepant Histories: Translocal Essays on Filipino Cultures
Vicente L. Rafael, ed. 
(Temple Univ. Press, ); Asian American History and Culture series; Paperback.
ISBN: 1566393566

The Embarrassment of Slavery: Controversies over Bondage and Nationalism in the American Colonial Philippines
by Michael Salman
Book Description: A series of controversies over the existence and meaning of slavery shaped American colonialism and nationalist resistance in the Philippines. While American officials claimed colonialism would free Filipinos from various forms of slavery and American anti-imperialists countered that colonialism itself would constitute new kinds of bondage, the first generation of Filipino nationalists had already appropriated anti-slavery rhetoric in their struggles with Spanish colonialism in the late nineteenth century. From these contentions about slavery as a political metaphor, new disputes erupted when American officials "discovered" the practice of slavery among minority groups, such as the Moro (Muslim) societies of the southern Philippines and animist groups in upland northern Luzon. Michael Salman reconstructs these controversies and charts the successive emergence of slavery as an embarrassment for American colonial officials, Filipino nationalists, and American anti-imperialists. The Embarrassment of Slavery examines, for the first time, the salience of slavery and abolition in the history of American colonialism and Philippine nationalism. In doing so, it also makes major contributions to the global and comparative study of slavery, abolition, colonialism, and nationalism. This book also expands our understanding of slavery and abolition by explaining the link between the globalization of nationalism and the spread of antislavery as a hegemonic ideology in the modern world.
Hardcover: 330 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.10 x 9.26 x 6.42
Publisher: University of California Press; (November 5, )
ISBN: 0520220773

Escape to Manila: From Nazi Tyranny to Japanese Terror
by Frank Ephraim, Stanley Karnow
Hardcover from Univ of Illinois Pr (Trd)

Exemplar of Americanism: The Philippine Career of Dean C. Worcester
by Rodney J. Sullivan
Paperback: ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.25 x 9.25 x 6.25
Publisher: Univ of Michigan Center for; (September 1991)
ISBN: 0891480609

Ferdinand Marcos and the Philippines: The Political Economy of Authoritarianism
by Albert F. Celoza
Book Description: Ferdinand Marcos came to power in the Philippines in a coup d'etat in 1972 and ruled absolutely, in the name of order, until his dramatic overthrow in February of 1986. This study examines how the authoritarian regime of Marcos remained in power, sometimes in the face of massive opposition, for 14 years. Repressive regimes may seem undesirable, but they are often able to elicit the support of significant sectors of society. Marcos was able to maintain authoritarian rule through the support of bureaucrats, businessmen, and the military--all with the assistance of the United States government. He maintained this network of support through a patron-client system with a centralized bureaucracy as its power and resource base. In order to reward his supporters, he expanded the authority of government. But to minimize the political cost of expansion, he maintained the legal and constitutional forms of democracy. The Philippine experience in despotism is not unique; many Third World countries are under authoritarian rule. This subtle and nuanced analysis, therefore, provides an examination of the levers of power available to absolute rulers, to better understand the political economy of authoritarianism. 
Hardcover: 152 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.68 x 9.66 x 6.36
Publisher: Praeger Publishers; (November 30, )
ISBN: 027594137X

Fighting for American Manhood: How Gender Politics Provoked the Spanish-American and Philippine-American Wars
by Kristin L. Hoganson
Paperback from Yale Univ Pr
The Food of the Philippines : Authentic Recipes from the Pearl of the Orient (Periplus World Food Series)
by Reynaldo Alejandro, Doreen G. Fernandez, Corazon S. Alvina, Millie Reyes

From Marcos to Aquino: Local Perspectives on Political Transition in the Philippines
by Resil B. Mojares (Editor), Benedict J. Tria Kerkvliet (Editor)
(Paperback - May 1992)

A Guide to the Birds of the Philippines (Oxford Ornithology Series)
by Robert S. Kennedy (Editor), Pedro C. Gonzales, Edward C. Dickinson, Hector Miranda, Timothy H. Fisher
Paperback: 369 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.21 x 9.19 x 6.22
Publisher: Oxford University Press; ;
ISBN: 0198546688

Historical Dictionary of the Philippines
Artemio R. Guillermo, May Kyi Win
Book Description: Colonized earlier and for a longer period of time than its neighbors, the Philippines grew culturally and politically under the auspices of both Spanish and American domination. The "Historical Dictionary of the Philippines" is an alphabetical listing of important events, people, places, and organizations which have influenced Philippine history for more than 500 years of colonial rule and the postwar period. Selection of background information was culled for historical value to contemporary political, economic, and cultural life of the Filipino people. Cross references within the entries will prove particularly useful for finding other relevant information on certain topics. Includes map and chronology. 
Hardcover: 432 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.00 x 9.00 x 6.00
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield (Non NBN); (December 30, )
ISBN: 0810832437

In Our Image: America's Empire in the Philippines
by Stanley Karnow
Paperback from Ballantine Books
Journey of 100 Years: Reflections on the Centennial of Philippine Independence
Cecilia Manguerra Brainard and Edmundo F. Litton, eds.
(March ); Paperback.

Lapham's Raiders: Guerrillas in the Philippines, 1942-1945
by Robert Lapham, Bernard Norling
Hardcover from University Press of Kentucky

The Liberation of the Philippines : Luzon, Mindanao, the Visayas 1944-1945 (History of Unted States Naval Operations in World War Ii, Volume 13)
by Samuel Eliot Morison

Looking for the Prehispanic Filipino: And Other Essays in Philippine History
by William Henry Scott.
Publisher: Cellar Book Shop; (June 1993)

Looted: The Philippines After the Bases
by Donald Kirk
Paperback from Palgrave Macmillan

Maglipay Universalist: A History of the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Philippines
by Fredric John Muir

Martin Yan's Asia : Favorite Recipes from Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Japan
by Martin Yan, Geoffrey Nilsen (Photographer)
Listed under Asian Cooking

My Faraway Home : An American Family's WWII Tale of Adventure and Survival in the Jungles of the Philippines
by Mary McKay Maynard

My Hitch in Hell: The Bataan Death March
My Hitch in Hell: The Bataan Death March
by Lester I. Tenney, James B. Stockdale
Paperback from Brasseys, Inc.
Political and Constitutional Ideas of the Philippine Revolution
by Cesar Adib Majul
(Univ. of the Philippines Press, ); Paperback.
Prisoners in Paradise: American Women in the Wartime South Pacific
Prisoners in Paradise: American Women in the Wartime South Pacific
by Theresa Kaminski
Hardcover from Univ Pr of Kansas
The Philippines: A Singular and a Plural Place (Nations of the Modern World)
The Philippines: A Singular and a Plural Place (Nations of the Modern World)
by David Joel Steinberg
Paperback from Westview Press
Philippines' 2 Millennium History
Philippines' 2 Millennium History
by Luzano P. Canlas
Book Description: The Philippines. A cultural middleman between East and West for thousands of years. Where can you find a history of this fascinating island-nation that's concise yet easy to read? That's portable enough to be a travel guide yet scholarly enough to be a schoolroom text? Luzano Canlas has written the definitive work on these 7,000 isles and its 75 million people, from its legendary link to Noah to last year's mineral resource output. 
Paperback from Buy Books on the
The Revolution Falters: The Left in Philippine Politics After 1986
P. N. Abinales, ed.
(Southeast Asia Program Publications, ); Paperback.

Rockabye Crocodile : A Folktale from the Philippines
by Jose Aruego, Ariane Dewey (Contributor)

Silent Warriors of World War II: The Alamo Scouts Behind the Japanese Lines
Silent Warriors of World War II: The Alamo Scouts Behind the Japanese Lines
by Lance Q. Zedric
Hardcover from Pathfinder Publishing of California
Tropical Living: Contemporary Dream Houses in the Philippines
by Elizabeth Reyes, Andrew Chester Ong (Photographer), Chester Ong

White Love and Other Events in Filipino History
Vicente L. Rafael
Paperback: 304 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.88 x 8.99 x 5.79 
Publisher: Duke Univ Pr (Txt); (July 29, )
ISBN: 082232542X 

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