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Buffaloes over Singapore: Raf, Raaf, Rnzaf and Dutch Brester Fighters in Action over Malaya and the East
Buffaloes over Singapore: RAF, RAAF, RNAF and Dutch Brester Fighters in Action over Malaya and the East Indies 1941-1942
by Brian Cull, Paul Sortehaug, Mark Haselden, Geoff Fisken
Hardcover from Grub Street the Basement
From Third World to First : The Singapore Story: 1965-2000
by Lee Kuan Yew
Hardcover from HarperCollins
Rickshaw Coolie: A People's History of Singapore 1880-1940
by James F. Warren
Paperback from Singapore Univ. Press

Special Order
Singapore Sketchbook: The Restoration of a City
by Gretchen Liu, Graham Byfield
Hardcover from Unknown Publisher - Being Researched
Singapore's Foreign Policy: Coping With Vulnerability (Politics in Asia)
by Michael Leifer
Paperback from Routledge

Sinister Twilight: The Fall of Singapore
by Noel Barber (Author)
Book Description: Filled with drama, this classic account follows every step that led to the disastrous fall of Singapore to the Japanese in February 1942. The Japanese army, though outnumbered by 20,000 men, defeated the British only one week after the actual assault began. "Fortress" Singapore turned out to be nothing of the sort, with its defenders ill prepared and complacent. It was all too ripe for handing Japan its second victory of the war after Hong Kong.
Paperback: 288 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.86 x 7.94 x 5.08
Publisher: Cassell Academic;
ISBN: 0304364371
Theater and the Politics of Culture in Contemporary Singapore
by William Peterson
Paperback from Wesleyan Univ Pr
The Singapore Puzzle
by Michael Haas
Hardcover from Praeger Publishers

Defending the Lion City: The Armed Forces of Singapore
by Tim Huxley
Out of Print - Try Used BooksGoverning Singapore: A History of National Development and Democracy
by R. K. Vasil

The Politics of Landscapes in Singapore: Constructions of "Nation" (Space, Place, and Society)
by Lily Kong, Brenda S. A. Yeoh
Paperback from Syracuse University Press

The Remorseless Road: Singapore to Nagasaki (Airlife Classics)
by James McEwan

Singapore Sketchbook: The Restoration of a City
by Gretchen Liu, Graham Byfield (Illustrator)

Singapore's Foreign Policy: Coping With Vulnerability (Politics in Asia)
by Michael Leifer

A Photographic Guide to Birds of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore
by G. W. H. Davison, Chew Yen Fook
Listed under Malaysia

Hello Chok Tong, Goodbye Kuan Yew : The Untold Singapore Story
by George Nonis
Political satire

Martin Yan's Asia : Favorite Recipes from Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Japan
by Martin Yan, Geoffrey Nilsen (Photographer)
Listed under Asian Cooking

Strategic Pragmatism : The Culture of Singapore's Economic Development Board (Organization Studies (Cambridge, Mass.), 11.)

No Money, No Honey! : A Candid Look at Sex-for-sale in Singapore
by David Brazil
Book Description: In his book, David Brazil reckons that about 6,000 women are involved in the sex-for-sale business in Singapore. Most of it is located in government-designated, out-of-town areas and is controlled and supervised. A special feature of the book is the "true stories" section - 12 women in most forms of sex-for-sale talk frankly and openly about their work, their clients, how much they earn and how they feel about men. Brazil also details the profile of the sex worker in Singapore: mistresses, models, actresses, high-class escorts, lounge hostesses, the women in Geylang's lorongs, housewife "part-timers" and even schoolgirls.
Paperback: 176 pages
Publisher: Angsana Books; ; (January 1, )
ISBN: 9813056169
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Singapore, 1942: Britain's Greatest Defeat
by Alan Warren (Author)

Singapore: A Pictorial History 1819-2000
by Gretchen Liu

Singapore: A Country Study
by S/N 008-020-01250-5
(Hardcover - August 1991)

The Singapore Story: Memoirs of Lee Kuan Yew
by Kuan Yew Lee
Hardcover: 680 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.58 x 9.33 x 6.43
Publisher: Prentice Hall; ; 1st edition (June 15, )
ISBN: 0130208035

West from Singapore
by Louis L'Amour
He's a two-fisted American adventurer and veteran of a hundred waterfront brawls. He's "Ponga Jim" Mayo, and he minds his own business and leaves international intrigue to others. But, as master of his own tramp freighter, trouble seeks him out as he navigates the treacherous East Indian seas from Borneo to Singapore. Never one to back away from danger, Jim straps on his colt automatic and takes the helm of the Semiramis, ready to battle pirates and spies, dope peddlers and gunrunners... The Publisher

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