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A Heritage of Wings : An Illustrated History of Navy Aviation
Richard C. Knott
Listed under US Air Force

The History of the Glider Pilot Regiment
Claude Smith
Listed under Military Gliders

Hurricanes over Tobruk : The Pivotal Role of the Hurricane in the Battle for Tobruk, Western Desert, January-June 1941
by Brian Cull
Listed under Western Desert

In My Sights : The Memoir of a P-40 Ace
by James B. Morehead
Listed under US Air Force

Into the Jet Age : Conflict and Change in Naval Aviation 1945-1975 : An Oral History
E.T. Wooldridge (Editor), et al
Hardcover / Published 1995

Into the Teeth of the Tiger (Smithsonian History of Aviation Series)
Donald S. Lopez, Von Hardesty
Listed under The Flying Tigers

Japanese Naval Aces and Fighter Units in World War II
Ikuhiko Hata, et al
Listed under Japanese Aircraft WWII

Jg 26 : Photographic History of the Luftwaffe's Top Guns
Donald L. Caldwell
Listed under Luftwaffe

The Last Flight of the Luftwaffe : The Fate of Schulungslehrgang Elbe, 7 April 1945
Adrian Weir
Listed under Luftwaffe

Lend Lease Aircraft In World War 2 : An Operational History
Arthur Pearcy

Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works
Jay Miller
Listed under US Air Force

Low Level Attack-Pacific (Air Combat Photo History Series)
John W. Klambert, Jack Lambert

The Luftwaffe, 1933-45 : Strategy for Defeat
Williamson Murray
Listed under Luftwaffe

Marine AirPower; A Tribute to the AirCombat Element of the United States Marine Corps
Randy Jolly (Editor)

Mig Aircraft Since 1937 (Putnam Aviation Series)
by Bill Gunston, Yefim Gordon
Listed under Military Aircraft

The Mighty Eighth : Warpaint & Heraldry
Roger A. Freeman
Listed under Bombers

Monino : The Russian Air Force Museum
Colin W. Prentice
Listed under Russian Aircraft

Mustang Aces of the Ninth and Fifteenth Air Forces and the RAF
Mark Styling
Listed under Mustang Books

Nightfighters over the Reich (Luftwaffe at War, 2)
Manfred Griehl
Listed under Luftwaffe

The 1996 Naval Institute Guide to World Military Aviation
Rene J. Francillon
(Special Order)

The Other Battle : Luftwaffe Night Aces Versus Bomber Command
Peter Hinchliffe
An impartial account of the night war with emphasis on the German view of the battle.
Listed under Luftwaffe

Over to You : Ten Stories of Flyers and Flying
by Roald Dahl
This book contains stories the likes of which you've not read before. From hilarious to hair-raising, he tells tales (true, apparently) which will leave you in wonder at the world in which we live. 
Listed under Roald Dahl

Okb Sukhoi : A History of the Design Bureau and Its Aircraft
Covers Su-24/32/35/37
Listed under Russian Aircraft

P-38 Lightning Aces of the Pacific and Cbi (Aircraft of the Aces , No 14)
John Stanaway
Listed under Military Aircraft

Pacific War Eagles : China/Pacific Aerial Conflict in Original Color
Jeffrey L. Ethell, et al
Listed under US Air Force

Phoenix over the Nile : A History of Egyptian Air Power 1932-1994
Lon O. Nordeen, David Nicolle
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Picture History of World War II American Aircraft Production
Joshua Stoff
Listed under US Air Force

Raiders of the Reich : Air Battle Western Europe : 1942-45
Martin Bowman, et al
Listed under Luftwaffe

Red Tails Black Wings : The Men of America's Black Air Force
John B. Holway
Listed under US Air Force

Royal Canadian Airforce at War Nineteen Thirty Nine Nineteen Forty Five
Larry Milberry, Hugh Halliday
Special Order

Russia's Air Power in Crisis
by Benjamin S. Lambeth
Listed under Russian Aviation Books

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