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Buffaloes over Singapore: Raf, Raaf, Rnzaf and Dutch Brester Fighters in Action over Malaya and the East Indies 1941-1942
by Brian Cull, Paul Sortehaug, Mark Haselden
Hardcover from Grub Street the Basement

British Air Forces 1914-18 (Men-At-Arms, 351)
by Andrew Cormack, Peter Cormack (Illustrator)
Listed under WW1 Uniforms

Battle of Britain
by Len Deighton & Max Hastings
Listed under Battle of Britain

The Berlin Raids : RAF Bomber Command Winter 1943-44
by Martin Middlebrook
Book Description: The Battle of Berlin was the longest, most sustained offensive against a single target, and its merits remain a subject of debate even today. Here is the story behind these costly raids--including crucial tactical shifts within the R.A.F.--and month-by-month coverage of the most important runs. Based on over 400 interviews of both British and German aircrews.
Paperback - 407 pages (November )
Cassell Academic; ISBN: 0304353477

Bomber Squadrons at War : Nos. 57 and 630 Squadrons
by Geoff D. Copeman
Incorporating anecdotal material from former squadron members, this lively narrative history is fully illustrated and supported by a series of detailed appendices. Covers WW1 & WW2.
Hardcover - 160 pages (April )
Sutton Publishing; ISBN: 0750917105

British Naval Aviation : The Fleet Air Arm, 1917-1990
Ray Sturtivant
Hardcover: 224 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.90 x 9.96 x 7.69 
Publisher: United States Naval Inst.; (June 1990)
ISBN: 0870210262

Display Pilot : Flying the RAF's Combat Aircraft
by Rob Lea
The diary of a Harrier air-show pilot.

249 At War : The Authorized History of the RAF's Top Scoring Fighter Squadron of WWII
Brian Cull
Synopsis: A history of one of the RAF's foremost fighting squadrons. Formed in 1940, 249 saw action in the Battle of Britain before moving to Italy where it participated in fighter-bomber attacks with Spitfires and Mustangs. Postwar the squadron was based in the Middle East until it was disbanded in 1969. 
The Dam Busters: A British Film Guide
The Dam Busters: A British Film Guide
by John Ramsden
Book Description: An original mix of film analysis and political history, this book examines the political and cinematic significance of The Dam Busters, as both a British institution and a fine war film. A critical and popular success, the film celebrates an image of gutsy ingenuity for the "Brits at war," with the 1943 raid by Lancaster bombers on the dams of Germany's Ruhr region, using the extraordinary "bouncing bomb." Ramsden's fresh and incisive book offers an overall review of the film and its place in history. It convincingly suggests that the film's cultural impact made it difficult to assess the true value of Britain's bombing campaign.
Paperback from I.B. Tauris
Duel of Eagles
Peter Townsend
Paperback - Phoenix Press / 7 December, 2000

Forged in War : A History of RAF Transport Command
Humphrey Wynn
Special Order

The Fleet Air Arm in Camera, 1912-1996; Archive Photographs from the Public Record Office and the Fleet Air Arm Museum
Roger Hayward
A fascinating collection of photographs, some spectacular, all little kown, of Britain's Fleet Air Arm, each fully researched and captioned in detail. 

Hurricane Aces 1939-40 (Osprey Aircraft of the Aces, 18)
by Tony Holmes
Listed under Battle of Britain

Hawker Hurricane
by Peter Jacobs
Hardcover - 192 pages
Crowood Pr; ISBN: 1861261268

In Lands Not My Own
by Reuben Ainsztein
A Polish Jew who escaped the Bliztkreig which engulfed Belgium where he was studying, only to be interned in a Spanish prison for a year before making his way to Britain where he joined the RAF as bomber crew. Highly recommended. Db.
(Hardcover -- June 4, )

The Last Enemy
Richard Hillary
One of the greatest books of the Second World War, highly recommended.

Listed under Battle of Britain

A Question of Honor : The Kosciuszko Squadron: Forgotten Heroes of World War II
A Question of Honor : The Kosciuszko Squadron: Forgotten Heroes of World War II
by Lynne Olson, Stanley Cloud
Book Description
A Question of Honor is the gripping, little-known, and brilliantly told story of the scores of Polish fighter pilots who helped save England during the Battle of Britain and of their stunning betrayal by the United States and England at the end of World War II.

Centering on five pilots of the renowned Kosciuszko Squadron, the authors show how the fliers, driven by their passionate desire to liberate their homeland, came to be counted among the most heroic and successful fighter pilots of World War II. Drawing on the Kosciuszko Squadron’s unofficial diary–filled with the fliers’ personal experiences in combat–and on letters, interviews, memoirs, histories, and photographs, the authors bring the men and battles of the squadron vividly to life. We follow the principal characters from their training before the war, through their hair-raising escape from Poland to France and then, after the fall of France, to Britain. We see how, first treated with disdain by the RAF, the Polish pilots played a crucial role during the Battle of Britain, where their daredevil skill in engaging German Messerschmitts in close and deadly combat while protecting the planes in their own groups soon made them legendary. And we learn what happened to them after the war, when their country was abandoned and handed over to the Soviet Union.

A Question of Honor also gives us a revelatory history of Poland during World War II and of the many thousands in the Polish armed forces who fought with the Allies. It tells of the country’s unending struggle against both Hitler and Stalin, its long battle for independence, and the tragic collapse of that dream in the “peace” that followed. Powerful, moving, deeply involving, A Question of Honor is an important addition to the literature of World War II. 

Hardcover from Knopf

The RAF in Camera 1939-1945 : Archive Photographs from the Public Record Office and the Ministry of Defence
Roy Conyers Nesbit, et al
Book Description: The second volume in this unique series, now in paperback, offers more than 200 rare and previously unpublished photographs of the vast range of offensive, defensive and ground-based operation s in which the Royal Air Force was involved during World War II.
Paperback - 192 pages
Sutton Publishing; ISBN: 0750915218
Special Order
The RAF in Camera 1903-1939 : Archive Photographs from the Public Record Office and the Ministry of Defence
Roy Conyers Nesbit, Oliver Hoare
Book Description: Now in paperback, the first volume in this successful pictorial hsitory of the RAF with more than 200 rare and previously unpublished photographs. This volume covers the earliest period with its attempts at flying, WWI, operations in the inter-war years and the preparations for World War II.
Special Order
The RAF in Camera, 1946-1995
Roy Conyers Nesbit
Sutton Publishing; ISBN: 0750910569
Delivery sometimes delayed.

RAF Wings Over Florida : Memories of World War II British Air Cadets
by Willard Largent, et al
Hardcover - 256 pages 0 edition
Purdue University Press; ISBN: 1557532036

RAF Frontline : The Royal Air Force - Defending the Realm
by John M. Dibbs (Photographer), et al
Air to Air photography of the modern RAF
Hardcover - 144 pages
Airlife Pub Ltd; ISBN: 1853108847

The Royal Air Force 1939-1945
Chaz Bowyer
Paperback - 132 pages
ISBN: 0850525284

The Royal Air Force, 1939-45 (Men-At-Arms, No 225)
Andrew Cormack, et al
Paperback / Published 1990

V-Bombers; Vulcan, Victor and Valiant;  Britian's Airborne Nuclear Deterrent
by Tim Laming

Reach for the Sky
by Paul Brickhill
A shiver ran down my spine when I read the first words of a review at the Amazon site: "I sent my dog-eared copy of Reach for the Sky to a legless hero ...". I had given my own copy to Triple Pete whilst he was still in hospital recovering from the most horrific accident. This book is required reading for those interested in aviation, the Battle of Britain ... and the human condition. It's the story of Douglas Bader, a young man who lost both legs in an aircraft accident shortly before the war, who bullied his way into the RAF despite stiff opposition, who went on to become an ace pilot and a wing commander and who finished the war in the infamous Stalag 13, a prison for recalcitrant escapees. 
Library Binding - 346 pages (December )
Buccaneer Books; ISBN: 0899669107

The Remorseless Road: Singapore to Nagasaki (Airlife Classics)
by James McEwan
Book Description: This is the compelling and at times harrowing account of the author's experiences while serving in the RAF during the Second World War. His autobiography recounts his posting to the Far East, where he served alongside those resolute airmen who fought the Japanese against all odds and to the bitter end, the survivors eventually laying down their arms. Then follows his account of the ordeal and humiliation of imprisonment for the last three-and-a-half years of the war. It records events in that momentous conflict in the Far East over fifty years ago-events that should never be forgotten.

The Right of the Line: The Royal Air Force in the European War 1939-1945 (Wordsworth Military Library)
by John Terraine
The RAF during the European war of 1939-1945
Paperback - Wordsworth Editions Ltd / 27 February, 1998
Special Order

Royal Canadian Airforce at War Nineteen Thirty Nine Nineteen Forty Five
Larry Milberry, Hugh Halliday
Listed under Canada at War

Spitfire MkII Aces 1939-41 (Aircraft of the Aces , No 12)
Alfred Price
Listed under Spitfire Books

Snakes in the Eagle's Nest : A History of Ground Attacks on Air Bases
Alan Vick
Details three case studies: Britain's Royal Air Force (RAF) on Crete, the German Luftwaffe in North Africa and the USAF in Vietnam. 
Paperback - 189 pages
Rand Corporation; ISBN: 0833016296
Special Order

American Pilots in the RAF : The WWII Eagle Squadrons
by Philip D. Caine
Paperback - 432 pages
Brasseys Inc; ISBN: 157488137X
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Dam Busters
by Paul Brickhill
Paperback from Bantam Books
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Failed to Return : The Yorkshire Memorial to the Bomber Squadrons of #4 Group RAF & #6 RCAF, 1939-1945
Bill Norman
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Tomahawk and Kittyhawk Aces of the RAF and Commonwealth
by Tony Holmes
Paperback - 96 pages 1 edition Vol 36 (November )
Osprey Pub Co; ISBN: 1841760838
Out of Print - Try Used Books

RAF Fighter Command Losses of the Second World War : 1942-1943
by Normal L. R. Franks
Paperback Vol 2
Aerofax Midland Pub Ltd; ISBN: 1857800753
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Enemy Coast Ahead - Guy Gibson
Guy Gibson VC led the 617 Squadron's Lancasters on the Dambusters mission.
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Hurricane : A Fighter Legend
by John Dibbs, Tony Holmes, Mike Jerram (Contributor)
Osprey Pub Co; ISBN: 1855324989
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Ghosts of the Skies : Aviation in the Second World War
Philip Makanna
Hardcover / Published 1995
Out of Print - Try Used Books

British Aircraft Armament : RAF Guns and Gunsights from 1914 to the Present Day (Vol 2)
by R. Wallace Clarke
Hardcover Vol 002 (December )
Haynes Pubns; ISBN: 1852604026
Out of Print - Try Used Books

British Aircraft Armament : RAF Gun Turrets from 1914 to the Present Day (Vol 1)
by R. Wallace Clarke
Hardcover Vol 001 (June 1993)
Haynes Pubns; ISBN: 1852602236
Out of Print - Try Used Books

High Endeavour : The Life of Air Chief Marshal Sir Ronald Ivelaw-Chapman
Jack Ivelaw-Chapman
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Wing Leader - Air Vice-Marshal 'Johnnie' Johnson
Official top-scoring allied pilot of World War Two
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Nine Lives
Air Commodore Alan Deere
Alan C. Deere
Out of Print - Try Used Books

A Biography of Air Chief Marshal Sir Keith Park GCG, KBE, MC, DFC, DCL.
Vincent Orange / London 1984
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"The gratitude of every home in our Island, in our Empire, and indeed throughout the world except in the abodes of the guilty, goes out to the British airmen, who, undaunted by odds, unwearied in their constant challenge and mortal danger, are turning the tide of world war by their prowess and by their devotion. Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few."

Winston Churchill, House of Commons, 20th August, 1940
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