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Books on the clash between the armies of Napoleon and Wellington, 1815
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1815 The Waterloo Campaign : Wellington, His German Allies and the Battles of Ligny and Quatre Bras
by Peter Hofschroer
Hardcover - 432 pages
Stackpole Books; ISBN: 1853673048
1815, The Waterloo Campaign : The German Victory : From Waterloo to the Fall of Napoleon
by Peter Hofschroer
Hardcover - 448 pages Vol 2
Stackpole Books; ISBN: 1853673684

The Battle of Waterloo (Battles of the Nineteenth Century)
by David Pietrusza

The Battle of Waterloo
by Victor Hugo

A Military History and Atlas of the Napoleonic Wars
by Vincent J. Esposito, John R. Elting
A superb historical atlas that is a seminal work and provides a comprehensive overview of the battles and campaigns between 1796 and1815. The 169 maps chart the course of twelve crucial campaigns including Marengo, Austerlitz, and Borodino. It illustrates Napoleon's concept of war, his grasp of strategy, and his complete mastery of battlefield tactics. The Publisher
Listed under Napoleonic Wars

Napoleonic Uniforms
by John Elting
Listed under Napoleonic Uniforms

COWARDS AT WATERLOO?; A Re-examination of Bijlandt's Dutch-Belgian Brigade in the Campaign of 1815 -- Napoleon Journal #16
by Matt Delamater (Editor), et al

The Duke of Wellington: And His Political Career After Waterloo-The Caricaturists' View
by Edward Du Cann
Hardcover: 143 pages
Antique Collectors Club; ISBN: 1851493417;

Galloping at Everything: The British Cavalry in the Peninsular War and at Waterloo, 1808-15
by Ian Fletcher

History of the Waterloo Campaign (Napoleonic Library)
by William Siborne, W. Sibome
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Hougoumont : The Key to Victory at Waterloo (Battleground Europe)
by Julian Paget, Derek Saunders

Journal of the Waterloo Campaign Kept Throughout the Campaign of 1815
by Cavalie Mercer
Paperback: Da Capo Press
ISBN: 0306806517;


Lady De Lancey at Waterloo: A Story of Duty and Devotion
by David Miller
Hardcover: 184 pages
Spellmount Ltd; ISBN: 1862270821; (May 28, )

Napoleon and Waterloo: The Emperor's Campaign With the Armee Du Nord 1815 (Napoleonic Library)
by Archibald F. Becke

Napoleon and Wellington: The Battle of Waterloo-And the Great Commanders Who Fought It
by Andrew Roberts

One Hundred Days: Napoleon's Road to Waterloo
by Alan Schom
(Paperback - November 1993)

Vanity Fair: A Novel Without a Hero (Penguin Classics)
by William Makepeace Thackeray

Waterloo 1815: Birth of Modern Europe (Campaign Series No. 15)
by Geoffrey Wootten
Waterloo holds a special place among the great battles of history. The climax of more than twenty years of war, it was indeed a close-run affair, matching two of the world's greatest generals - Napoleon and Wellington. This volume covers the entire campaign including the battles of Quatre Bras, Ligny and Wavre, with five full-colour maps and three highly detailed bird's eye views showing decisive moments in the action. An excellent sense of the closeness of the battle is communicated - Wellington himself claimed it was "the nearest thing you ever saw in your life" - and this gripping account shows the full justice of that statement. 
(Paperback - May 1992)

Waterloo (Battleground Napoleonic)
by Andrew Uffindel, et al

Waterloo: The Hundred Days
by David Chandler

The Waterloo Companion: The Complete Guide to History's Most Famous Land Battle
by Mark Adkin

Waterloo: A Near Run Thing
by David Howarth
Special Order

Waterloo Men: The Experience of Battle 16-18 June 1815
by Philip J. Haythornthwaite

Waterloo: New Perspectives: The Great Battle Reappraised
by David Hamilton-Williams


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