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Architectural Glass Art: Form and Technique in Contemporary Glass
by Andrew Moor
Hardcover from Rizzoli

The Architecture of Glass : Shaping Light
The Architecture of Glass : Shaping Light
Francisco Asensio Cerver
Hearst Books Internati Arco
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The Art of Glass : Integrating Architecture and Glass
The Art of Glass : Integrating Architecture and Glass
Stephen Knapp
Paperback - 176 pages (April )
ISBN: 1564966852

Art and Architecture in Medieval France : Medieval Architecture, Sculpture, Stained Glass, Manuscripts, the Art of the Church Treasuries
by Whitney S. Stoddard
(Paperback - June 1972)

The Biggest Glass Palace in the World
The Biggest Glass Palace in the World
Ian Ritchie, Ingerid Helsing Almaas
More than 240 meters long and 80 meters wide, and with 1140 tons of glass suspended from a single-layer steel barrel vault, the great central hall at the new Leipzig fair, designed in cooperation by von Gerkan Marg und Partner and Ian Ritchie Architects, is one of the world's most spectacular glass structures.

Carlo Scarpa; Glass of an Architect
Marino Barovier (Editor)
Listed under Carlo Scarpa

Conservation and Restoration of Glass, Second Edition
by Sandra Davison, Roy Newton, Sandra Davidson
Hardcover from Butterworth-Heinemann

Designing With Glass: The Creative Touch
by Carol Soucek King, Stanley Abercrombie Faia
Hardcover from PBC International

Dictionary of Glass : Materials and Techniques
by Charles Bray
Listed under Glass Science

Fear of Glass--Mies van der Rohe's Pavilion in Barcelona
by Joseph Quetglas, Josep Quetglas, Ricardo Daza, Toni Sanchez
Paperback from Birkhauser (Architectural)

Fire into Ice : Adventures in Glass Making
James Houston
Listed under Glass Art

Frank Lloyd Wright's Glass Designs (Wright at a Glance)
Carla Lind
Listed under Frank Lloyd Wright

Glass Buildings : Material, Structure and Detail
by Heinz W. Krewinkel

Glass Construction Manual
by Christian Schittich, Gerald Staib, Dieter Balkow, Matthias Schuler, Werner Sobek
Hardcover from Birkhauser (Architectural)

Glass for Structural Design
by Gerhard Sedlacek, Haegh Gulvanessian, Kurt Blank, Wilfried Laufs
Book Description: Glass is increasingly in demand as a building material for quick construction, yet there are still no standard specifications. Therefore, this book covers actual design concepts for various kinds of load-carrying glass elements according to current research results from Germany, while also including the Eurocode concept (EC).
- material properties of glass in structural engineering
- manufacturing processes for different glass elements
- definition of glass strength for floatglass, thermally toughened and fully tempered glass
- classification of loading-types and load-combinations
- new design concepts for glass plates under bending and inplane loading.
The text is backed by numerous figures, tables and practical examples, thus enhancing the practical use of the book.
Hardcover from John Wiley & Sons

Glass in Architecture
by Michael Wigginton
Paperback: 320 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.32 x 9.74 x 11.38 
Publisher: Phaidon Press Inc.; (March )
ISBN: 071484098X 

Glass in Structures: Elements, Concepts, Designs
by Robert Nijsse, Winy Maas
Book Description: One of the most fascinating and sophisticated applications of glass in contemporary architecture is its use as a load-bearing material. Pioneered by Peter Rice and Hugh Dutton for structural glazing of facades, glass as a structural material is now commonly used throughout buildings.

Glass Roofs, Glass Facades, Other Glass Walls, Glass Floors, Glass Beams and, as the utmost point of experiment, Glass Columns are the subjects of the main chapters of the book. The introduction deals with questions of material properties and the central issue of security while the final part, "Beyond Glass", develops an integrative approach to architecture based on the experience of building with glass structures.
Hardcover from Birkhauser (Architectural)

Glass : Structure and Technology in Architecture
by Stefan Behling (Editor)
Glass boasts many new characteristics: high thermal performance, selective coatings, dynamic sun shielding, and active sun collecting properties. In addition to covering state-of-the-art developements presented at the "glasstec" trade fair in Dusseldorf, this volume contains recent research on glass technology performed at the University of Stuttgart. Informative, technical texts analyzing such topics as the glassmaking craft and industry, current developments in glass facades, structural experiments with glass, and innovative materials, complete the package. A useful list of the names and addresses of leading firms in this field is also included. The Publisher
Hardcover - 152 pages (March )
Prestel USA; ISBN: 3791321552

Handbook of Glass in Construction
Handbook of Glass in Construction
Joseph S. Amstock
The first comprehensive guide to glass and insulating glass for construction. If you're involved in the specification, installation, manufacture, or testing of glass units and windows for construction, this unique reference is going to make your work a lot easier! Packed with the latest data, detailed descriptions and applications, and hundreds of illustrations, the book takes you step by step through every aspect of selecting, using, treating, and testing today's glass products. You'll find hands-on guidance and proven methods for all types of glass, including single and dual sealed systems--heat mirror materials--sealant compounds--and swiggle strip and metal edge compounds. Handbook of Glass in Construction offers you the expertise to handle special problems relating to: the selection of glass for any job; the installation of sheet glass and insulating glass units; the use of caulking and glazing compounds; current manufacturing techniques; the latest testing and specification methods. This one-of-a-kind reference also features new information on safety glass for hurricane-prone regions and for security purposes--plus a handy glossary of terms and listings of trade organizations, suppliers, and manufacturers. The Publisher
Hardcover: 584 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.11 x 9.35 x 6.26 
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional; (June 1, ) 
ISBN: 0070016194 

Houses of Glass: A Nineteenth-Century Building Type
by Georg H. Kohlmaier, Barna vonSartory, John C. Harvey
Paperback from MIT Press
24 April, 1991

Intelligent Glass Facades: Material, Practice, Design
by Andrea Compagno
Paperback from Birkhauser (Architectural)

Intelligent Skins
by Michael Wigginton, Jude Harris
Paperback from Architectural Press

The Light Construction Reader (Source Books in Architecture, 2)
by Todd Gannon, Jeffrey Kipnis
Paperback from Monacelli Pr

See-Through Houses : Inspirational Homes and Features in Glass
by Catherine Slessor, James Morris (Photographer)

Glass Buildings : Materials, Structure and Detail
Heinz W. Krewinkel
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