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Indian Designs
by David Villasenor, Jean Villasenor
Paperback: 64 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.15 x 10.95 x 8.47
Naturegraph Pub; ISBN: 0879611227; (June 1983)

Ancient Mexican Designs
by Dover

Authentic Indian Designs : 2500 Illustrations from Reports of the Bureau of American Ethnology (Dover Pictorial Archive Series)
by Mana Naylor (Editor)
Paperback - 219 pages (June 1976)
Dover Pubns; ISBN: 0486231704

The American West in the Nineteenth Century/255 Illustrations from 'Harper's Weekly' and Other Contemporary Sources (Dover Pictorial Archive)
by John Grafton (Editor)
Listed under Old West Clip Art

American Indian Design and Decoration (The Dover Pictorial Archive Series)
by Leroy H. Appleton
(Paperback - January 1976)

American Indian Needlepoint Designs for Pillows, Belts, Handbags and Other Projects.
by Roslyn Epstein
Listed under Needlepoint

Ancient Mexican Designs (Dover Pictorial Archive Series)
by Gregory Mirow

261 North American Indian Designs (Dover Pictorial Archive)
by Madeleine Orban-Szontagh
(Paperback - October 1993)

Easy-To-Duplicate North American Indian Borders: 56 Copyright-Free Forms (Clip Art Series)
by Charlene Tarbox

Designs from Pre-Columbian Mexico (Dover Pictorial Archives)
by Jorge Enciso
(Paperback - June 1971)

North American Indian Motifs : 391 Different Copyright-Free Designs (Dover Electronic Clip Art Series)
by Dover

North American Indian Designs Stained Glass Coloring Book (Dover Coloring Book)
by John Green

Mexican Indian Folk Designs: 252 Motifs from Textiles (Dover Pictorial Archive Series)
by Irmgard Weitlaner-Johnson
(Paperback - May 1993)

Big Book of Indian Beadwork Designs (Dover Needlework Series)
by Kay Doherty Bennett
Listed under Beading

Pre-Columbian Designs from Panama: 591 Illustrations of Cocle Pottery (Dover Pictorial Archive Series)
by Samuel Kirkland Lothrop
(Paperback - March 1976)

Pueblo Designs: 176 Illustrations of the 'Rain Bird' 
by Harry Percival Mera
(Paperback - June 1970)

Pueblo Pottery Designs (Dover Pictorial Archive)
by Kenneth M. Chapman

Mola Designs: 45 Authentic Indian Designs from Panama (Dover Pictorial Archive Series)
by Frederick W. Shaffer
(Paperback - May 1982)

Indian Designs for Jewelry and Other Arts and Crafts
by Connie Asch

Indian Designs from Ancient Ecuador (Dover Pictorial Archive Series)
by Frederick W. Shaffer
(Paperback - June 1979)

Life in Ancient Mexico Coloring Book (Dover Pictorial Archive Series)
by John Green
(Paperback - June 1991)

Native American Designs for Quilting
by Joyce Mori
Listed under Quilting

North American Indian Designs: Laser-Cut Plastic Stencils
by Charlene Tarbox

Northwest Coast Indian Designs (Dover Design Library)
by Madeleine Orban-Szontagh
Paperback: 46 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.42 x 10.93 x 8.30
Dover Pubns; ISBN: 0486281795;

Ready-To-Use North American Indian Motifs: 391 Different Copyright-Free Designs Printed One Side (Clip Art Series)
by Maggie Kate (Editor)

Southwest Indian Designs
by Dover

Southwestern Indian Designs (Dover Design Library)
by Madeleine Orban-Szontagh
(Paperback - February 1992)

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