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Milton Avery : The Late Paintings
by Robert Carleton Hobbs, Milton Avery
(Textbook Binding)

Milton Avery
by Robert Carleton Hobbs, Hilton Kramer (Illustrator)
(Hardcover - October 1990)

Frank Auerbach
by Robert Hughes
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Francis Bacon

Giovanni Bellini (Artist's Library, No. 2.)
by Roger Eliot Fry
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Giovanni Bellini
by Rona Goffen, Rone Goffen
(Hardcover - December 1989)

Giovanni Bellini
by Anchise Tempestini, Alexandra Bonfante-Warren (Translator), Jay Hyams
Hardcover - 240 pages
Abbeville Press, Inc.; ISBN: 0789204339
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William Blake

Pierre Bonnard

Hieronymus Bosch

Botero (Great Modern Masters Series)
by Fernando Botero, Jose Maria Faerna (Editor), Alberto Curotto (Translator)

Arthur Boyd

Aubrey Beardsley

Max Beckmann

Joseph Beuys

Pieter Bruegel

Edward Burne-Jones

Caillebotte, Gustave

by Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin, Pierre Rosenberg, Galeries Nationales
William Merritt Chase

Francesco Clemente - India
Francesco Clemente
This catalogue of recent works by renowned Italian painter Francesco Clemente proves that his oeuvre has only grown richer and more complex over the years. The sumptuous,  transcendent works presented here are driven in particular by Clemente's instincts about the use of color-in some he limits himself to warm oranges and greens, creating a soft, sensuous atmosphere that reflects his lifelong love of India and tantrism.
Hardcover - 64 pages (October 15, )
Charta; ISBN: 8881582821

Thomas Cole

John Constable

Lovis Corinth

Gustave Courbet (Masters of Art)
by Sarah Faunce

Courbet's Realism
by Michael Fried
Paperback Reprint edition (December 1992)
University of Chicago Press; ISBN: 0226262154

Leonardo Da Vinci

Sonia & Robert Delaunay
by Sonia Delaunay (Illustrator), Robert Delaunay (Illustrator)
(Paperback - 1977)
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Jim Dine

Gustave Dore

Marcel Duchamp

The Complete Woodcuts of Albrecht Durer
by Albrecht Durer, Willi Kurth (Editor)
Paperback - 285 pages (October 1985)
Dover Pubns; ISBN: 0486210979
Thomas Eakins

Max Ernst

Escher, M.C.

Fra Angelico
by John T. Spike

Fra Filippo Lippi : The Carmelite Painter
by Megan Holmes
Fragonard : Art and Eroticism
by Mary D. Sheriff
(Hardcover - May 1990)
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Fragonard (Drawing Gallery series)
Fragonard (Drawing Gallery series)
by Jean-Pierre Cuzin
Paperback from 5 Continents
Frankenthaler : A Catalogue Raisonne : Prints1961-1994
by Pegram Harrison, Suzanne Boorsch (Introduction)
Hardcover - 480 pages (November )
Harry N Abrams; ISBN: 0810933322
Lucian Freud : Paintings
by Robert Hughes
Donald Friend, 1915-1989 : retrospective
by Barry Pearce
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Donald Friend, Australian war artist, 1945
by Donald Friend
Listed under War Artists

Thomas Gainsborough

Paul Gauguin

The Paintings of Gerrit Dou
by Ronni Baer, Annetje Boersma (Contributor), Arthur K.Wheelock (Contributor)
by Terisio Pignatti, Filippo Pedrocco
Giotto: The Founder of Renaissance Art--His Life in Paintings
by Giotto, Susannah Steel
Philip Guston: Paintings 1947-1979
by Philip Guston, Michael Auping, Martin Hentschel, Christoph Schreier
Book Description
Philip Guston belongs to the generation of American postwar artists who were the first to free themselves from the great example of European art. But unlike his Abstract Expressionist colleagues, Guston did not remain faithful to just one style, but developed a variety of different forms of expression. In the 1930s he began under the banner of socially committed surrealism, and by the end of the 40s he had arrived at abstraction. From that time on, he created the large-format, powerful color paintings that established his international reputation. But in the mid-60s, Guston returned to a kind of symbolic realism with disturbing power. His late works are dominated by mysterious imagery of great intensity, and have had a major influence on younger artists. In this book, well-known experts focus not only on his early works, but also on the late, realistic Guston, revealing his artistic development from the late 40s to the end of the 70s.
Hardcover - 144 pages
Hatje Cantz Publishers; ISBN: 3775708960 
Childe Hassam

David Hockney

Holbein Portrait Drawings : 44 Plates
by Hans Holbein

Edward Hopper

Jan Van Eyck : The Play of Realism
by Craig Harbison
Paperback: Reaktion Books; ISBN: 0948462795
Reissue edition

Eastman Johnson: Painting America
by Teresa A. Carbone, Patricia Hills, Jane Weiss (Contributor)
Frederick Carl Frieseke
by David Sellin, et al

Frida Kahlo

Ellsworth Kelly : The Early Drawings, 1948-1955
by Yve Alain Bois, Ellsworth Kelly, Harvard university
Paul Klee

Gustav Klimt


Lee Krasner
by Robert Hobbs, B. H. Friedman (Introduction)
Sol LeWitt: A Retrospective
by Gary Garrels (Editor), Sol Lewitt
Sol LeWitt "is to art as Bach was to music," says conceptual artist Adrian Piper, indicating LeWitt's seminal importance to both the theory and practice of contemporary art.
Leger (Great Modern Masters)
by Fernand Leger, Alberto Curotto (Translator), Jose Maria Faerna (Editor)
Norman Lindsay
by John Aikman Hetherington
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The Complete Etchings of Norman Lindsay
by Lin Bloomfield 1998
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Malevich (Great Modern Masters Series)
by Kazimir Severinovich Malevich, Jose Maria Faerna (Editor)
Robert Mangold
by Richard Shiff, Robert Storr, Arthur C Danto, Nancy
Princenthal, Robert Mangold, Sylvia Plimack Mangold

John W. McCoy American Painter
by Anna B. McCoy
Commentary by Andrew Wyeth & Christopher Crosman
John W. McCoy (1910-1989) belonged to the realist school of American art.
Hardcover - 96 pages
Down East Books; ISBN: 0892725273



Piet Mondrian

Robert Motherwell


Alice Neel
by Patricia Hills
Hardcover Reprint edition (March )
Harry N Abrams; ISBN: 0810913585

Barnett Newman

Pietro Perugino : Master of the Italian Renaissance
by Joseph Antenucci Becherer, Perugino, Katherine R. Smith Abbott
Pablo Picasso

Camille Pissarro (Masters of Art Series)
by John Rewald, Camille Pissarro
Hardcover - 128 pages (July 1989)
Harry N Abrams; ISBN: 0810914999

Camille Pissarro
by Joachim Pissarro
Hardcover - 309 pages (October 1993)
Harry N Abrams; ISBN: 0810937247
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Jackson Pollock


Robert Rauschenberg

Frederic Remington


Gerhard Richter

The Art of Norman Rockwell
by Norman Rockwell

Norman Rockwell
by Charles S. Finch, Christopher Robin Finch

Mark Rothko

Rouault (Great Modern Masters Series)
by Georges Rouault, Jose Maria Faerna (Editor), Alberto Curotto (Translator)

Henri Rousseau : Dreams of the Jungle
(Pegasus Library)
by Werner Schmalenbach, Jenny Marsh (Translator)
Hardcover: 96 pages
Prestel USA; ISBN: 3791319426;

Henri Rousseau
by Gotz Adriani, Henri Rousseau, Kunsthalle Tubingen, Gorz Adriani
Hardcover: 282 pages
Yale Univ Pr; ISBN: 0300090552; (September 1, )


Jacob van Ruisdael : A Complete Catalogue of His Paintings, Drawings, and Etchings
by Seymour Slive

John Sargent

Egon Schiele

George Segal (Modern Masters Series, Vol. 5)
by Phyllis Tuchman
Seurat: Drawings and Paintings
by Robert L. Herbert
Hardcover - 208 pages (June 1, )
Yale Univ Pr; ISBN: 0300071310

Ben Schonzeit Paintings
by Ben Schonzeit, Charles A., II Riley
Ben Schonzeit (b. 1942) paints magically evocative pictures with a Surrealist edge. A pioneer in the SoHo art scene of the 1960s and one of the leaders of the Photorealist movement of the 1970s, he is best known for his gorgeous still lifes of flowersólarge, arresting canvases that explore the artist's dream world.
Hardcover - 160 pages (April )
Harry N Abrams; ISBN: 0810965534

by Richard Shone, Alfred Sisley
A survey of the life and work of Alfred Sisley, one of the leading exponents of the Impressionist movement. The text examines how Sisley's painting life was devoted to the landscape. The author examines the tonal balance of such celebrated paintings as the snow-scenes of the Paris suburbs, views of the flooded Seine at Port-Marly and the colourful regattas on the Thames. Shone demonstrates that full recognition for the artist and his work only began after his relatively early death and argues that even now, his work is unjustifiably neglected. In studying Sisley's artistic development, the artist's English nationality, early career, struggle to earn a living, and secluded later years are examined. The Publisher
Paperback - 240 pages 1 Pbk Ed edition
Phaidon Press Inc.; ISBN: 0714838926


James Tissot : Victorian Life/Modern Love
by Nancy Marshall, Malcolm Warner
James Tissot (1836-1902), the wry and urbane observer of manners and fashions, painted scenes of Paris and London "society" that simmered with undercurrents of sexual drama. This beautifully illustrated book presents one hundred of Tissot's paintings, prints, and watercolors representing each stage of his career. The authors consider Tissot`s themes, interests, and the influences on his work. The Publisher
Hardcover: 216 pages
Yale Univ Pr; ISBN: 0300081731;

Seductive Surfaces : The Art of Tissot
by Katharine Lochnan (Editor)
Hardcover - 224 pages Yale Univ Press

James Tissot
by Russell Ash
Hardcover - (September 1992)
Harry N Abrams
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Albert Tucker
by James Mollison
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John Henry Twachtman: An American Impressionist
by Lisa N. Peters
John Twachtman (1853-1902) was one of the most modern American painters of his day, combining European and American influences to create his own highly individual style noted for its contemplative mood and bold immediacy of composition. The Publisher.
Hardcover: 192 pages
High Museum of Art; ISBN: 1555951783;

J.M.W. Turner


Wyeth, Andrew

James Whistler

by Antoine Watteau, Federico Zeri, Marco Dolcetta

Piero Della Francesca
by Maurizio Calvesi, Andrew Ellis (Translator)
Hardcover - 248 pages (November )
Rizzoli International Publications; ISBN: 084782148X
Andrea del Sarto
by Antonio Natali
Hardcover - 220 pages
Abbeville Press, Inc.; ISBN: 0789205319
Sol LeWitt: A Retrospective
by Gary Garrels (Editor)
Hardcover - 348 pages (March )
Yale Univ Pr; ISBN: 0300083580
Rogier Van Der Weyden : The Complete Works
by Dirk De Voss
Out of Print - Try Used Books

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