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About Rothko
by Dore Ashton

The Legacy of Mark Rothko
by Lee Seldes
Paperback: Da Capo Press; ISBN: 0306807254
Updated edition
Mark Rothko : A Retrospective
by Diane Waldman, et al
(Hardcover - July 1983)
Mark Rothko : The Works on Canvas : Catalogue Raisonne
by David Anfam
This extraordinary book is the first volume of the definitive catalogue raisonne of the work of Mark Rothko, one of the greatest abstract artists of the twentieth century. It documents Rothko's entire output of paintings on canvas and panel, reproducing all the works in color. An introductory text also investigates every essential feature of Rothko's art. David Anfam explores the underestimated variety as well as the amazing continuity of Rothko's pictures. These include the images for which Rothko is famous -- the large, hypnotic, and poignant fields of color -- along with almost 400 further pictures that reveal a far less well known figure who was attuned by turns to realism, expressionism, surrealism, and the avantgarde issues of his era. Anfam presents a radical overview of Rothko's achievement, offering an analysis of its sources and themes: these extend from a study of such old masters as Rembrandt and Vermeer to his eventual groundbreaking vision of painting as an environment, expressed in the mural cycles and the architectural framework of the Rothko Chapel in Houston. Anfam pays special attention to the physical makeup of the paintings, as well as to Rothko's innovative sense of space, color, and surface, his complex technical procedures, and the symbolism of the work. This is combined with an account of Rothko's stylistic evolution and its chronology, tracing its development from figuration to an abstract vision imbued with a profound grasp of how the viewer has an interactive role to play in perceiving the works. The volume also includes the most extensive Rothko bibliography ever published. The fruit of almost a decade of research, this monumental publication is the reference point for all future studies of Rothko's art. The Publisher
Hardcover: 708 pages
Yale Univ Pr; ISBN: 0300074891; Slipcase edition (November )
Mark Rothko
by Jeffrey Weiss, et al
Hardcover: 204 page
Hatje Cantz Publishers; ISBN: 3775710272;
The Essential Mark Rothko
The Essential Mark Rothko
by Klaus Ottmann
Hardcover from Harry N Abrams
Mark Rothko : A Biography
Mark Rothko : A Biography
by James E. B. Breslin
Hardcover from University of Chicago Press
Mark Rothko
by Jeffrey Weiss, et al
Paperback: 376 pages
Yale Univ Pr; ISBN: 0300081936; (September 1, )

Mark Rothko : A Biography
by James E. B. Breslin
(Hardcover - November 1993)

Mark Rothko : Works on Paper
by Bonnie Clearwater, Dore Ashton (Introduction)
(Paperback - September 1988)

Mark Rothko : Subjects in Abstraction (Yale Publications in the History of Art, 39)
by Anna C. Chave
(Paperback - March 1991)

Mark Rothko's Harvard Murals
(Paperback - June 1988)

The Rothko Chapel Paintings : Origins, Structure, Meaning
by Sheldon Nodelman
Book Description: The paintings executed in 1964-1967 by American artist Mark Rothko for the Rothko Chapel in Houston represent the fulfillment of the artist's lifelong ambition and a breakthrough in twentieth-century art. Unlike previous sets of paintings commissioned for the Seagram Building and Harvard University, the Chapel commission allowed Rothko to determine the architectural setting and lighting in which the paintings would appear. This proved to be the catalyst for a new mode of pictorial dynamics based on a kind of interaction of paintings, architecture, and light previously unknown. No painting in the set could be understood in isolation from the rest or apart from its place in the architectural setting. The Rothko Chapel Paintings explores this interdependence of paintings and place. As viewers move about the Chapel's octagonal enclosure, over whose walls the fourteen panels are continuously distributed, they discover systems of pictorial interactions which become the terms or characters of a cosmological drama in which the viewer is a necessary participant. In the act of vision, the embodied viewer is prompted not merely to witness but also to reenact that questioning of human destiny which has preoccupied the Western spiritual tradition.
Paperback: 359 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.85 x 10.26 x 7.82 
Publisher: Univ of Texas Press;  
ISBN: 0939594374 

Mark Rothko : Notes on Rothko's Surrealist Years
by Robert Rosenblum
(Paperback - June 1981)
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Mark Rothko : Multiforms
by David Anfam, et al
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