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1856-1925 - Born in Italy of American parents, he spent most of his working life in England.
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John Singer Sargent: The Sensualist
by Trevor J. Fairbrother, John Singer Sargent
Hardcover: 176 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.90 x 11.27 x 9.80
Yale Univ Pr; ISBN: 0300087446; (December )

John Singer Sargent: The Early Portraits (The Complete Paintings, Vol 1)
by Richard Ormond, Elaine Kilmurray, John Singer Sargent
Hardcover, 256 pages, Yale Univ Press, 1998

John Singer Sargent: Portraits of the 1890s (Complete Paintings: Volume II)
by Richard Ormond, Elaine Kilmurray

by Elaine Kilmurray, Richard Ormond
Hardcover - 288 pages
Princeton Univ Press, December, 1998

John Singer Sargent: The Sensualist
by Trevor J. Fairbrother, John Singer Sargent

Sargent and Italy
by Bruce Robertson, et al

John Singer Sargent: The Male Nudes
by John Singer Sargent, John Esten, National Gallery of Art (U.S.), Donna Hassler
Hardcover - 96 pages Universe Pub

Sargent Portrait Drawings: 42 Works
by John S. Sargent
Paperback: 2 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.16 x 11.08 x 8.25 
Publisher: Dover Pubns; (September 1983) 
ISBN: 0486245241 

Six Women's Portraits Cards
by John Singer Sargent 
Accessory Cards edition, Dover Pubns, 1998

Masters of Color and Light: Homer, Sargent, and the American Watercolor Movement
by Linda S. Ferber, Barbara Dayer Gallati, Brooklyn Museum of Art
Hardcover - 224 pages (March ) Smithsonian Institution Press

The Watercolors of John Singer Sargent 
by Carl Little, John Singer Sargent, Arnold Skolnick (Editor)
Hardcover - 160 pages (March ) Univ California Press

John Singer Sargent
by Kate F. Jennings, John Singer Sargent
Paperback, 112 pages, Knickerbocker Press, 1998

John Singer Sargent
by Carter Ratcliff

Interpreting Sargent 
by Elizabeth Prettejohn
Paperback, 80 pages Stewart Tabori & Chang 

American Drawings in the Metropolitan Museum of Art Volume 3: John Singer Sargent
by Stephanie L. Herdrich, H. Barbara Weinberg, Marjorie Shelley
Hardcover - 512 pages Yale Univ Press

Sargent Abroad: Figures and Landscapes
by Warren Adelson (Editor), Donna Seldin Janis, Elaine Kilmurray
Hardcover: 256 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.29 x 12.32 x 10.37 
Publisher: Abbeville Press, Inc.;  
ISBN: 0789203847 

The Age of Elegance
by John Singer Sargent
Paperback, 160 pages, Pocket edition Phaidon Press Inc, 1996

John Singer Sargent
Paperback, Published by Whitney Museum of Art, 1986

Sargent Watercolors
by Donelson F. Hoopes
Reissue Edition, Paperback, Published by Watson-Guptill Pubns, September 1984

John Singer Sargent (The Library of American Art)
by Trevor Fairbrother
Hardcover, 157 pages
Harry N Abrams, 1994

Sargent: The Late Landscapes
by Hilliard T. Goldfarb, Erica E. Hirshler, T. J. Jackson Lears
Paperback - 128 pages Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
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John Singer Sargent: A Biography
by C. M. Mount
3rd Edition, Hardcover, Published by Periodicals Service Co, 1969
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Sargent's Watercolors '87
by Brooklyn Museum
Paperback, Published by Universe Pub, 1986
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Portrait of a Lady; Sargent and Lady Agnew
by Julia Rayer Rolfe, David Cannadine (Contributor)
Paperback , 96 pages National Galleries of Scotland
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Uncanny Spectacle: The Public Career of the Young John Singer Sargent
by Marc Simpson, Richard Ormond, H. Barbara Weinberg, John Singer Sargent
Hardcover, 240 pages, Published by Yale University Press, 1997
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Drawings of John Singer Sargent in the Corcoran Gallery of Art
by Ellen Gross, James Harithas
Paperback - Published by Borden Pub Co, 1978
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