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American Artist (1844-1926)
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Cassatt: A Retrospective
Cassatt: A Retrospective
by Nancy Mowell Mathews
Hardcover from Beaux Arts Editions
A Child's Book of Lullabies
by Shona McKellar, Mary Cassatt (Illustrator)

Color Your Own Mary Cassatt Masterpieces
by Mary Cassatt, Marty Noble (Illustrator)

Mary Cassatt : A Life
by Nancy Mowll Mathews, Nancy Mowell Mathews

Mary Cassatt
by Sophia Craze

Mary Cassatt : Painter of Modern Women (World of Art)
by Griselda Pollock, Mary Cassatt

Mary Cassatt : Prints and Drawings from the Artist's Studio
by Warren Adelson, et al

Mary Cassatt (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists)
by Mike Venezia (Illustrator)

Mary Cassatt (Treasures of Art)
by Trewin Copplestone

Mary Cassatt : Paintings and Prints
by Frank Getlein
(Paperback - November 1980)

Mary Cassatt: Reflections On Women's Lives
by Mancoff. D.
For readers who are looking for an instructive first glance or an introduction to Mary Cassatt, this book is perfect. The medium-sized volume contains a biography of Cassatt by art historian Debra Mancoff and also offers reproductions that are surprisingly large and clear. These plates give readers as accurate a view as is possible in a book of Cassatt's virtuoso brushwork, sure-handed lines, and soft, deep aquatints.
Mancoff includes many of the artist's piquant remarks (as well as quotes from her friends and acquaintances, who found Cassatt often charming, always impressive, and sometimes "slashing" in her outspokenness). Upon seeing Degas's work for the first time, Cassatt flattened her nose against the window of the shop where they were shown, "to absorb all I could." When Degas urged her to exhibit with the impressionists instead of in the stuffy, official French salon, she "accepted with joy," she wrote. "I hated conventional art. I began to live." Mancoff has a nice touch with details, and her book should be just right for anyone who wants to learn more about this gifted and ambitious artist. The long, enriched captions for the plates are like the tape-recorded tours that accompany major exhibitions. They give the reader enough historical and critical background to make the works of art as meaningful as possible. --Peggy Moorman -
Hardcover from Stewart, Tabori & Chang
Suzette and the Puppy : A Story About Mary Cassatt
by Joan Sweeney, Jennifer Heyd Wharton (Illustrator)
Mary Cassatt : Impressionist at Home
by Barbara Stern Shapiro, Mary Cassatt
Mary Cassatt Postcards : 24 Full Color Ready-To-Mail Cards
by Mary Cassatt
Listed under Postcards

Cassatt : 16 Art Stickers
by Mary Cassatt
Listed under Art Stickers

A Child Is Born
by Mary Cassatt

Mary Cassatt (Library of American Art)
by Nancy Mowll Mathews, Nancy Mowell Mathews
(Hardcover - April 1987)

Mary Cassatt Giftwrap Paper : 2 Sheets With 3 Matching Gift Cards
by Mary Cassatt, Carol Belanger Grafton (Designer)
Listed under Postcards

Mary Cassatt (An Abrams First Impressions Book)
by Susan E. Meyer
(Hardcover - November 1990)

Mary Cassatt Oils and Pastels : Oils and Pastels
by E. John Bullard, John Bullard
(Paperback - September 1984)

Mary Cassatt : An American in Paris (A First Book)
by Philip Brooks
(School & Library Binding)

Mary Cassatt : Portrait of an American Impressionist (Trailblazers Biographies)
by Thomas Streissguth, Tom Streissguth
(Library Binding)

Mary Cassatt (The Life and Work Of)
by Ernestine Giesecke
(Library Binding)

Mary Cassatt: Modern Woman
by Judith A. Barter, et al

Visions : Stories About Women Artists
by Leslie Sills, et al
Listed under Women Artists

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