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Rosa Bonheur: The Artist's (Auto)Biography
by Anna Klumpke, et al
Paperback: 352 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.92 x 9.00 x 6.08 
Publisher: University of Michigan Press; Reprint edition
ISBN: 0472088424 

Rosa Bonheur (Portraits of Women Artists for Children)
by Robyn Montana Turner
Paperback - September 1993

Rosa Bonheur: A Life and a Legend
by Dore Ashton
Hardcover - April 1981
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Rosa Bonheur, Painter of Animals
by Olive M. Price
Hardcover - September 1972
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Women Painters of the World: From the Time of Caterina Vigri, 1413-1463, to Rosa Bonheur and the Present Day
by Walter Shaw, Ed. Sparrow
(Textbook Binding - January 1975)

Rosa Bonheur
by Rosalia Shriver
Hardcover - May 1982
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Rosa Bonheur: All Nature's Children
by Gabriel P. Weisberg
Paperback - June 1998
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Reminiscences of Rosa Bonheur
by Theodore, Ed. Stanton
Hardcover - June 1976
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