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Frederic Remington Art Museum Collection
by Brian W. Dippie, Lowell MacAllister
Cowboys and horses, adventure in wide-open spaces. The mythos of the Old West comes alive in the paintings, drawings, and sculptures of Frederic Remington (1861-1909). Born during the Civil War and educated at Yale University, Remington committed his life to making portraits of the American frontier. The Frederic Remington Art Museum Collection presents the collection of the museum founded by and housed in the former home of Remington's widow, Eva Caten Remington. 

For much of his creative life, Remington worked as an illustrator for publications like Harper's Weekly. His renderings of life in the Old West were hugely successful, and some even accompanied an essay by President Theodore Roosevelt. His drawings displayed a strongly believable atmosphere: 

[Remington's] illustrated scenes from the Apache War were rendered in a direct, spare and unsentimental style with an attention to detail that made them seem like snapshots of specific incidents. In truth, like much of Remington's reality, they were generalizations, not documents, created by extrapolating freely from firsthand observations.

Today Remington's work is often seen as problematic, and as evidence of the racist brutality that wiped out the American Indian culture and population. Of course, in Remington's time, his views of the frontier reflected those of most of the United States. Aside from these political complexities, Remington's work captures the imagery of a time and a landscape long gone. If you are fascinated by the Old West, then you should not miss this book. The book includes detailed commentary on the paintings and drawings, with 333 illustrations and 127 full-color plates. --J.P. Cohen -
Hardcover - 264 pages (April )
Harry N Abrams; ISBN: 0810967111

Frederic Remington
by Emily Ballew Neff, et al
Hardcover - 160 pages (February 14, )
Princeton Univ Pr; ISBN: 0691049289

Frederick Remington : Selected Writings
(Hardcover - July 1988)
ISBN: 9999988342 
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Frederic Remington: The Color of Night
by Nancy Anderson, William Sharpe, Alexander Nemerov
Hardcover from Princeton Univ Pr

Frederic Remington: A Catalogue Raisonne of Paintings, Watercolors and Drawings
by Peter H. Hassrick, Melissa J. Webster, Buffalo Bill Historical Center
Hardcover from Buffalo Bill Historical Center

Ranch Life and the Hunting-Trail
by Theodore Roosevelt, Frederic Remington
Paperback from James d Stevenson Pub

The Frederic Remington Art Museum Collection
by Brian W. Dippie, Frederic Remington, Frederic Remington Art Museum
Hardcover from Harry N Abrams

First Three Wagon Trains
by John Bidwell, Hubert Howe Bancroft, James Longmire, Frederic Remington, Hurbert H. Bancroft
Paperback from Binford & Mort Pub

Personal Recollections and Observations of General Nelson A. Miles: Embracing a Brief View of the Civil War: Or from New England to the Golden Gate
by Nelson A. Miles, Frederic Remington, Robert Wooster
Paperback from Univ of Nebraska Pr

Frederic Remington (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists)
by Mike Venezia, Frederic Remington
Paperback from Children's Book Press

Buffalo Bill: Last of the Great Scouts
by Helen Cody Wetmore, Zane Grey, Frederic Remington, E W Deming, Rosa Bonheur, Joy S. Kasson
Paperback from Bison Bks Corp

Frederic Remington: 173 Drawings and Illustrations
by Frederic Remington, Henry C. Pitz
Paperback from Dover Pubns

Remington and Russell : The Sid Richardson Collection / Revised Edition
by Brian W. Dippie
Paperback from Univ of Texas Press

Frederic Remington & Turn-Of-The-Century America (Yale Publications in the History of Art)
by Alexander Nemerov
Hardcover from Yale Univ Pr

Remington: 16 Art Stickers
by Frederic Remington
Listed under Art Stickers

Frederic Remington
by Emily Ballew Neff, Frederic Remington, Wynne Phelan
Hardcover from Princeton Univ Pr

Frederic Remington (The Life and Work of)
by Ernestine Giesecke
Library Binding from Heineman Library

Frederic Remington: Artist of the American West (Historical American Biographies)
by Nancy Plain
Library Binding from Enslow Publishers, Inc.

Frederic Remington, Artist of the Western Frontier.
by John, Stewart
Library Binding from William Morrow
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The Frederic Remington Book; A Pictorial History of the West.
by Harold, McCracken
Hardcover from Doubleday
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Pony Tracks
by Frederic Remington
Hardcover from Random House Value Pub
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Frederic Remington: Masterpieces from the Amon Carter Museum
by Rick Stewart
Paperback from Amon Carter Museum
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Frederic Remington: The Masterworks
by Michael Edward Shapiro, Peter H. Hassrick, Buffalo Bill Historical Center
Hardcover from Harry N Abrams
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Frederic Remington: Library of American Art Series
by James K. Ballinger
Hardcover - 160 pages (November 1989)
ISBN: 0810915731
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Frederick Remington : An Essay and Catalog to Accompany a Retrospective Exhibition
by Peter H. Hassrick
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Western Art of Frederic Remington
by Matthew Baigell (Author)
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