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The Archaeology of Rock-Art
by Christopher Chippindale (Editor), Paul S. C. Taçon (Editor)

The Art of the Shaman: Rock Art of California
by David S. Whitley

Canyon Country Prehistoric Indians: Their Cultures, Ruins, Artifacts and Rock Art
by Michaelene Pendleton, F. A. Barnes

Easy Field Guide to Southwestern Petroglyphs
by Elizabeth C. Welsh

Easy Field Guide to Rock Art Symbols of the Southwest
by Rick Harris

A Field Guide to Rock Art Symbols of the Greater Southwest
by Alex Patterson (Compiler)
(Paperback - July 1992)

A Field Guide to Rock Art Symbols of the Greater Southwest
by Alex Patterson (Compiler)
(Paperback - July 1992)

Guide to Indian Rock Carvings of the Pacific Northwest Coast
by Beth Hill
Paperback from Hancock House Pub Ltd
Special Order

A Guide to Rock Art Sites: Southern California and Southern Nevada
by David S. Whitley
Paperback from Mountain Press Publishing Company

Guide to Rock Art of the Utah Region : Sites With Public Access
by Dennis Slifer
Paperback - 245 pages
University of New Mexico Press; ISBN: 158096009X

Indian Rock Art of the Columbia Plateau
by James D. Keyser
(Paperback - August 1992)

Images in Stone: Southwest Rock Art
by David Muench (Photographer), Polly Schaafsma

Indian Rock Art of the Southwest
by Polly Schaafsma
Paperback: 379 pages
University of New Mexico Press; ISBN: 0826309135; Reprint edition (December 1986)

Landscape of the Spirits: Hohokam Rock Art at South Mountain Park
by Todd W. Bostwick, Peter Krocek (Photographer)

The Rock Art of Texas Indians
by Forrest Kirkland (Illustrator), W. W., Jr Newcomb

Rock Art in New Mexico
by Polly Schaafsma, et al
(Paperback - June 1992)

The Serpent and the Sacred Fire: Fertility Images in Southwest Rock Art
by Dennis Slifer

Signs of Life: Rock Art of the Upper Rio Grande
by Dennis Slifer

Northwest Coast Indian Art : An Analysis of Form
by Bill Holm
(Paperback - December 1965)

Petroglyphs: Ancient Language/Sacred Art
by Sabra Moore

The Petroglyphs and Pictographs of Missouri
by Carol Diaz-Granados, James R. Duncan

Rock Art of the American Southwest
by Fred Hirschmann (Photographer), Scott Thybony

Stone Chisel and Yucca Brush: Colorado Plateau Rock Art
by Ekkehart Malotki, Donald E. Weaver
from Kiva Publishing, Inc

Plains Indian Rock Art (Samuel and Althea Stroum Book)
by James D. Keyser, Michael A. Klassen

Native American Rock Art: Messages from the Past
by Yvette La Pierre, et al

Kokopelli: Fluteplayer Images in Rock Art
by Dennis Slifer, James Duffield
Pueblo Indian sites in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah depicting over 300 versions of the Kokopelli character. Db
Paperback: 150 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.56 x 9.01 x 6.02
Ancient City Pr; ISBN: 0941270807;

Picture Rocks: American Indian Rock Art in the Northeast Woodlands
by Edward J. Lenik

Rock-Art of the Southwest: A Visitor's Companion
by Liz Welsh, Peter Welsh

Legacy on Stone: Rock Art of the Colorado Plateau and Four Corners Region
by Sally J. Cole
(Paperback - September 1990)

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