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American Indian Beadwork
by W. Ben Hunt (Author), J. F.
Publisher: Fireside; Reprint edition 
Authentic American Indian Beadwork and How to Do It : With 50 Charts for Bead Weaving and 21 Full-Size Patterns for Applique
by Pamela Stanley-Millner
Paperback from Dover Pubns

Beading in the Native American Tradition
by David Dean
(Paperback -- June 1, )

Big Book of Indian Beadwork Designs (Dover Needlework Series)
by Kay Doherty Bennett

Crow Indian Beadwork: A Descriptive and Historical Study (Contributions from the Museum of the American Indian, Heye Foundation, V. 16.)
by William Wildschut, et al
Listed under Crow Indians

Indian Bead-Weaving Patterns: Chain-Weaving Designs and Bead Loom Weaving-An Illustrated 'How-To' Guide
by Horace R. Goodhue
(Paperback -- October 1989)

Beading With Peyote Stitch: A Beadwork How-To Book (Beadwork How-To Book)
by Jeannette Cook, Vicki Star
(Paperback -- July )

Buckskin & Buffalo : The Artistry of the Plains Indians
by Colin F. Taylor
Hardcover: 128 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.61 x 8.38 x 7.96
Publisher: Rizzoli; 
ISBN: 0847820874

The Complete Book of Seminole Patchwork
by Beverly Rush, Lassie Wittman
Paperback: 117 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.37 x 10.95 x 8.36
Publisher: Dover Pubns; Reprint edition
ISBN: 0486276171

Dress Clothing of the Plains Indians (Civilization of the American Series, Vol 140)
by Ronald Peter Koch, Ronald P. Kock
Paperback: ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.73 x 9.05 x 6.03
Publisher: Univ of Oklahoma Pr (Trd); Reprint edition (September 1990)
ISBN: 0806121378

How to Draw Indian Arts and Crafts
John Meiczinger (Illustrator)
Paperback 1989

Kachinas: Spirit Beings of the Hopi
by Neil, Sr. David (Illustrator), et al
Listed under Kachina Dolls

Native American Crafts of the Northwest Coast, the Arctic, and the Subarctic (Native American Crafts)
by Judith Hoffman Corwin
School & Library Binding from Franklin Watts, Incorporated


Native American Fashion : Modern Adaptations of Traditional Designs
by Margaret Wood et al.
Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: Native American Fashions, Inc.; 2nd Revision edition (September 12, )
ISBN: 0965929302

North American Indian Jewelry and Adornment
by Lois Sherr Dubin, et al
(Hardcover -- May )

North American Indian Beadwork Patterns
North American Indian Beadwork Patterns
by Pamela Stanley-Millner 
Publisher: Dover Pubns;

North American Indian Jewelry and Adornment
by Lois Sherr Dubin, Togashi (Photographer), Paul Jones (Photographer)
Hardcover: 608 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.72 x 11.50 x 9.95
Publisher: Harry N Abrams; 
ISBN: 0810936895

Southwestern Indian Jewelry
by Dexter Cirillo, et al
(Hardcover - September 1992)

North American Indian Jewelry and Adornment
by Lois Sherr Dubin, et al

Jesse Monongya: Opal Bears and Lapis Skies (American Indian Master Jewelers)
by Lois Sherr Dubin, Jim Hart

Technique of North American Indian Beadwork
by Monte Smith, Montejon Smith, Ralph L. Smith (Illustrator)
Book Description: This informative and easy to read book was written by noted author and editor Monte Smith and contains complete instructions on every facet of doing beadwork. Included is information on selecting and buying beads; materials used (and how to use them); an examination of Indian beadwork designs, their development, significance and uses, with special emphasis on tribal differences; step-by-step instructions on how to make your own beadwork loom, doing loom work and the variations of loom work; appliqu stitches including the lazy stitch, "crow" stitch, running stitch, spot stitch and return stitch; bead wrapping and peyote stitch; how to make rosettes; making beaded necklaces; and, a special section on beadwork edging. 

The book features examples and photos of beadwork from 1835 to the present time from twenty-three tribes. Photos include beaded articles from the Apache, Arapaho, Assiniboine, Bannock, Blackfoot, Cheyenne, Chippewa-Cree, Commanche, Cree, Crow, Flathead, Gros Ventre, Huron, Kiowa, Mohawk, Navajo, Ojibiwa, Omaha, Otto, Piaute, Pottawatomi, Sac & Fox, Shoshone, Sioux, Umatilla, Ute, Winnebago and Yakima tribes. There is also a section of notes, a selected bibliography and an index. 

A time tested best seller. Anyone interested in the craft work of the North American Indian will profit from owning this book. 200 illustrations; 167 photographs; 4 pages in full color.
Publisher: Eagle's View Publishing; (September 1983)

The Complete Guide to Traditional Native American Beadwork: A Definitive Study of Authentic Tools, Materials, Techniques, and Styles
by Joel Monture, Larry McNeil (Photographer)
Paperback: 112 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.37 x 10.87 x 8.04
John Wiley & Sons; ISBN: 0020664303; 1 Collier edition (October 7, 1993)

Sioux Quill and Beadwork: Designs and Techniques (Dover Pictorial Archive Series)
by Carrie A. Lyford

Traditional Indian Bead and Leather Crafts (Traditional Indian Crafts Series)
by Monte Smith et al.
Book Description: This useful book contains complete illustrated instructions on all of the basics of Beadwork and Leather crafts of the American Indian and the early frontier. It is the second in a series on Traditional Indian Crafts and was written in answer to numerous requests for a "how to do it" book that would not only cover the basics of the traditional crafts of the American Indian, but would also present illustrated step-by-step instructions on how to do those crafts. The book has two objectives: To provide a clear, concise guide to the person who simply wants to make a nice attractive pouch or bag and to serve as a "primer" on the basics of traditional beadwork and leathercrafts of Native Americans for the craftsperson who wants to understand the techniques involved and, thereby, be able to construct other items using them.

Each project was written independent of all the others and will allow you to make any one item without reading the total book. Projects described include Leather Pouch, Strike-A-Lite Pouch, Knife Sheath, Beaded Sioux Pouch, Scissors Pouch, Beaded Crow Pouch, Fringed Pouch, Beaded Awl Case, Quilled Pipe Bag, Fringed Possibles Bag, Fringed Mirror Pouch, and Gage d'More Pouch.

In addition, craft techniques described include all the basics of working with and sewing leather, beading techniques such as edging, the lazy stitch, running stitch, "crow" stitch, spot stitch (for making rosettes), and return stitch, and the preparation and use of porcupine quills for quill wrapping. All of the pouches, bags and containers described may also be made without adornment if the craftsperson so chooses.

This book is designed so that even the beginning craftsman can create authentic Indian and frontier crafts with ease and learn the basic techniques while doing so! 137 illustrations; 15 B&W photographs, 4 pages in full color; index.
Paperback: ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.31 x 11.03 x 8.49
Publisher: Eagle's View Publishing; (March 1987)
ISBN: 0943604141

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