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Adventure Is in My Blood : (1957-1964) (Annabel Adventure Series/Russell Annabel, Vol 3)
Russell Annabel
The third volume in the Annabel series. Annabel is without a doubt the greatest Alaskan hunting writer there ever was. As in previous volumes, this book is filled with plenty of hair-raising adventures with bear, moose, wolf, and sheep; it also includes his Mexican hunting tales.

Advanced Black Powder Hunting
Toby Bridges

Advanced Bowhunting Guide
Roger Maynard
Listed under Bowhunting

The African Adventurers : A Return to the Silent Places
by Peter Hathaway Capstick
Hardcover / Published 1992

African Adventures
John F. Burger
Leather Bound / Published 1993

African Game Trails
Theodore Roosevelt
Listed under Theodore Roosevelt

African Hunter
James Mellon

African Jungle Memories
John F. Burger
Leather Bound / Published 1993

African Twilight : The Story of a Hunter
Robert F. Jones, Steven Daiber (Illustrator)
Hardcover / Published 1995

After the Hunt With Lovett Williams
Lovett Williams / Paperback

Alaskan Wild Life : Humorous Perspectives on Life in the Bush
Ted Leonard / Paperback

America's Favorite Wild Game Recipes (Hunting & Fishing Library)
Listed under Cooking

America's Greatest Game Bird : Archibald Rutledge's Turkey Hunting Tales
Jim Casada (Editor), Archibald H. Rutledge (Editor)
Hardcover: Univ of South Carolina Pr
ISBN: 0872499839;

American Hunting Rifles : Their Application in the Field for Practical Shooting
Craig Boddington
Paperback: 446 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.19 x 9.21 x 6.11
Publisher: Safari Press; ;
ISBN: 1571572236

American Wingshooting : A Twentieth Century Pictorial Saga
Ben O. Williams, Charley F. Waterman
Listed under Waterfowling

Big Game Hunter's Guide to Colorado
Big Game Hunter's Guide to Colorado
by John Axelson
Paperback from Wilderness Adventures Press
Big Game Hunter's Guide to Montana
Big Game Hunter's Guide to Montana
by Ron Spomer
Paperback from Wilderness Adventures Press
Field Dressing and Butchering Rabbits, Squirrels, and Other Small Game: Step-By-Step Instructions, from Field to Table
by Monte Burch

The Field & Stream Sporting Vehicles Handbook
by Slaton L. White, et al
Listed under Four Wheel Drive Vehicles

Hawks in the Hand : Adventures in Photography and Falconry
Frank and John Craighead
Listed under Falconry

by John A. Hunter
Hardcover from Safari Press
I Didn't Know It Was Loaded
by Robert C. Ruark
(Hardcover - June 1980)

A Hunter's Heart: Honest Essays on Blood Sport
by David Petersen (Editor)

Hunter's Tracks
Hunter's Tracks
by John A. Hunter
Hardcover from Safari Press
A Hunter's Wanderings in Africa: Being a Narrative of Nine Years Spent Amongst the Game of the Far Interior of South Africa
by Frederick Courteney Selous, Mike Resnick
Hardcover from Alexander Books
Hunting the Dangerous Game of Africa
by John Kingsley-Heath
One of the best books on big game hunting ever written.
Hardcover - 496 pages
Sycamore Island Books; ISBN: 0873649583

Hunting the Hard Way
by Howard Hill

Hunting Trips of a Ranchman & the Wilderness Hunter : Sketches of Sport on the Northern Cattle Plains
by Theodore Roosevelt
Listed under Theodore Roosevelt

The Lost Classics
by Robert Ruark

The Man-Eaters of Tsavo (Peter Capstick Library Series)
by John Henry Patterson
Listed under African History - Uganda

The Old Man and the Boy
by Robert Chester Ruark
(Paperback - August 1993)

Optics for the Hunter
by John Barsness
Hardcover from Safari Press
Modern Pheasant Hunting
by Steve Grooms
Listed under Pheasants
Pondoro: Last of the Ivory Hunters
by John Taylor
Hardcover from Safari Press
Ranch Life and the Hunting Trail
by Theodore Roosevelt, Frederic Remington (Illustrator)
Listed under Theodore Roosevelt

Horn of the Hunter: The Story of an African Hunt
by Robert Ruark

The Old Man's Boy Grows Older
by Robert Ruark, Walter Dower (Illustrator)
(Paperback - October 1993)

Robert Ruark's Africa
by Robert C. Ruark, et al

Tall Tales of Bow Hunting and Fishing and Other Cool Stuff
by Rand Harrison

Sport Hunting on Six Continents
by Ken Wiljon, Ken Wilson

Sport Hunter in Africa
by John M. McGowan, Michael Callender
Special Order

Tan Your Hide!: Home Tanning Leathers and Furs
by Phyllis Hobson, Steven M. Edwards
Listed under Leatherwork

Tales from the African Frontier
by Daniel P. Mannix, John A. Hunter
Book Description: John Hunter writes about East Africa's most illustrious characters in a time that is gone, but not forgotten.
Hardcover from Safari Press
Use Enough Gun: On Hunting Big Game
by Robert Ruark
Wild Adventure
by Howard Hill, et al
Foreword by Errol Flynn. A collection of extraordinary hunting tales first published 1954, this classic work in the genre deserves shelf space in every outdoorsman's library. Db.
Paperback: 240 pages
Derrydale; ISBN: 1586670336; 1 edition (October 1, )
White Hunter
by John A. Hunter
Hardcover from Safari Press
Aim of the Hunt : Introduction to Hunting
Jerry E. Sneath
Out of Print - Try Used Books

The Honey Badger
by Robert Ruark
Out of Print - Try Used Books

American Foxhunting Stories
One Hundred and One Classic Stories, Sketches, Essays, and Poems Illustrated by One Hundred and Fifty-Two Painting, Drawings, Prints, and Photographs
Alexander Mackay-Smith / Hardcover
Out of Print - Try Used Books

American Roughshooting
Edward K., Iii Roggenkamp
Out of Print - Try Used Books

African Campfire Nights
John F. Burger
Library Binding / Published 1993
Out of Print - Try Used Books

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