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Beginner s Guide to Traditional Archery
Beginner's Guide to Traditional Archery
by Brian J. Sorrells
Paperback from Stackpole Books
ISBN: 0811731332
  • Easy-to-understand instruction for traditional archery
  • Covers both target shooting and bowhunting
  • Includes the author's exclusive tiered training program for instinctive shooting with in-depth advice on selecting bows, arrows, and accessories

  • The popularity of traditional archery has exploded in recent years, and this handy, readable guide serves as the perfect introduction for anyone looking to break into the sport. From selecting arrow shafts to refining your form to entering your first tournament, it explains in straightforward, no-nonsense prose how to get started. Whether you've never shot an arrow or are making the move from compound bows, you're certain to benefit from the author's time-tested training program for instinctive shooting, which develops a foundation of shooting skill through repetition.

    Archery Fundamentals (Sports Fundamentals Series)
    Archery Fundamentals (Sports Fundamentals Series)
    by Human Kinetics, Douglas Engh
    Paperback from Human Kinetics
    ISBN: 0736055010

    Head to the range with the skills to hit the bull's-eye. Archery Fundamentals will have you shooting on target in no time.

    Instruction in all the essentials--from stringing the bow through the anchor to learning aim, grip, and release--will put your technique right on the mark. Sequential instructions and accompanying photographs will guide your execution through every phase of the shot.

    In addition, you'll find inside tips for choosing and maintaining equipment as well as using accessories to improve your accuracy with both recurve and compound bows. You'll also discover how to use arrow patterns to correct errors. And, if you want to compete, you'll appreciate the recommendations for entering and participating in archery tournaments.

    Archery Fundamentals is a better, faster way to learn the basics. With this book, you'll have as much fun learning the art of shooting as you'll have hitting your mark consistently.

    See all the titles in the Sports Fundamentals Series.

    Archery: Steps to Success (Steps to Success Sports Series)
    Archery: Steps to Success (Steps to Success Sports Series)
    by Kathleen Haywood, Catherine Lewis
    Paperback from Human Kinetics
    ISBN: 0736055428

    Master all of the archery skills essential to shooting straight and true. Archery: Steps to Success provides in-depth, progressive instruction with accompanying illustrations for each phase of the shot--sighting and aiming, shooting form, and anchoring--for all forms of archery.

    Build a solid skill base; learn the details of choosing, fitting, and tuning equipment; and then refine your technique and sharpen your mental skills. By practicing the 91 drills and using the scoring systems to gauge your progress, you'll develop consistent technique and shot patterns in no time.

    Whatever the target, this manual will help you hit the mark. As part of the popular Steps to Success Series (more than 1.5 million copies sold!), Archery: Steps to Success hits the bull's-eye when it comes to expert instruction on the sport.

    Precision Archery
    Precision Archery
    by Steve Ruis, Claudia Stevenson
    Paperback from Human Kinetics
    ISBN: 0736046348


    Attention, serious archers: If you're looking for the advanced techniques and strategies to help you refine your skills and thoroughly prepare for competition, Precision Archery can help you achieve your goals.

    Relying on the expertise of some of the nation's top coaches and competitors such as Rick McKinney, Larry Wise, and M.J. Rogers as well as the publishers of Archery Focus magazine, this comprehensive book covers all aspects of competition for all disciplines within the sport. Whether you're a target archer, field archer, or bowhunter, you'll discover the subtleties of technique that will give you the competitive edge--and you'll learn how to tailor your approach to specific conditions and events.

    Precision Archery covers advanced technique and form of recurve, compound, and barebow archery. It provides in-depth instruction to help you perfect your stance, align your body, engage the right muscles, and flawlessly execute every phase of a shot sequence, from predraw through release.

    You'll also learn how to

    -select and maintain equipment, with detailed advice on bow tuning and setup, arrow tuning, and testing new equipment;

    -employ mental preparation, focus, and relaxation techniques to improve your consistency and accuracy;

    -adjust your technique for various weather and terrain conditions; and

    -use fitness training to condition your body in ways that will directly enhance your archery performance and skills.If you're ready to go beyond the basics of shooting and bow stringing to develop pinpoint accuracy, turn to Precision Archery for the edge you need.

    Instinctive Archery Insights: Revised Edition
    Instinctive Archery Insights: Revised Edition
    by Jay Kidwell
    Paperback from Jay Kidwell
    ISBN: 0963971824

    Instinctive Archery Insights (Revised Edition) provides unique information for the archer, traditional or compound, that cannot be found anywhere else. Within these pages are principles from applied psychology, communicated with an easy to understand style, that will dramatically improve any archer's ability. Dr. Kidwell effectively communicates many unique insights designed to accelerate learning and enhance performance. Discover the truth about consistency in both physical processes and mental processes. Uncover the real secret to attaining accuracy. Learn about the primary cause of missing and how to quickly remedy the problem. Gain insights into how imagery works and learn how to integrate imagery into your regular routine. Discover the true source of success.

    New to this edition is Dr. Kidwell's work on the development and treatment of target panic. Based on years of research and experimentation, it is the most accurate work on the subject to date with an effective therapeutic intervention. The real cause of target panic is explained in a simple and concise manner and the intervention is simple and effective for curing target panic.

    Core Archery: Shooting With Proper Back Tension
    Core Archery: Shooting With Proper Back Tension
    by Larry Wise
    Paperback from Target Communications Corp
    ISBN: 0913305189

    A systematic set of archery shooting form steps built around the proper use of your skeleton. Learn to maximize skeleton and minimize muscle. in step one you learn to shoot a ten and in step two you learn to repeat step one.K1-22290
    Idiot Proof Archery-How to Shoot Like a Pro--Step By Step
    Idiot Proof Archery-How to Shoot Like a Pro--Step By Step
    by Bernie Pellerite
    Paperback from Robinhood Video Productions Inc
    ISBN: 0971281211

    Master Coach Bernie Pellerite takes archery's sacred cows and makes hamburger out of them ... and then eats them with relish! If you bowhunt or shoot target, 3-D or field archery ... compound or recurve, fingers or release ... traditional or Olympic style ... YOU NEED THIS BOOK! Finally, the creator of the world famous School of Advanced ARchery (formerly NFAA Mobile Shooter's School), Master Coach Bernie Pellerite has put much of his archery wisdom ... and wit... into a tell it like it is book ... with no-holds-barred! Learn how to hit what you aim at, as he shows you what it takes to shoot like a pro!... even if you have a real job! Discover what predictable accuracy feels like with a step-by-step shot sequence and no BS explanations. Illustrated with 350 photos and diagrams. Learn the same bulletproof theories and techniques that Bernie and his wife, Master Coach Jan Pellerite, have taught to over 2,100 students in the shooter's school that he created. Get the straight scoop on how to compete and win with his accelerated learning program, and see dozens of testimonials from his students that have won over 125 National and World titles! From Tuning to Target Panic to Buck Fever, from Holding Steady to Back Tension to Tournament Nerves, from Control Freaks to Analytical Personalities, whether you use a recurve or compound for bowhunting, indoor target, field archery or shoot 3-D, this book will open your eyes ... if you can handle the truth!
    Traditional Archery: 2nd Edition
    Traditional Archery: 2nd Edition
    by Sam Fadala
    Paperback from Stackpole Books
    ISBN: 0811706737
  • Now in full color, updated and revised throughout
  • Information on choosing a bow, setting up the bow and arrows, selecting tackle, and ordering a custom bow
  • Practical advice on storing and transporting bows and gear safely
  • The history of the bow and arrow and stories of the fathers of traditional archery
  • Includes a glossary of archery terms and advice for teaching beginning bowshooters
    The Traditional Bowyer s Bible, Volume 1
    The Traditional Bowyer's Bible, Volume 1

    Paperback from Lyons Press
    ISBN: 1585740853
    The Traditional Bowyer's Bible series includes three essential volumes filled with history, humor, and practical advice. Invaluable information for anyone interested in the age-old lure of archery.

    American Indian Archery
    (The Civilization of the American Indian Series ; 154)
    by Reginald Laubin, Gladys Laubin (Photographer)
    (Hardcover - April 1980)
    Archery Anatomy: An Introduction to Techniques for Improved Performance
    Archery Anatomy: An Introduction to Techniques for Improved Performance
    by Ray Axford
    Knowledge of the interrelationship between the anatomy of the human body and the anatomy of the bow is fundamental in improving archery skill and technique. The detailed drawings and the clear, descriptive text in this book explain how the skeleton and muscles should be used to improve overall performance in a natural way without artificial or coached movements. A primer for coaches and performers as well as an analysis of the sport itself, this guide provides an understanding of the sport without emphasizing any national or international rules, making it useful to archers throughout the world.
    Paperback: 164 pages 
    Publisher: Souvenir Press (July 1, ) 
    Language: English 
    ISBN-10: 0285632655 
    Archery : Steps to Success (Steps to Success Activity Series)
    by Kathleen M. Haywood, Catherine F. Lewis (Contributor)

    Archery (Know the Sport)
    by John Adams

    An Archer's Inner Life : A Collection of Essays on the Wood Bow
    by Dave Sigurslid

    Archer's Digest
    by Roger Combs

    Bow and Arrow: The Comprehensive Guide to Equipment, Technique, and Competition
    Bow and Arrow: The Comprehensive Guide to Equipment, Technique, and Competition
    by Larry Wise, Larry Wert
    Paperback from Stackpole Books
    Bows of the World
    by David Gray
    Book Description: Do you really know your bow? What are its historical origins, and how is it related to the other great families of bows around the world, ancient and modern? Bows of the World covers primitive and traditional bows from just about every major area of the world - North America, Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa. Learn about peak archery achievements from around the world, and of the remarkable skills and intelligence developed by ancient and modern bowyers and archers alike. Full dimensions and construction materials are given for each bow, along with accompanying arrows and quivers. Also included are key shooting characteristics and performance facts, and legends and folklore for each particular bow. With over one hundred unique and spectacular full-color photographs, Bows of the World is a one-of-a-kind book every archery fan or aspiring archer will want on their bookshelf. (6 1/4 x 9 1/4, 112 pages, color photos, b&w photos)

    David Gray has been an archer and hunter for over thirty years. He teaches social and organizational psychology at Westminster College, New Wilmington, Pennsylvania, and owns the Krackow Company, dedicated to promoting the ancient and worldwide art of archery.
    Hardcover from The Lyons Press

    Chinese Archery
    by Stephen Selby
    Paperback from Coronet Books

    Encyclopedia of Native American Bows, Arrows, & Quivers : Northeast, Southeast, and Midwest
    by Steve Allely, Jim Hamm

    Hunting with the Bow & Arrow
    by Saxton Pope
    Listed under Bowhunting

    Kyudo : The Essence and Practice of Japanese Archery
    by Hideharu Onuma, et al
    Hardcover: 160 pages
    Kodansha International; ISBN: 4770017340; (June 1993)
    One Arrow, One Life : Zen, Archery, Enlightenment
    by Kenneth Kushner

    Making Indian Bows and Arrows, The Old Way
    by Douglas Wallentine, Douglas Spotted Eagle (Editor)
    (Paperback - October 1988)

    The Medieval Archer
    by Jim Bradbury
    Hardcover from Palgrave Macmillan

    Hunting the Hard Way
    by Howard Hill
    Listed under Bowhunting

    Self Bows and Other Archery Tackle from the Tomb of Tutankhamun: Tutankhamun's Tomb Series; Book IV
    by W. McLeod
    Listed under Tutankhamun

    by Roger Asham
    A dialogue on the moral and physical benefits of shooting the English long-bow reprinted from the Reverend Dr. Gile's edition of Roger Ascham's complete works.
    Leather Bound: 1686 pages
    Derrydale; ISBN: 1564160920; (October 31, )

    The Traditional Bowyer's Bible, Volume Two
    by Jim Hamm (Editor), et al

    Traditional Bowyers of America: The Bowhunting and Bowmaking World of the Nation's Top Crafters of Longbows And Recurves
    by Dan Bertalan
    Hardcover from Envisage Unlimited
    Out of Print - Try Used Books

    Wild Adventure
    by Howard Hill, et al
    Foreword by Errol Flynn. A collection of extraordinary hunting tales first published 1954, this classic work in the genre deserves shelf space in every outdoorsman's library. Db.
    Listed under Hunting

    Zen in the Art of Archery
    by Eugen Herrigel
    So many books have been written about the meditation side of Zen and the everyday, chop wood/carry water side of Zen. But few books have approached Zen the way that most Japanese actually do--through ritualized arts of discipline and beauty--and perhaps that is why Eugen Herrigel's Zen in the Art of Archery is still popular so long after it first publication in 1953. Herrigel, a philosophy professor, spent six years studying archery and flower-arranging in Japan, practicing every day, and struggling with foreign notions such as "eyes that hear and ears that see." In a short, pithy narrative, he brings the heart of Zen to perfect clarity--intuition, imitation, practice, practice, practice, then, boom, wondrous spontaneity fusing self and art, mind, body, and spirit. Herrigel writes with an attention to subtle profundity and relates it with a simple artistry that itself carries the signature of Zen. Brian Bruya -
    Paperback - 96 pages
    Random House; ISBN: 0375705090
    by Roger Combs (Editor)
    (Paperback - March 1987)
    Out of Print - Try Used Books

    Professional Archery Technique
    by Kirk Ethridge
    Out of Print - Try Used Books

    Instinctive archery insights : enhanced performance, accelerated learning, increased accuracy
    by Jay Kidwell
    Paperback: 112 pages
    Rollin Jay Kidwell; ISBN: 0963971808; (October 25, 1993)<
    Out of Print - Try Used Books

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