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America's Most Haunted Places
by Nancy Roberts, Jim Jones, Bruce Roberts (Photographer)
Paperback - 95 pages 1st softco edition (February 1987)
Sandlapper Pub Co; ISBN: 0878440747

Banshees, Bugles and Belles : True Ghost Stories of Georgia
by Barbara Duffey
Paperback - 126 pages 
Howell Pr; ISBN: 1883522080

Between Midnight and Morning : Historic Hauntings and Ghost Tales from the Frontier, Hispanic and Native American Traditions
by Patrick M. Mendoza

Coast to Coast Ghosts : True Stories of Hauntings Across America
by Leslie Rule, Ann Rule
An employee of the St. James Hotel in New Mexico watches in shock as a fair-haired toddler with a terribly disfigured face disappears into the floor. This is just one of the paranormal mysteries Leslie Rule shares with us - a result of extensive interviews and research uncovering the reasons behind ghost sightings across the country. Coast To Coast Ghosts features dozens of spine-tingling, real-life ghost stories and approximately 50 black-and-white photographs taken by Rule of haunted sites from Seattle to San Diego and from New Orleans to Key West. According to a 1990 Gallup poll, one in four Americans believe in ghosts, up from one in ten in 1978. Today, one in ten report they've actually seen a ghost.

The Cold, Cold Hand : More Stories of Ghosts and Haunts from the Appalachian Foothills
by James V. Burchill (Editor), Linda J. Crider (Contributor), Peggy Kendrick (Contributor)
Paperback - 192 pages 
Rutledge Hill Pr; ISBN: 1558535438

The Complete Book of Vampires
by Leonard R. N. Ashley

Demons Of the Night: Tales Of the Fantastic, Madness and the Supernatural From Nineteenth-Century France
by Joan Kessler
Book Description: Demons of the Night is a trove of haunting fiction--a gathering, for the first time in English, of the best nineteenth-century French fantastic tales. Featuring such authors as Balzac, Dumas, Verne, and Maupassant, this book offers readers familiar with the works of Edgar Allan Poe and E. T. A. Hoffman some of the most memorable stories in the genre. With its aura of the uncanny and the supernatural, the fantastic tale is a vehicle for exploring forbidden themes and the dark, irrational side of the human psyche.
The Field Guide to North American Hauntings : Everything You Need to Know About Encountering over 100 Ghosts, Phantoms, and Spectral Entities
by W. Haden Blackman 
Paperback - 191 pages 1 Ed edition 
Three Rivers Pr; ISBN: 0609800213

Classic American Ghost Stories :
200 Years of Ghost Lore from the Great Plains, New England, the South, and the Pacific Northwest
by Deborah L. Downer (Editor)
Paperback - 214 pages 1st Ed. edition (June 1990)
August House Pub; ISBN: 0874831180
Georgia Ghosts
by Nancy Roberts
John F Blair Pub; ISBN: 0895871726

Green Mountain Ghosts, Ghouls & Unsolved Mysteries
by Joseph A. Citro, Bonnie Christensen (Illustrator)
Aimed at adults, teenagers, and tourists, this is the most comprehensive collection of tales, legends, folklore, ghost stories and strange-but-true facts ever assembled about Vermont and the surrounding areas of New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Quebec--one that can be used to find these haunted sites. Black-and-white drawings and maps. Ingram.
Paperback - 240 pages (April )
Chapters Pub Ltd; ISBN: 1881527506

The Ghosts of Las Cruces & Southern New Mexico
by Antonio R. Garcez, Su Oficina (Translator)

Ghosts of the White House
by Cheryl Harness

Ghosts of the Garden State
by Lynda Lee MacKen
Ghosts and Haunts from the Appalachian Foothills : Stories and Legends
by James V. Burchill (Editor), Linda J. Crider, Peggy Kendrick (Contributor), Marcia Wright Bonner (Contributor)
This collection of spooky, authentic legends of Appalachian ghosts was gathered from those who have lived in the foothills for generations. 
Reading level: Ages 4-8
Rutledge Hill Pr; ISBN: 1558532536

Ghosts of Flight 401 (Unsolved Mysteries)
by Brian Innes
A young reader's version of one of the great aviation mysteries.
Library Binding - 48 pages 
Raintree/Steck Vaughn; ISBN: 0817254757

Ghosts of the Air : True Stories of Aerial Hauntings
by Martin Gaidin, John Keel (Introduction)
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Ghosts: True Encounters with the World Beyond
By Dr. Hans Holzer
Hans Holzer is a world-renowned parapsychologist and author of several paranormal books including Are You Psychic? and Ghosts, Hauntings & Possessions, in which we learn of Holzer's earlier forays into the world of the supernatural. His encounters with the undead are apparently never-ending. Ghosts: True Encounters with the World Beyond is a gigantic volume, documenting almost 200 cases of haunted houses, ships, castles, and just about any place imaginable! The cases are far more complex than just your average white-sheeted ghoul in the attic. Holzer examines the differences between "real ghosts," who reveal themselves to living people, and psychic impressions, which occur to many witnesses, always at the same time and place. There is also solid advice for
interpreting paranormal signals--and even photographs of ghostly apparitions. This is an informative read, but one that is open to personal interpretation. --Naomi Gesinger

Graveyard : True Hauntings from an Old New England Cemetery
by Ed Warren, Lorraine Warren (Contributor), Robert David Chase (Contributor)
World-famous experts on the supernatural, Ed and Lorraine Warren break new ground with "haunting" real-life stories from an old Connecticut graveyard. In spite of the beautiful country setting, visitors to the Union Cemetary have been terrified by sightings of ghosts.
Paperback Reprint edition (October 1993)
St Martins Mass Market Paper; ISBN: 0312951132

Ghosts of the Bay : A Guide to the History of Georgian Bay
by Russell Floren, Andrea Gutsche

Ghosts, Spirits and Hauntings
by Patricia Telesco

Haunted Lakes : Great Lakes Ghost Stories, Superstitions and Sea Serpents
by Frederick Stonehouse, et al

Haunted Lakes II : More Great Lakes Ghost Stories
by Frederick Stonehouse

Haunted Hotels : A Guide to American and Canadian Inns and Their Ghosts
by Robin Mead, Pamela Wright (Illustrator)
Paperback: 244 pages
Rutledge Hill Press; ISBN: 1558539077; (December )

by Nancy Roberts
Paperback: 168 pages
Globe Pequot Pr; ISBN: 0762703202; 3rd edition (September )

Haunted Places : The National Directory : Ghostly Abodes, Sacred Sites, Ufo Landings, and Other Supernatural Locations
by Dennis William Hauck
Paperback: Reprint edition 
Penguin USA (Paper); ISBN: 0140257349

The Hauntings of Williamsburg, Yorktown, and Jamestown
by Jackie Eileen Behrend
Paperback: John Blair; ISBN: 0895872102; (March )

In the Realm of Ghosts & Hauntings
by E. Randall Floyd
Paperback: 200 pages 
Harbor House; ISBN: 1891799061;

Irish Wonders : The Ghosts, Giants, Pookas, Demons, Leprechawns, Banshees, Fairies, Witches, Widows, and Other Marvels of the Emerald Isle
by David Rice McAnally, H. R. Heaton (Illustrator)
Hardcover: Reprint edition
Grammercy; ISBN: 051712396

Hans Holzer's Travel Guide to Haunted Houses
by Hans Holzer
Hardcover - 224 pages 
Black Dog & Leventhal Pub; ISBN: 1579120164

Haunted America
by Michael Norman, Beth Scott
Paperback - 576 pages Reprint edition 
Tor Books; ISBN: 0812550544

Haunted Lakes : Great Lakes Ghost Stories, Superstitions and Sea Serpents
by Frederick Stonehouse, et al
Historic Haunted America
by Michael Norman, Beth Scott
Historic Haunted America is an engrossing investigation into North American ghost legends, a comprehensive documenting yesterday and today's most shocking hauntings in the United States and Canada. From the ghost-ridden forts in Old Tucson to the "Inn of the 17 Ghosts" near Philadelphia, from the haunted plantations of Louisiana and Georgia to a haunted community playhouse in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Michael Norman and Beth Scott tell stories of the past and present so terrifyingly real that even the most skeptical reader will believe.
Mass Market Paperback from Tor Books
I Never Believed in Ghosts Until... : 100 Real-Life Encounters
by USA Weekend
100 of the most spine-tingling ghost stories collected from USA WEEKEND readers across America.
Paperback - 240 pages
NTC/Contemporary Publishing; ISBN: 0809238403

Japanese Ghosts and Demons: Art of the Supernatural
by Stephen Addiss (Editor)
Out of Print - Try Used Books
The Journals of Eleanor Druse: My Investigation of the Kingdom Hospital Incident
The Journals of Eleanor Druse: My Investigation of the Kingdom Hospital Incident
by Eleanor Druse
Book Description: The fascinating and terrifying exploration into the supernatural that inspired Stephen King's much-anticipated ABC-TV series, Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital. The newly built Kingdom Hospital in Lewiston, Maine, is one of the most technologically advanced hospitals in the country. Unfortunately, it was erected on the site of a terrible tragedy -- a textile mill fire that killed dozens of workers, mostly children. And it appears that beneath the sheen of the new construction and scientific innovations of The Kingdom, an indecipherable and primal evil lurks -- and the soul of a trapped and helpless child cries out for solace. 
Hardcover from Hyperion Press
More Chicago Haunts: Scenes From Myth and Memory
by Ursula Bielski
Muldoon, a True Chicago Ghost Story: Tales of a Forgotten Rectory
by Rocco A. Facchini, Daniel J. Facchini
Paperback from Lake Claremont Press
The Mysterious Doom : And Other Ghostly Tales of the Pacific Northwest
by Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Jules Remedios Faye (Illustrator)
Paperback - 216 pages (October 1992)
Sasquatch Books; ISBN: 091236565X

New England Ghosts : Haunting, Spine-Chilling Stories from the New England States
(American Ghosts Series)
by Martin H. Greenberg (Editor), Frank McSherry (Editor), Charles Waugh (Editor)
Paperback - 213 pages (September 1990)
Rutledge Hill Pr; ISBN: 1558530908

Passing Strange : True Tales of New England Hauntings and Horrors
by Joseph A. Citro, David Diaz (Illustrator), Joseph A. Cotro
Paperback (November )
Houghton Mifflin Co (Pap); ISBN: 1576300595

Roald Dahl's Book of Ghost Stories
by Roald Dahl (Editor)
Listed in the Roald Dahl section

Where the Ghosts Are : The Ultimate Guide to Haunted Houses
(Library of the Mystic Arts)
by Hans Holzer
Paperback - 231 pages (March )
Citadel Pr; ISBN: 0806516267

Peter Underwood's Guide to Ghosts and Haunted Places
by Peter Underwood
An international tour by the author of more than 40 books on the subject.
Paperback: 224 pages
London Bridge Trade; ISBN: 0749918004; (March )

Civil War Ghost Stories & Legends
by Nancy Roberts
This collection of tales focuses on the restless souls left in the wake of the War Between the States. Roberts gathers history from both sides of the lines, from Georgia to New York to Texas, and presents it from viewpoints both historical and present. By blending her passion for ghost stories with her Southern heritage, Roberts crafts a book which haunts the reader in the same way the Civil War haunts the memory of the United States.
(Paperback - November 1992)

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Ghosts and Hauntings
by Tom Ogden
Reviewers suggest that the title is not misleading.

Living With Ghosts : True Tales of the Paranormal
by Dorothy Burtz Fiedel

Yeats's Ghosts
by Brenda Maddox (Introduction)

Show Me One Soul: A True Haunting
by Nancy L. Stallings, Hanz Holzer
Hardcover - 363 pages (April )
Noble House; ISBN: 1561673161
Out of Print - Try Used Books

500 British Ghosts and Hauntings
by Sarah Hapgood
Paperback (December )
Foulsham & Co Ltd; ISBN: 0572018207
Out of Print - Try Used Books

The Ghosthunter's Guide : To Haunted Landmarks, Parks, Churches, and Other Public Places
by Arthur Myers
Paperback - 328 pages (November 1993)
NTC/Contemporary Publishing; ISBN: 0809242885
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Ghostly American Places
by Arthur Myers
Random House Value Publishing Inc.; ISBN: 0517123916
Out of Print - Try Used Books
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