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Plastic Man Archives, Vol. 5
by Jack Cole
Hardcover from DC Comics
Jack Cole and Plastic Man: Forms Stretched to Their Limits
by Art Spiegelman, Chip Kidd
Paperback from Chronicle Books

By Jack Cole. Cover by Alex Toth, foreword by Will Eisner!
At last, one of the very finest strips of the 1940s: innovative, funny, wild, with spectacular art and wonderful stories that are as readable now as 50 years ago. Readable stories, not the typical clunky and clichéd Golden Age comics. These are funny and adventurous, fast moving and beautifully drawn. Here is a motherlode of superb tales, the first 20 Plas stories from Police #1-20. When criminal Eel O'Brien was doused with a strange chemical, he became a man of plastic, able to assume disguises (and hilarious ones, at that) and warp his body to any imaginable form. But always tongue-in-cheek, Cole offers slapstick tales unlike any other Golden Age superhero. This collection is long overdue and, like the Shazam Archives, may sell out. "Why am I so enthusiastic? Because I've collected Police and Plastic Man for 30 years!" -Bud. 

Here's what Will Eisner says: "Hilariously funny combination between a super hero and a detective...a masterpiece of innovation...Jack [Cole] employed ingenious art in hysterical of the great unsung geniuses of comic-book history." 1999 Eisner Award-winner for best archival collection and Harvey Award-winner for best domestic reprint. DC, 1998. Bud Plant Comic Art

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