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  • Connecting with the New Healthcare Consumer: Defining Your Strategy
    by Mary Pat Manfredi, Barbara Bozarth, Susan Howell, David B. Nash
    Hardcover from Aspen Publishers, Inc.

    Measuring and Improving Patient Satisfaction
    by Patrick J. Shelton
    Hardcover from Aspen Publishers, Inc.

    Medical Error : What Do We Know? What Do We Do?
    by Marilynn M Rosenthal, Kathleen M. Sutcliffe
    Hardcover from Jossey-Bass

    Managing Patient Expectations : The Art of Finding and Keeping Loyal Patients
    by Susan Keane Baker
    Hardcover from Jossey-Bass

    Market-Driven Healthcare: Who Wins, Who Loses in the Transformation of America's Largest Service Industry
    by Regina E. Herzlinger
    Paperback from Perseus Book Group

    Total Customer Satisfaction: A Comprehensive Approach for Health Care Providers
    by Stephanie G. Sherman, V. Clayton Sherman
    Paperback from Jossey-Bass

    Measuring and Managing Patient Satisfaction
    by William J. Krowinski, Steven R. Steiber
    Paperback from Jossey-Bass

    Zapp!: Empowerment in Health Care: How to Improve Patient Care, Increase Employee Job Satisfaction, and Lower Health Care Costs
    by William, Ph.d Byham, William C. Byham
    Paperback from Ballantine Books

    Patient Satisfaction: Defining, Measuring, and Improving the Experience of Care (Management Series)
    by Irwin Press
    Book Description: Irwin Press, Ph.D., of Press, Ganey Associates Inc., reveals the lessons he's learned during his 17 years of experience in measuring and managing patient satisfaction. 

    Patient satisfaction is an integral part of healthcare, and oftentimes the key to a successful healthcare organization. Consider the numerous studies that indicate satisfied patients often recover faster and better from treatment. This leads to goodwill for the organization, positive word-of-mouth promotion, and more customers at your hospital. When patients are satisfied it also indicates that the staff are content with their jobs and they perform their jobs well, resulting in decreased turnover, and less money spent on finder's fees. 

    This book by Irwin Press provides some initial theory on why it is important to continue patient satisfaction efforts, and provides readers with tools to measure, monitor, and improve patient satisfaction. Most chapters end with a list of specific suggestions that can help you implement patient satisfaction strategies in your own organization. 
    Paperback from Health Administration Press

    Special Order

    The Practice of Autonomy: Patients, Doctors, and Medical Decisions
    by Carl E. Schneider
    Hardcover from Oxford Press

    Handbook of Advanced Cancer Care
    by Michael J. Fisch, Eduardo Bruera
    Paperback from Cambridge University Press

    Textbook of Palliative Nursing
    by Betty R. Ferrell, Nessa Coyle
    Hardcover from Oxford Press

    Geriatric Palliative Care
    by R. Sean, Md. Morrison, Diane E. Meier, Carol Capello, Stephen R. Haynes
    Listed under Hospice Care

    Palliative Care Perspectives
    by James Hallenbeck
    Listed under Hospice Care

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