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Convicts in the Indian Ocean: Transportation from South Asia to Mauritius, 1815-53
by Clare Anderson

Common Denominators : Ethnicity, Nation-Building and Compromise in Mauritius (Global Issues Series)
by Thomas Hylland Eriksen

A Concise History of Dutch Mauritius
by P. J. Moree, Wang Shixiang
Book Description In 1598 a fleet of five East India ships from the Netherlands landed on the uninhabited island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, which they claimed as a Dutch possession. Being rich in food and water and free of diseases, Mauritius became an important station for outward or homeward-bound ships of the Dutch East India Company, who built a fort, garrisoned the island, began cutting the island's ebony forests, and introduced slaves from Madagascar, some of whom succeeded in escaping Dutch rule and lived as refugees in the interior of the island. Even in the seventeenth century, Mauritius had a multiethnic population. This book describes the vicissitudes of the Dutch on Mauritius and examines the commanders of the island, from the successful Adriaen van der Stel to the despotic Isaac Lamotius, from the disastrous George Wreede to the diplomatic but harsh Roelof Diodati. Appendices list ships calling at Mauritius and the first foreign inhabitants of Mauritius.

Flora of Mauritius and the Seychelles
by J.G. Baker
Hardcover: 608 pages
Publisher: Laurier Books Ltd. /AES; Repr edition (August 12, )
ISBN: 8120614275

Journey to Mauritius (Lost & Found Classic Travel Writing)
by Bernardin De Saint-Pierre, et al

The Mauritian Shekel
by Genevieve Pitot, Donna Edouard, Helen Topor
Book Description: "In 1940 thousands of Jews were trying to flee Nazi persecution in Europe. This is the little-known story of a group of 1,600 Jewish refugees who, having escaped from Nazi-occupied Europe, were refused entry into Palestine by the British in 1940 because they were considered "illegal" immigrants. Their deportation after landing in the Promised Land, Eretz Israel, was unique. As a deterrent to others, they were deported to Mauritius, a remote island in the Indian Ocean. They were detained in a Mauritian prison until the end of the war and were deprived of all basic human rights even that of family life. This story sheds light on the British government's lack of understanding of the critical problem of Jewish refugees at that time." 
Textbook Binding from Rowman & Littlefield (Non NBN)
28 October, 2000
Mauritius : Rodrigues & Reunion : The Mascarene Isles
by Royston Ellis, Derek Schuurman (Contributor)
Book Description Mauritius, Rodrigues and Reunion together make up the Mascarene Islands. Some 800km apart in the Indian Ocean, the islands have become a mecca for honeymooners and those in search of the perfect destination to get away from it all. Yet there is more to the Mascarenes than idyllic beaches and moonlit terraces. Each island has its own unique attractions. Nature lovers will be drawn to the stark beauty of the Mauritian mountains, the volcanic landscape of Reunion or the coral reefs of Rodrigues, while opportunities to explore off the beaten track include cycling, mountain hiking and abseiling. Discover it for yourself with this invaluable Bradt Guide. Inside is detailed information on hotels and restaurants for all budgets; first-time coverage of the French Island of Reunion; expanded natural history section; people and culture; conservation and nature reserves; canyoning, caving and other adventure activities; diving snorkelling and deep-sea fishing.

Slaves, Freedmen and Indentured Laborers in Colonial Mauritius
by Richard B. Allen (Author)
Book Description This social and economic history of the island of Mauritius, from French colonization in 1721 to the beginnings of modern political life in the mid-1930s, emphasizes the importance of domestic capital formation, particularly in the sugar industry. Describing changing relationships among different elements in the society, slave, free and maroon, and East Indian indentured populations, it shows how these were conditioned by demographic changes, world markets, and local institutions. It brings the Mauritian case to the attention of scholars engaged in the comparative study of slavery and plantation systems.

War and Empire in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean (Studies in Military and Strategic History)
by Ashley Jackson

The Indian Ocean: Madagascar, Reunion, Mauritius, the Seychelles
by Eliane Georges, et al

Population of Mauritius
by Sripati Chandrasekhar

Science and Power in Colonial Mauritius (Rochester Studies in African History and the Diaspora, V. 3)
by William Kelleher Storey

Servants, Sirdars and Settlers: Indians in Mauritius, 1834-1874 (Oxford University South Asian)
by Marina Carter (Editor)

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