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Swear Like a Trooper : A Dictionary of Military Terms & Phrases
by William L. Priest
Listed under Military Reference Books

Day of Two Suns : US Nuclear Testing and the Pacific Islanders
by Jane Dibblin

In Lands Not My Own
by Reuben Ainsztein
(Hardcover -- June 4, )

Heroes: U.S. Marine Corps Medal of Honor Winners
by Marc Cerasini
Listed under Medal of Honor

Brave Men
by Ernie Pyle, G. Kurt Piehler (Introduction)
A collection of newspaper accounts written by the author, a G.I., during WWII.
Paperback: 480 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.13 x 8.03 x 5.35
Publisher: Bison Bks Corp; (April )
ISBN: 0803287682

The Bravest Man : The Story of Richard O'Kane & U.S. Submariners in the Pacific War
by William Tuohy
Listed under Submarines WWII

Delta Force : The Army's Elite Counterterrorist Unit
by Charlie A. Beckwith, Donald Knox
Listed under Special Forces

by Jean Edward Smith
Listed under U.S. Grant

One Perfect Op: An Insider's Account of the Navy Seal Special Warfare Teams
by Dennis C. Chalker, et al
Listed under Navy Seals

Goodbye, Darkness: A Memoir of the Pacific War
by William Manchester
(Paperback -- April )

If I Die in a Combat Zone : Box Me Up and Ship Me Home
by Tim O'Brien
Listed under Vietnam War

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