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Across the Universe With John Lennon
by Linda Keen, Darryl Price (Foreword)

All We Are Saying : The Last Major Interview with John Lennon and Yoko Ono
by John Lennon, et al 
John Lennon could be angry, as he is in Lennon Remembers: The Full Rolling Stone Interviews from 1970, and nasty, as proven by Albert Goldman's brilliant, scathing The Lives of John Lennon. 

But he could also be charming, smart, and extraordinarily witty, as he is in his last interview, published in book form as All We Are Saying. Co-interviewee Yoko Ono is charm-free but valuable, because she sparks the conversation and brings up fascinating stuff that Lennon wished she hadn't, like their mad plots to kidnap her daughter from her ex-husband. As interviewer David Sheff's tape rolls, John and Yoko's anecdotes flow effortlessly: the joys of making their 1980 comeback album, Double Fantasy; the mortifying horrors of John's "lost weekend" in L.A. with Harry Nilsson; John's interestingly twisted family life; John and Yoko and Paul's last get-together, watching Saturday Night Live the night producer Lorne Michaels offered the Beatles $3,200 to reunite on the show (they almost got in a cab and did it!). 

Best of all is Lennon's song-by-song account of who wrote which famous tunes and where they came from. "Strawberry Fields" contains an entire childhood memoir, and the production reflects Paul's alleged "sabotage" of Lennon's work. "Please Please Me" was based on a Roy Orbison melody and Bing Crosby's punning song title "Please (Lend an Ear to My Pleas)." The "element'ry penguins" in "I Am the Walrus" refer to idiots like Allen Ginsberg who chant "Hare Krishna" worshipfully. "Hey Jude" was Paul's song comforting John's son Julian when John left his family for Yoko, and Paul's unconscious, reluctant farewell to his writing partner ("go out and get her"). 

Lennon had been publicly silent and artistically dormant for five years before these interviews, and he was just bursting with the exhilaration of the rebirth of his imagination days before his death. Reading this book is like sharing a day in the life of a very happy man. --Tim Appelo 

John Lennon in His Own Write
by John Lennon, Yoko Ono (Introduction)
Hardcover: 96 pages
Simon & Schuster; ISBN: 0684868075;
The Beatles Anthology
by Paul McCartney, et al 
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Come Together: John Lennon in His Time
by Jon Wiener 
(Paperback - January 1991)

Dear John: Letters From a Fan in New York City: An Interactive Book
by Judith Furedi
Paperback from Lucky & Me Productions

Gimme Some Truth: The John Lennon FBI Files
by Jon Wiener 

Gimme Some Truth: The Story of the John Lennon Deportation Case
by Perry Kane 

John Lennon: Imagine
Paperback: 88 pages
ISBN: 079353884X; (December 1988)

John Lennon: A Story in Photographs
by Terry Burrows
Hardcover: 176 pages
Thunder Bay Press; ISBN: 1571454691; (January 1, )

John Lennon: Whatever Gets You Through the Night
by Paul Du Noyer 

Nobody Told Me: From Basement Band to Jack and the John Lennon Sessions
by Ken Geringer 

Lennon: The Definitive Biography
by Ray Coleman 
(Paperback - December 1992)

Lennon Legend
Lennon Legend
by James Henke
Book Description: Presented in a handsome slipcase, Lennon Legend is both an illustrated and an interactive biography of the creative genius - songwriter, artist, social activist - who changed his times. Created with the cooperation of Yoko Ono Lennon, who has opened her archives for this project, the book offers insightful details about every era of John's life, from his early days at art school to the height of Beatlemania to "Imagine." A live recording of that song is included, along with several interviews of John talking about his life and art, on the audio CD contained in this package. Throughout, the book features archival photographs and reproductions of John's handwritten song lyrics, drawings, memorabilia, and personal papers. In all, 40 removable facsimiles can be enjoyed by the reader, several previously unpublished, including an intimate self-portrait in pen and ink and a plea for world peace. It's been said that John Lennon's was the voice of a generation. Lennon Legend celebrates that voice's power to resonate across the generations. 
Hardcover from Chronicle Books
Lennon Remembers
by Jann S. Wenner, John Lennon
Paperback: 160 pages
Verso Books; ISBN: 185984376X; New edition (December )

The Lives of John Lennon
by Albert Goldman 

Skywriting by Word of Mouth: And Other Writings, Including the Ballad of John and Yoko
by John Lennon, Yoko Ono 

The John Lennon Encyclopedia
by Bill Harry
Paperback: Virgin Publishing; ISBN: 0753504049; (October )

Lennon in America
Lennon in America
by Geoffrey Giuliano, Geoffrey Guiliano
Hardcover from Cooper Square Press
Lennon Legend
by James Henke
Hardcover from Chronicle Books

Let Me Take You Down: Inside the Mind of Mark David Chapman,the Man Who Killed John Lennon
by Jack Jones
Paperback from Random House

The Lost Lennon Interviews
by Geoffrey Giuliano, Vrnda Giuliano
Paperback: 288 pages
Adams Media Corporation; ISBN: 1558506381; (September )

Nowhere Man: The Final Days of John Lennon
by Robert Rosen
Paperback from Quick American Archives


The Songs of John Lennon: The Beatle Years
The Songs of John Lennon: The Beatle Years
by John Stevens
Paperback from Berklee Press Publications
Real Love : The Drawings for Sean
by John Lennon, Al Naclerio
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