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Big Beat Heat : Alan Freed and the Early Years of Rock and Rock
by Jackson. John A., John A. Jackson
Paperback: 400 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.33 x 9.16 x 6.06
Publisher: Schirmer Books; (December )
ISBN: 0825671647

The Rockin' 50's: The People Who Made the Music
by Brock Helander
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The Rockin' 60s: The People Who Made the Music (Classic Rock Album Series)
by Brock Helander

Twist and Shout: The Golden Age of American Rock 'N Roll 1960-1963 (Golden Age of American Rock'N Roll, Vol 3)
by Lee Cotten

Lucifer Rising : A Book of Sin, Devil Worship and Rock 'n' Roll
by Gavin Baddeley, Paul Woods (Editor)
Listed under Black Magic

Reelin' and Rockin': The Golden Age of American Rock 'N Roll 1956-1959 (Golden Age of American Rock'N Roll, Vol 2)
by Lee Cotten, Thomas Schultheiss (Editor)

Shake Rattle & Roll: The Golden Age of American Rock'N Roll: 1952-1955 (Rock & Roll Reference Series, No 31)
by Lee Cotten, Thomas Schultheiss (Editor)
(Hardcover - October 1990)

Rebel Heart: An American Rock 'n' Roll Journey
by Bebe Buell, Victor Bockris (Contributor)

Billboard Top Rock 'N Roll Hits of the Sixties: Fifty Rock Classics of the Decade (Piano-Vocal-Guitar Series)
(Paperback - March 1992)

Unsung Heroes of Rock 'N' Roll: The Birth of Rock in the Wild Years Before Elvis
by Nick Tosches

Land of a Thousand Dances: Chicano Rock 'N' Roll from Southern California
by David Reyes, Tom Waldman

Rock 'N' Roll and the Cleveland Connection
by Deanna R. Adams

Rock 'N' Roll Trivia: A Rollicking Ride Through the Glory Days of Rock 'n' Roll
by Michael Harling (Author)

The Life and Times of Little Richard : The Quasar of Rock
by Charles White 
Paperback: 282 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.73 x 8.44 x 5.41
Publisher: DaCapo Press; Updated edition (April )
ISBN: 0306805529

Good Rockin' Tonight: Sun Records and the Birth of Rock 'N' Roll
by Colin Escott, et al
(Paperback - September 1992)

The Late Great Johnny Ace and the Transition from R&B to Rock 'N' Roll (Music in American Life)
by James M. Salem

Lyle Price Guide: Film & Rock 'N' Roll Collectibles
by Anthony Curtis, Tony Curtis

My Generation: Rock'N'Roll Remembered an Imperfect History
by Antony Farrell (Editor), et al

Rock Music in American Popular Culture II: More Rock 'N' Roll Resources
by B. Lee Cooper, Wayne S. Haney

Sonic Cool: The Life and Death of Rock N Roll
by Joe S. Harrington
Book Description: In the tradition of Nick Toshes, Tom Wolfe and Lester Bangs comes an epic and riveting history of rock and roll that reads like a novel. Sonic Cool presents the saga of rock and roll as the closest thing we have to genuine "myth" in the modern world, and it is the first book about rock to be written in the spirit of rock. Immense, fierce, opinionated and hilarious, Joe Harrington masterfully presents rock as a movement of near-religious proportions, against a backdrop of social factors and...
Paperback: 572 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.50 x 9.16 x 6.04
Publisher: Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation; (November 11, )
ISBN: 0634028618

Unknown Legends of Rock 'n' Roll
by Richie Unterberger
Nominated for the 1999 "Dumb Titles" Award. Db.
(Paperback - )

Where Are You Now, Bo Diddley: The Stars Who Made Us Rock and Where They Are Now
by Edward Kiersh, Stephen Wallis (Photographer)
(Paperback - September 1986)

The Rock Who's Who
by Brock Helander

Collecting Phil Spector : The Man, the Legend, and the Music
by John J. Fitzpatrick, James E. Fogerty (Contributor)
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Sound and Glory : The Incredible Story of Bill Haley, the Father of Rock 'N' Roll and the Music That Shook the World
by John W. Haley, John Von Hoelle
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Bill Haley : The Daddy of Rock and Roll
by John Swenson
Out of Print - Try Used Books

Bill Haley : The Daddy of Rock and Roll
by John Swenson
Out of Print - Try Used Books

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