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Camera Maintenance & Repair : Book 2 : Advanced Techniques
Thomas Tomosy
Amherst Media / April 1997

The Hasselblad Manual
by Ernst Wildi
Hardcover - 416 pages 5th edition (December 30, )
Focal Press; ISBN: 024080385X

Hasselblad System Compendium
Hasselblad System Compendium
by Richard Nordin
Book Description: Over the past 50 years Hasselblad, a relatively small company, has been producing high quality cameras and accessories. Hasselblad cameras have become the standard by which all other roll-film reflex cameras are judged. The Hasselblad camera system grew out of the ideas of Victor Hasselblad, who after manufacturing military aerial cameras for the Swedish government, turned his mind to the design of an innovative camera that would have a wide range of uses. The key concept with the original camera was that it should be a modular system: a central camera body to which a variety of lenses, film magazines, viewing systems and other accessories could be attached by the user for different photographic needs. Manufacture began in 1949. 

The book represents the first systematic and complete treatment of Hasselblad camera equipment from the earliest days to the present. New equipment released by Hasselblad at the end of 1997 as the book was going to press has been included in an addendum. 

Much new information is presented with 760 black-and-white and color pictures. All product component numbers, dates of manufacture of the lenses, and Hasselblad literature are listed. Description and photos of rare and unusual items such as prototypes and NASA cameras, add greatly to the interest of the book for Hasselblad enthusiasts. 
Hardcover from Hove Books

Medium Format Cameras
by Peter Williams
Paperback - 112 pages
Amherst Media; ISBN: 1584280425

McBroom's Camera Bluebook : A Complete, Up-To-Date Price & Buyers Guide for New and Used Cameras, Lenses & Accessories (Serial)
by Michael McBroom
Paperback - 304 pages 6th edition
Amherst Media; ISBN: 1584280131

A Short Course in Olympus Camedia C-3030 Photography
by Dennis P. Curtin; Spiral-bound

Olympus Is-2 Is-3 (Magic Lantern Guides)
by Richard Hunecke, et al; Paperback

Restoring Classic & Collectable Cameras
by Thomas Tomosy
Listed under Classic Cameras

The Complete Nikon System
by Peter Braczko
Listed under Nikon Cameras


George Eastman : A Biography
by Elizabeth Brayer
Listed under Inventors

Collector's Guide to Kodak Cameras
by James M. McKeown, Joan C. McKeown (Photographer)
Listed under Classic Cameras


Minolta Classic Cameras : For Maxxum 7000, 9000, 7000I, 8000I, Xd-11 and Srt Series
(Magic Lantern Guides Classic Series)
by Robert E. Mayer
Paperback 2 edition (March )
Sterling Publications; ISBN: 1883403170

Minolta Dynax 8000i
Hiener Henninges
Paperback - 176 pages () 
Hove Foto Books; ISBN: 0906447666

Minolta Maxxum 800Si, Stsi and Qtsi
(Magic Lantern Guides)
by Thomas Maschke, Peter K. Burian
Paperback - 176 pages
Saunders Photo; ISBN: 188340357X
Minolta Maxxum Xtsi/Htsi (Magic Lantern Guides)
by Thomas Maschke, Tom Maskell

Minolta Maxxum 600Si
(Magic Lantern Guide - Classic Camera Series)
by Thomas Maschke (Contributor), Peter K. Burian, Hayley Ohlig (Translator)
Sterling Publications; ISBN: 1883403340
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Pentax ZX-7 and ZX-30
Pentax ZX-7 and ZX-30
by Mike Stensvold
Paperback from Sterling
28 October, 2002
Magic Lantern Guides: Pentax Zx-M K1000
Magic Lantern Guides: Pentax Zx-M K1000
by Joseph R. Meehan
Paperback from Sterling Publishing
Magic Lantern Guides: Pentax Classic Cameras: K Series M Series Lx Series Spotmatic Series
Magic Lantern Guides: Pentax Classic Cameras: K Series M Series Lx Series Spotmatic Series
by Paul Comon
Paperback from Sterling Publishing


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